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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Pop punk band Seasons Change set its own course

Local pop punk band, Seasons Change, have accomplish a lot since they group up to form the band last October.

Seasons Change consists of band members of vocalist Anthony Robles. Matthew Nieves and Sal Shane Nieves as guitar players, bass guitar Bryan Vargas and drummer Art Rubio.

Rubio started the band with Nieves joining the band who knew him since high school and Robles joining them last November.

Seasons Change’s first performance was on December 29 of 2011, being the only pop punk band in the show.

Their first official pop punk show was on January 2 with two other bands Forever Came Calling and Stick Up Kid in Cover City.

As for their feelings during their first performance, Robles said, “The first show I wasn’t as nervous because I been in a band before and I already got used to playing.”

Robles further commented “I was only nervous because it was a completely different genre and first time singing but, it was more exciting because people were singing along to our cover we did and was just cool to see people were really getting involved with pop punk.”

Nieves also commented, “I wasn’t as nervous because I play in front of a crowd before, not in a band like this but I played in front of people just I was nervous because it was our first show and we didn’t how the reaction was going to be.”

The band did release a EP called “Our Lives” last June that Robles commented, “We did real eased eight song EP that’s kind like a professorial demo, we recorded with one our friends.

“Two of the songs are acoustic and the other six songs are original songs that we wrote. Two of the songs we wrote with our old vocalist and the rest of them we wrote together. Instead of selling, we put on mediafire.com for free, so that people can get all the songs.”

With the release of the EP “Our Lives” the band’s popularity rose up. “No one in the band expected that reaction.” said Robles.

“In the first week the band hit 300 downloads and their likes in their Facebook page rose up by 200,” he continued.

Nieves said he playing guitar when he was in fifth grade.

“I didn’t really like it because I originally wanted to learn to play drums. I was learning real quick and I got tired of it and was boring, so I switch to guitar I didn’t really like it.

“My parents bought me a guitar, eventually ended up liking it.”

Robels’ guitar experience started when he was in 4th grade.

The other band he’s currently in is metalcore band KillGarry.

“I started playing guitar when I was in 4th grade because I was trying to start a band with other friends and I was trying to get into metal and I started singing last summer,” Robles commented.

“I never taken any (singing) lessons, it came to me,” Robles said.

Rubio started drumming when he was in seventh grade and was in a metal band in high school.

The road Seasons Change has taken, a lot of hard work and sacrifice were put in.

Robles and Nieves said with Rubio’s girlfriend help they all pitch and made all the Cd’s cover by hand, copy every CD, switch computers so it wouldn’t messed the hard drive and made 100 copies of the CD.

Robles also further commented “There been times they had to skip eating to save up gas to get to the show.” Matt and Art also explained they went to a cousin’s house who has a press and printed the band’s own shirt.

Robles is the songwriter of the band who tries to stay away from stereotypical pop punk bands who sing about being heart broken or about girls, “Everything I write about is just straight from the stuff I been through and at first I didn’t intend to write anything for people to connect to it was kind of me real sing a lot of anger that I had.”

Robles further added “Our song are really poppy so they sound happy but, the lyrics are depressing because, I’m not a happy person and the stuff I write about is life experiences.

“I write why I’m so angry, things that make me sad, about wanting give up and the new music that we are writing, I’m trying to write stuff the other people are probably holding in, that they don’t how to let out.”

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Pop punk band Seasons Change set its own course