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Breaking Bad Top 5

After five years of watching Walter White’s life unfold before our eyes, “Breaking Bad” has completed and with the final episode “Felina” we are left with no loose ends. Mr. White’s redemption has been completed and with it came Jesse’s liberation.

This show is easily one of the best ever to be made. Here are some of the episodes that should be considered to be the best in the entire series.

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5. “Box Cutter”: Season 4, Episode 1

In this episode the calm and poised Gus Fring shows a completely different side to his character. When he kills his long time helper with a box cutter, his “no bull” businessman attitude terrifies Walter and Jesse. They see a man who kills without remorse, and Walter finally realized just how much trouble he got himself into.

This episode is one of the top episodes because the scene where Gus kills without much emotion is shocking and suspenseful. He is known as a calm man with a lot of poise and his completely opposite merciless killer side is awesome to watch.

4. “Better Call Saul”: Season 2, Episode 8

This episode is the introduction to one of the most memorable lawyers to ever appear on television. Saul Goodman is a great example of comic relief and his character makes this whole episode memorable.

Jesse and Walter try to get Goodman to represent their wacky friend Badger.

In a very funny scene, they try to threaten Goodman to give in and represent him in court. While this happens, Walt succumbs to coughing fits and Goodman recognizes him.

After their encounter, Goodman agrees to work for them.

The acting in the episode is great. With all of the suspense that happens, because of Badger’s possible incarceration, Goodman is just the lawyer needed to make light of it all.

Bob Odenkirk portrays Goodman in a memorable way and this character is one that will be remembered for years to come.

3. “Pheonix”: Season 2 Episode 12

This episode is a fast-paced dose of adrenaline, mixed in with a little suspense and unexpected death.

Skyler goes into labor while Walter is faced with a dilemma: Should he go to his daughter’s birth or should he miss the birth and drive miles to deliver the blue meth to a drop-off zone and make millions of dollars in return?

This dilemma is a great example of how Walter is changing throughout the show and how his values have drastically morphed into a mesh of money and family. He chooses to go for the money and misses the birth.

However, the scene where he finally gets to see his new baby daughter for the first time is just heartbreaking.

After the whole ordeal is done, Walt decides to visit Jesse that night and finds him and his girlfriend Jane stoned with heroin. Just as Walt is about to leave, he witnesses Jane choke on her own vomit and decides not to help her.

This scene in itself is a big reason as to why this episode is one of the best. It shows a darker side to Walter White.

He is not a wimpy chemistry teacher anymore, he is a man that is willing to let people die for his own benefit.

Bryan Cranston does an amazing job at portraying a man who is starting to lose the ability to differentiate between family and self-interest.

2. “Face Off”: Season 4 Episode 13

Face Off can be described in a literal sense as the relationship between Gus and Walter at this point of the show.

Walter is trying desperately to kill Gus because he sees him as a threat to his well-being. This episode is such a great mix of acting, camera angles and directing.

The episode starts off a little slow in the beginning but quickly changes pace. In trying to find a way to get Gus to a place where he is vulnerable, Walter decides to go to someone who the audience probably never thought of.

It was shocking to find out that Walter solicited the help of Hector, an ancient former cartel member, who Gus visits often to taunt and ridicule.

The gem of this episode and possibly of the entire season happens when Hector finally gets his revenge by killing Gus Fring with the help of a bomb Walter made. This scene is beautiful, plain and simple.

Gus walks out of the explosion, seemingly unharmed, but when the camera pans to the other side of his face, half his head has been blown off.

1.”Ozymandias”: Season 5 Episode 14

This episode is undoubtedly the best of the whole show. It set the bar high for the finale and came in close to “Face Off,” but the reason why it’s No. 1 is because it focuses solely on Walter White and his family.

After the shootout between the neo-Nazis and Hank and Gomez, the episode starts with Hank on the ground with a bullet in his leg. Gomez was killed in the shootout and Hank is lying vulnerable at the mercy of Jack’s gun.

Hank’s face is a mix of stoicism and defeat all at once as he realizes what his fate will ultimately be. This scene is heartbreaking as Walt pleads for Hank’s life while not realizing that Hank would never give in to save himself.

Walt’s complete breakdown as Hank is killed is moving and this scene is just amazing.

Later on Walt goes to his house to pack his family’s belongings after deciding they’re not safe anymore. As Skyler, Walter Jr., and Holly arrive at the house, Walter tries to get them to go with him.

Skyler decides she’s had enough of it and threatens Walter with a knife and tells him to leave.

This scene in the episode was unexpected and nerve wrecking as we see Walter and Skyler fight on the floor.

Walter Jr. finally goes in to protect his mother and calls the police.

This entire episode is action packed with suspenseful and tearjerker moments. It’s perfect blend of shock, anger and sadness is the reason why it’s the best.

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