LA’s new Cats on Glass gallery gives sheltered cats a purr-pose


Marilyn Parra

Glass house showcasing cats with clean paws. The cats had used the Fresh Steps Clean Paws’ low tracking litter as promotion on Jan. 18.

Marilyn Parra, Co-Online Editor

Looking for a “meow-tastic” time? Los Angeles new Cats on Glass gallery presented by Fresh Step Clean Paws provides more than just fun, it gives guest the opportunity to adopt cats for free.

Partnering with Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, Fresh Step Clean Paws decided to turn a middle sized warehouse into a playful two-story cat house where guests can play and roam like a cat.

This nine-day event is located in the heart of LA. Admission is free, but guests are recommended to RSVP online.

Cats on Glass wants to give cats a purrr-pose by ensuring every cat is adopted. Fresh Step Clean Paws provided an all glass house where guest can watch cats play and sleep right above their heads.

The purpose for the glass is to showcase the clean paws on all cats after using Fresh Steps new low tracking cat litter.

The gallery is divided into four spaces, the first being the pom pom room where guest can play and take pictures.

Pom Pom Room

A relaxation room named “Meowmaste,” provides a dimmed light setting and four-minute track of cat purrs that guest can listen to with cat ear shaped headphones.

Lounge areas were placed around the first and second floor, providing guest with bean bag chairs, blankets and chess boards.

Besides the main event one area guest enjoyed the most was the portrait section, where anyone can put on a large cat head.

Ellen Lynca, cat lover who works for a PR firm, helped organize the event and set up all the interactive props.

“All of the props are fun and interactive and easy to take pictures of, we’re encouraging people to take pictures and share their experience,” says Lynca.

Throughout the gallery all the staff members gave out free cat ear headbands.

“With the headbands we want people to take a lot of pictures to post on instagram with the hashtag Cats on Glass,” says Lynca.

With every post that has the hashtag “Cats on Glass,” Fresh Step donates money to spacLA.

Jan. 18 was the first full-day for the gallery and so far 16 adoptions were made.

Tiffany and her partner Frank Xu were one of the many people who adopted a cat.

“I think this whole process is awesome, we’ve been planning for a really long time to adopt a cat and when we heard of the gallery we knew it was the perfect chance,” Tiffany said.

All adoptions are celebrated with a cheer and applause from all staff. Guests are also given the opportunity to sign their name on the cat picture wall next to the cat they adopted.

When you choose a cat of your liking your allowed to ask for some play time with the cat before filling out any paperwork.

For the guest not looking to adopt, there are still many things to do like draw a picture to hang on the wall or shop around inside the little boutique on the second floor.

At the end of each day, a feline is going home to a family and a family earns a new member.