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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Coming to Boba Indeed is ‘indeed’ the right choice

Boba Indeed is a small shop with a charming presence and delicious drinks that bring in a swarm of satisfied customers with every purchase.
Christine Nader
Order of a two boba drinks and a side of chicken dumplings from Boba Indeed.

Boba Indeed carries an array of tempting drink flavors and small appetizers without breaking the bank.

Nestled within the confines of Downey, the spot is an attraction for boba lovers everywhere.

Once you enter, a display of lights greets your eyes. The strung-up lightbulbs give the environment a pleasant vibe.

Chairs are littered about, sometimes consisting of college students studying in their respective corners.

The menu is broad and colorful, giving you more than one way to customize your drink of choice.

Teas, coffees, frappes, lemonades and smoothies line up one board of the menu.

Adjacent to the drinks menu is the small snack menu, for buying fries, dumplings, shrimp and even egg rolls.

You can choose how little or how loaded you would like the boba to be.

Topping it all off is a visually pleasing arrangement of straws of all sizes and colors for your consideration.

A pleasant surprise to the in-store menu tablet was the option to buy a plushie for $22.

The plushies are little Squishmallows, which also display proudly at the cash counter, holding a boba cup.

Deciding on a new boba drink can be a challenge but the menu was not stressful to choose from.

My order consisted of one Vanilla Oreo Milk Tea with boba, one Horchata milk tea with boba, and a small side of chicken dumplings to eat.

The Oreo milk tea was sweet and you could easily detect the crushed Oreo cookie amongst the pearls.

The Horchata milk tea provides a smoother sweetness and definitely triumphs over the Oreo milk tea.

The chicken dumplings consisted of six dumplings total and they were crispy and light.

A sauce on the side comes included for dipping.

Orders including food may take one to two minutes longer than the wait time for a drink, which was fine.

Before leaving the restaurant, I managed to get a word with two customers who were surveying their surroundings.

Danny Delgadillo, 29, and Lucia Rizo, 28, explained that it was their first time trying out Boba Indeed.

“My little sister actually brought some home one day,” Delgadillo says, “I tried it and I liked it so I just came here to try it myself.”

Neither Delgadillo nor Rizo originally hail from Downey, implying they traveled a small distance from their respective towns to test the spot.

Degadillo’s order consisted of a Vanilla Oreo Frappe with egg pudding and coffee jelly; His reaction was one of satisfaction.

The pair mentioned that the atmosphere of the shop felt peaceful and that they played nice music.

The business states on its website that they plan on expanding beyond Downey and into Whittier in the near future.

Overall, I rank Boba Indeed a 10/10 for the environment, menu and pleasant customer service.

Boba Indeed is a spot you should visit when given the chance.

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Christine Nader, Co-Community Editor
Christine Nader is Co-Community Editor for Talon Marks. Her goal is to write about music and entertainment. She also goes by the nickname Chris, and her hobbies consist of nail care, attending concerts, and watching movies. In the future, Christine hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, then USC Annenberg for a Masters in Journalism.
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Coming to Boba Indeed is ‘indeed’ the right choice