Gordita Eateries: Nexx Burger


Rebecca Aguila

Nexx Burger chicken tenders are moist and crispy with not an overbearing amount of oil left on your fingers.

Rebecca Aguila

Nexx Burger has captured the eyes and stomachs of the residents in Downey and from everyone else via social media.

Usually you’ll see other cheeseburger spots packed inside and out of the drive-thru, places like In-n-Out or Bob’s Big Boy on Firestone and Old River School Road.

Nexx Burger opened its doors around 2018 and has been having non-stop foot traffic since the grand opening.

It’s great to see new hip foodie spots that cater to the younger generation and the social media aesthetic it provides.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The first thing on the menu is the crispy chicken tenders that were breaded and fried to perfect crispness. Fried chicken is something that I am very picky with and the chicken tenders were not bad for a burger place.

Each bite was succulent and full of flavor, and when I say “flavor” I don’t mean just salt and pepper.

There must be a blend of secret herbs and spices because these honestly were kind of better than Raising Canes.

Hopefully Nexx burger doesn’t lose their touch when it comes down to their fried chicken tenders.

Up next on the menu is the Angus chili cheese fries.

Rebecca Aguila
A delicious serving of Angus Chili Cheese fries which goes great with a side of ranch dressing

Now these chili cheese fries aren’t for the faint-hearted; just imagining indulging in crispy seasoned fries with a thick and savory beef angus chili that helps melt down the shredded sharp cheddar cheese that is garnished on top of the entire masterpiece.

Thousand Island or ranch dressing compliment the packed savory flavor the chili cheese fries give off once taking your first mega-bite.

And finally, we have the regular cheeseburger that one would think should’ve been at the top of the column, right?


Maybe it was an off day when I had gone because the burger was extremely salty. I could almost feel my skin puff up from all the sodium!

I really wanted to enjoy the burger but not even the uneven chunks of tomato saved the sodium level that was rushing throughout my taste buds.

The only thing that really saved the dish was me taking out the meat and having a veggie and cheese sandwich.

Nexx burger is supposed to be known for their stacked and juicy burgers but unfortunately it did not live up to its name when I gave it a try.

Rebecca Aguila
This burger perhaps could’ve used less salty and the patty was very thin.

The staff was super nice and greeted us with a bright smile which made me want to write an even better review but the purpose of this article is to critique food, not fantastic customer service.

In all, Nexx Burger should really have a protocol on how much salt is supposed to be seasoned or maybe have a more experienced cook that knows the limit of adding salt to a meat patty.

Hopefully within time, Nexx Burger can actually live up to its lightly-seasoned cheeseburgers.