Netflix drops another subpar film with Code 8: Part II

Official movie poster for Code 8: Part II produced by Netflix. Photo credit: Netflix
Official movie poster for Code 8: Part II produced by Netflix. Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix released Code 8: Part II on Feb. 28, 2024 and you can add this to the list of subpar movies they’ve recently released.

After four years the second part of this movie was made and released to streaming on Netflix.

The movie’s long-awaited second part wasn’t not worth the wait as it wasn’t terrible but wasn’t good either because there was no need for a sequel to this movie.

While this is one of Netflix’s better movie releases it still felt like it didn’t surpass the high bar the streaming service has set for itself.

Code 8: Part I was released theatrically in Dec. 2019 but wasn’t picked up by Netflix until April 2020.

The movie wasn’t making people want to see it again but it did entail events that are currently happening in the real world that are worth noting.

It follows the main protagonist Conner Reed played by Robbie Amell and the supporting actress Pav, played by Sirena Gulamgaus trying to escape the corrupt police department.

Lincoln City is the fictional city the protagonists live in and it’s a city full of people with different super powers which the police try to take advantage of.

Connor and Pav are just two people from Lincoln City that having powers but they’re trying to expose the corruption of the police department.

In the movie it shows the extent cops are willing to go for their benefit, it also shows the corruption, police brutality, and the hunger for power they go on against the people of the city.

The real world deals with issues like this which made the movie somewhat relatable to moviegoers.

For the most part, the storyline’s underlying message is decent but the acting and directing unfortunately aren’t all there.

Many critics believe the same in the movie being decent but not good, rating it 69% on the rotten tomatometer.

Looking for a more positive outlook on the movie, the visuals and CGI are significantly better than the first movie and the underlying messaging of the movie is better told than the first as well.

Audiences were a bit more negative than critics when reviewing the movie rating it 67% on the rotten tomatometer.

If the movie was to get rated out of five stars I would give it three stars out of five.

The directing of the movie could’ve been better and the acting could’ve been much more believable had they gotten more experienced actors.

There are rumbles and rumors that a Code 8: Part III might be in the works but it’s better for everyone that it doesn’t happen because a part two of the movie wasn’t necessary.

While the film itself felt out of place from the first film, the events that took place made you realize that the movie isn’t entirely fiction on its own.

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