Bobby Chichester

Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Genre:  Action/RPG/Fighting


Platform: Sony PSP


Do any of the Final Fantasy fans remember the Kefka versus Sephiroth debates? 


The match between Jecht and Kuja?


Or do you ever remember wishing Cloud Strife could fight Jecht? 


Well, here is the must have video game for all Final Fantasy fans.  Yes my friends, Dissidia is here

Dissdia Final Fantasy is a 3D fighting game that uses RPG elements at its core.  There are initially ten playable characters, the ten heroes of the main series, spanning from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy X. 


As players play through the story mode, players earn experience points, PP, and gil.  PP is used to unlock the villains and each characters alternate costume. 


Fans of the series will easily remember Squall Leonheart’s SeeD outfit or Cloud Strife’s Advent Children costume.

However, the game is not perfect. 


While the graphics are good for a handheld, the camera could have used a little more work.  It shifts to odd angles at times, especially when an EX Core is in play.  I lost several matches because of this. 


Also, some fans may disagree with the voice acting.  The music is a sample from every game, so fans will be pleased.


 Dissidia does have a few strong points that do make the game worthwhile.


Each character, whether hero or villain, has their own unique fighting style.


Terra Branford, for example, fights mainly using her wide array of magic.  Firion uses his arsenal of weapons.  Exdeath relies heavily on teleportation.


Another strong point is its multiplayer.  Two people can brawl it out with two PSPs over a small distance. 


No internet playability is included.


The last strong point is the controls.  It is very easy to learn to play, but very hard to master.



Overall, Dissidia holds a lot of promise, but not for everyone.


A lot of people will look at Dissidia and think it will look amazing.   However, only fans of Final Fantasy will appreciate it fully.


I recommend this game to any fan of role-playing games or Final Fantasy.  Many others may very well be very disappointed.


Now for Bobby’s Breakdown


Story: 8/10



Graphics: 8.5/10



Controls: 10/10



Sound: 9/10



Overall: 8.5/10