Best Breakfast Spot: Loaded Cafe


Sophia Castillo

Loaded Cafe’s shake trio in flavors churro, banana almond cheesecake and nutella banana

Sophia Castillo, Opinion Editor

Loaded Cafe is the breakfast spot to go to when you want a tasty breakfast for a reasonable price.

The Cafe has 6 locations: Bellflower, Gardena, Long Beach, Lawndale and two Santa Ana locations.

The menu has several options. Some options are Pancakes, Crepes, French toast, Burgers, Mini cakes, Wings and several other types of food.

Their slogan is “American Cuisine With A Touch Of Mexican Flavor” and they really do live up to their slogan, when looking at the menu you notice that it is very Mexican coded.

I found that the menu was super easy to look at because it has pictures of the food.

The staff is very kind and they greet you as soon as you walk in and if it is slow then they seat you at your table quickly.

Overall the atmosphere is super chill and calm and it is clean inside, it felt very welcoming.

Loaded Cafe has several drink options, some popular ones are the horchata shake and the mazapan shake, all their shakes are made from scratch with real ice cream. They also have many iced coffee options.

An item on the menu that many people order is the shake trio which consists of 3 different flavors of shakes in a smaller cup so you have a chance to taste other flavors and not just stick to one.

The flavors for the shake trio are churro, Nutella banana and banana almond cheesecake, I really enjoyed the shakes they looked super cute and trendy.

All the shakes tastes great but my favorite was the banana almond cheesecake.

They also serve trios in aqua frescas and iced coffee.

Another popular item on the menu is the mini crepe combo and the classic breakfast where you can get two eggs any style with your choice of bacon or sausage and you can choose one sweet crepe for the mini crepe combo.

The food arrives fairly fast after ordering and while you are eating they come back and make sure that everything is good.

My favorite item on the menu has to be the caramel churro crepe, it was delicious and it wasn’t too sweet.

I give Loaded Cafe a 10 out of 10 because the staff was very kind and welcoming, the food was great and I didn’t have to wait for a long time to be seated or to receive my food.