Gordita Eateries: Nashville Fried Chicken


The Nashville plate is one of the highly recommended items to get in the menu. This was ordered with Mild Cyrus sauce which is the lowest level of spiciness. Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Rebecca Aguila, Managing Editor

Amongst the ramen dishes and vegan options throughout the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, fried chicken seems to becoming popular as more pop-out restaurants open throughout the county.

Fried chicken is probably one of the best food creations that has ever existed and happens to be one of my top dishes to eat when you’ve had a long night out with your friends.

I guess you could say it’s the “drunk munchies”?

Anyways, fried chicken is definitely a favorite comfort food that everyone enjoys around the world.

Some like it extra crunchy and some like it with honey drizzled all over it.

However, I love my fried chicken super spicy with loads of ranch dressing just to enhance the buffalo sauce or herbs.

Nashville’s Hot Chicken in Hollywood is definitely making me catch a sweat as I tear into those delicious chicken tenders that are tender and moist.

The outside of the chicken tenders are crunchy and will invite you for more of an intense wave of spicy deliciousness throughout your palate.

Many chicken tenders tend to have a soft, floppy crunch on the outside but these tenders delivered an extravagant sensation of crunch and heat.

It’s like the Xtreme Hot Cheetos that will leave you wanting more, despite your mouth feeling like it’s on fire.

Nashville Hot chicken is located on Highland and Franklin Boulevard so it makes a great place to enjoy some spicy food in the historic and glamorous area of Hollywood.

One of the orders to get is the Nashville Plate which features two spicy chicken tenders that are out-of-this-world on top of toasted Texas toast which honestly helps tame the fiery phenomena.

Accompanied with these mouth-watering tendies is a serving of “coleslaw fries” which gives you the best of both worlds.

These fries are thin but crispy, and are topped with a light layer of fresh coleslaw and is then drizzled with Nashville Hot Chicken’s “pink sauce.”

At first I didn’t really like the sound of coleslaw fries until I had them and I’ve been hooked on them ever since I took that first bite.

It’s something you can’t really put into words but just rather continue eating to emphasize the amount of flavor and deliciousness these fries give.

In all, I definitely approve of this hot spot because nothing means more to me than chicken that can actually make me sweat, since I grew up eating nothing but hot sauces and salsas all over my food.

Give this place a try and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the taste and experience of Nashville Hot Chicken off of Highland in Hollywood.

You can follow Nashville Hot Chicken on their Instagram to get a better insight into what other variety of chicken combos they have on their menu.