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A short stack of blueberry chocolate pancakes topped with mini-chocolate chips and a light drizzle of powdered sugar. A dollop of house butter is cushioned at the center of the delectable stack of warm pancakes Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Gordita Eateries: Pancakes and mimosas galore at Eat This Cafe

September 18, 2020

A place where you can have the best socially-distanced brunch with a side of mimosas!

Ask for a side of Nonna's spicy chimichurri sauce! Pairs perfectly with all three empanadas!

Gordita Eateries: Nonna’s Empanadas

August 13, 2020

Delectable empanadas that will leave you wanting more than just one.

The Nashville plate is one of the highly recommended items to get in the menu. This was ordered with Mild Cyrus sauce which is the lowest level of spiciness. Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Gordita Eateries: Nashville Fried Chicken

May 17, 2020

Fried chicken, done right!

Banh oui is located by Amoeba records and Danny Trejos' famous tacos. This sandwich is definitely worth the trip.

Gordita Eateries: Banh Oui

May 7, 2020

A little taste of Saigon in the heart of Hollywood.

A women whose hair is made out thin noodles seems to be loving herself in a broth of delicious ramen.

Gordita Eateries: Tatsu Ramen

May 4, 2020

Definitely a place for noodle heads!

A pizza that was made from the pizza gods! definitely a come back if you're into meatballs, thick tomato sauce, and gooey delicious cheesiness!

Gordita Eateries: Blackbird Pizza Shop

April 26, 2020

Just a quick update for all your hungry readers: I recently moved to the Hollywood Hills area and I'll be doing some featured...

Gordita Eateries: Nexx Burger

Nexx Burger chicken tenders are moist and crispy with not an overbearing amount of oil left on your fingers.

Rebecca Aguila

April 17, 2020

Nexx Burger has captured the eyes and stomachs of the residents in Downey and from everyone else via social media. Usually...

Uncle Henry's was established in 1959.

Gordita Eateries: Uncle Henry’s Deli

April 4, 2020

My deepest apologies for going on a bit of a hiatus on all of you gordos y rellenitas; life has been crazy. I sincerely hope t...

Gordita Eateries: The Marketplace Grill Cafe

Focaccia chicken panini served with seasonal fruit and their natural cut potatoes.

Rebecca Aguila, Manging Editor

February 25, 2020

We’re back at it again with a new segment of Gordita Eateries. My goal this year is to keep my food column as close to home...

Gordita Eateries: Sushi & Teri

Sashimi Plate featuring Salmon, unagi (eel) Red Snapper and yellow tail. A plate this delicate yet full of delicious savory flavors along side edamame beans.

Rebecca Aguila, Managing Editor

February 6, 2020

There are a substantial amount of sushi restaurants in the busy city of Los Angeles, which makes it almost impossible to choose...

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