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Wide Shot: Cinema Con

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Michael Reza 0:01

Alright, what’s up cinema fans. It’s Mike Reza here with the Wide Shot podcast. I’m here today with


Kianna Znika 0:09

Kiana Znika


Derrick Coleman 0:10

and Derrick Coleman


Michael Reza 0:11

and we are back on our weekly addition to your cinema info. So just starting off I wanted to talk about this past weekend was CinemaCon. And there’s kind of need for for students, or students, I’m sorry,  for movie goers to get their butts in seats. So they’re saying with the movies that are coming out this year, because there’s so many we might see a record broken with movie goers this year, which is which is great for the for the medium. So what do you guys kind of feel about that?


Kianna Znika 0:49

I mean, I’m excited. Like we said, earlier podcast like we do enjoy going out to the movies like physically being in that scene? Enjoying movies with like minded people who are also there and just enjoy that movie. And I do enjoy that there’s so many ways to publicly watch a movie like either going to the theater going to one of the roof top series, or even watching the theater. Watching a movie like set on the beach.


Michael Reza 1:18

Right, right. How about you, Derek?


Derrick Coleman 1:21

I mean, it was like going to the movies. Yeah. I rather like I mean, I read the go to most that would close friends you know, be inside the theater. Or either like long because it at the park every summer. Yeah,those those are interesting.


Michael Reza 1:38

Movies in a park? Yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s cool. Me I’m I like to go with friends. But I also I think I’ve mentioned it before on this podcast, but I like to go by myself. I like going to the movies alone. Sometimes I say, um, I don’t get like if I’m with friends that I feel obligated if someone like looks at me and said and like shows their expression of certain part but sometimes I like to go into like a analyze a movie and get my own feelings. Like I just saw Shazam this past weekend. Which is great film, by the way. But yeah, just just to tell, to lead into what our topic is can going to be today. I just want to mention, we’re going to get more see more butts in the seats this year. Which is good because as you know, some theaters are closing. So that’s kind of a bad a bad thing going on in the in the movie world.


Derrick Coleman 2:28

Maybe that’s something we could talk about next week.


Michael Reza 2:31

Yeah, absolutely. We can always talk about that. That’s a that’s been something that’s been going on. We can also talk about a lot of other faux pas that go on with the movie and just see like the fact that they lose money sometimes and and how a certain groups of people usually makes the decisions for which we’ve touched on before. But yeah, but going back to wonder con or WonderCon I wear my where’s my head out today? I’m ready for other things, but a CinemaCon because because of the movie resurgence and the fact that we’re getting so many in 2019 it leads me to bring up horror films and how there’s been a huge resurgence there.


Kianna Znika 3:12

Yes, I am. Honestly we have a lot of new horror films to look forward to recently coming out of course was US and Pet Cemetery. And what I like about these horror film…


Derrick Coleman 3:22

I heard that wasn’t too good.


Kianna Znika 3:27

I don’t trust people’s reviews because like it’s like a lot of some people didn’t like It because they were saying Oh, it wasn’t scary, but I don’t believe a horror film necessarily has to be scary. It just you know you have a scary clown. So it can’t be a comedy. It’s not a romance. So it has to be a horror


Michael Reza 3:45

and to some people clowns are absolutely terrifying. So maybe for some people it was scarier than others like for me I saw that movie at home and I had like surround sound going and I definitely got scared and a couple of places and I’ll know what I mean i’m not really want to scare easy I love horror films I but yeah, so going on about you said kind of bringing up


Kianna Znika 4:08

Yeah, what I like about these horror films coming out is the fact that they do have some worth you know I felt like before like a lot of scary movies were just filled with jump scares very cheesy plots you always kind of figured it out. Main role was always a girl she was kind of innocent or maybe she did the one bad thing everyone’s looking at her like I know you did the bad thing.There’s a random demon somewhere I don’t know how these demons and then you know the film crew messes it up by showing you the demon like oh, now it’s not scary, like you know, Paranormal Activity what they did right is they never showed you what who was scaring you. That was terrible. But once you put it like this guy and like s effects makeup. Yeah.


Derrick Coleman 4:58

And myself studying camera movement. I don’t know what’s it called?


Michael Reza 5:05



Derrick Coleman 5:06

When I started that and I mean that that’s another thing is like if you have the camera moving a certain way and can kind of get that effect of it’s scary or was it spooky.


Michael Reza 5:19

Absolutely. Yeah. Because there’s also directors that have have signature things that they do with their films. I was a huge fan of West Craven and that’s all you’re talking about. I’m talking about Scream, Scream kinda like I love Scream Yeah, and it’s a very cheesy that’s in my top four Yeah, that’s it’s a cheesy it’s a cheesy movie kind of but they kind of break down the rules of horror films and kind of went against the grain like one of the fantasy things that Sydney’s the main character says in the first one is in horror films, you always have the the the woman running down the stairs up the stairs instead of down and out. And they kind of like she realizes that but still does it so it’s like it touches on some of the things the the the themes of horror films.


Kianna Znika 6:03

and and that’s what I love about Scream too is that a recognize these stereotypes, and just kind of use it to their advantage. Like that’s the reason why these guys were getting away with everything. Yeah. Scary Movie


Michael Reza 6:16

and they teach, they taught you the rules.


Kianna Znika 6:18

That was great. But also like when movies coming out this year like we have del Toro’s Scaring Movies to Tell the Dark.


Michael Reza 6:25

Did you guys read those books? Yeah, you did? Okay, I’m not familiar familiar.


Kianna Znika 6:30

Oh my god. No, like, I just remember a few stories like I’m not gonna lie say like, Oh, I’m a die hard fan. I just remember like in first grade like having my hands on the book, and just feeling scared because just the drawings the drawings are what really really got you you know, as a kid and the fact that those were actually like, brought these monsters to life. They look bad at all. They look scary.


Michael Reza 6:54

I mean, I can definitely picture the the cover. I remember the cover what it looks like. I just never read it. Yeah, but going back like that. I mean, all the movies that are coming even the happy death, what was it? does a happy death day. It wasn’t well received by critics, which normally movies aren’t because critics can typically be snobs. But yeah, but I got a huge like, like, boost for fans. Like they liked it. So yeah, there’s that Yeah, like you mentioned, Pet Cemetery for me. I saw that the TV, the TV movie that was like, weeks long. That was very good. So and from see me seeing the trailer at that there wasn’t it wasn’t before or so that TV is a TV movie. It was kinda like most of Steven Spielberg stuff. Yeah, a lot of it are Steven Spielberg, Stephen King stuff. But yeah, it looks it looks good, but I’ve been like for me horror films have been very touching go. So I haven’t really seen a lot of the horror films that come out in probably the last 10 to 15 years because I was used to watching the slasher film. I’m a huge Jason fan. I love I love Halloween. And like I said like Scream was my thing. And I would the original evil from going going to like the original Evil Dead films, all those neither Living Dead, Body Snatchers, all that stuff is. And that’s kind of why I liked us because it was like, an older like, it kind of reminds me a body snatcher kind of remind me a lot of movies to be honest. And it had those underlying themes that go along with it that everybody loves. So yeah, that’s me and my horror, like insidious everyone was like, insidious was great.


Derrick Coleman 8:32

I’m trying to think of the scary movie where they’re in the house. There’s a couple married and the house. I think there was a daughter and a son.


Kianna Znika 8:45

Oh, is it the Conjuring?


Michael Reza 8:47

With the claps?


Kianna Znika 8:48

Cith the claps and then the scary doll. Annabelle.


Michael Reza 8:52

Annabelle that’s and that’s another movie coming out this year.


Kianna Znika 8:55

I’m getting kind of tired of the Annabelle movies.


Michael Reza 8:58

You know what though? I the first conjuring I saw and that was actually very well made movie like all around was it was it was the perfect horror film for like that had I had seen in a minute. So that’s good. Um, but yeah, we got tons. There’s a along with other kind of titles that we’re seeing. This year we got Child’s Play is making another I mean, it’s been remade and remade  over and over. Yeah, there’s a child’s play. Reboot coming out which…


Derrick Coleman 9:28

Do you guys think they should make a scary movie?


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Michael Reza 9:31

Like the funny ones, you know, after the Wayans brothers got cut is kind of like that was the point but spoofy movies are kind of out. But yeah, child’s play. If you watch the original on your kid when the original or even if you watch any of the reboots as a kid, like terrifying, like the worst possible thing that could happen if you’re a kid


Kianna Znika 9:56

and you see like the trailer anything for it because it actually looks really good, like cinematically, looked really good.


Unknown 10:04

It looks Yeah, it looks good. It looks very different from like the other words, instead of using an actual doggies a little bit more CGI, but it kind of makes him scarier because he’s like now now he’s like, an agile like Yoda type. So like, what the heck, he moves this fast he wasn’t able to move this fast in the 80s.


Kianna Znika 10:21

Ages like fine wine.


Michael Reza 10:26

Yeah, that that serial killer that’s possessing him is onto something.


Kianna Znika 10:30

What do they say? [indistinct words] I remember that.


Michael Reza 10:36

Oh like the curse? I don’t even rememeber.  


Kianna Znika 10:39

I’m happy I said it wrong.


Michael Reza 10:42

And then another movie I’m I’m so excited for and like, legit. I’m not a big Superman fan. But James Gunn is obviously doing some really good things with being put back on Guardians of the Galaxy, but him and I believe who his brother are. They wrote an original Original Screenplay called Brightburn. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer for this, but it’s Superman, Exact same story if he was a anti or evil character. So I would suggest if you guys listen to this, and you haven’t seen the trailer for Brightburn, go check that out. It looks incredible. Yeah,the dude that plays Roy from the offices in it. Yeah,so if you like the office, there’s that little cameo there.But it looks in credible. Like it’s like evil Superman. And that could be the worst thing possible. Yeah. So yeah, like so 2019 for for horror films is is really awesome. And I’m glad it’s coming back because I had kind of fallen off my my fandom for for horror films. And I loved the older I love the older stuff like when they remade It was kind of like, even though it was wild, like wildly unpopular as a TV movie. It was still something that terrify me when I was a kid. Yeah,


Kianna Znika 12:11

I’m sure it terrified everyone.


Michael Reza 12:13

Storm gutters scared me until probably like yes, I was yesterday years old. But you know, so yeah, it’s a good thing to see the genre getting a getting a boost. So what do you what do you guys kind of like what do you what kind of horror films did you guys kind of grow up seeing, what do you like to see from horror films?


Kianna Znika 12:36

Like I mentioned before, like if it’s going to be something about like, like exorcism or something, don’t show me the demon. I like a good horror film that can scare me without using any jumps because like I remember as a kid on a Blair Witch Project Really? Really got stuck  with Yeah, like you like watching as a kid like of course I believe everything you no that’s that’s a camcorder. Thats not of professional camera. So that that kept me up. I remember. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Really messed with me me. I guess…


Michael Reza 13:13

The newer one like the early 2000s when I came out I was reallygood to actually but…


Kianna Znika 13:17

I actually don’t know which one I just remember. Like, I just remember the feeling it gave me


Michael Reza 13:23

Yeah, that goes into that slasher genre. That’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But


Kianna Znika 13:27

like with what’s coming out with recent horror films, I really like something like I really liked. It’s like I’m saying I like it. I can’t remember. It was on the one where they can’t speak. Oh, no. A silent place?


Michael Reza 13:41

The Quiet Place. That was a really good movie.


Derrick Coleman 13:44

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


Kianna Znika 13:45

I like things like that, to where it’s like, it’s kind of like a mental game. Yeah. And


Michael Reza 13:51

Like, like, like, the Ring for me was such a really well made movie also like, and it was more suspenseful than it was scary and is kind of terrifying. Like, just the imagery and how like that like the the hues that they use in the in the film, like just made it very ominous and scary. Which I love. But it was like, man, imagine if you got this call your answer the phone, like you hear like a whisper. Yeah. Damn. But uh, yeah, so there’s something there for like, more psychological like Us is probably a psychological thriller. horror film. One one that I love that not very many people have seen probably is like Identity. Have you ever seen that movie? It’s about like a group of people they go to this there’s always a rundown hotel, right? That uh, that like this guy is kind of controlling they’re all connected some way and it’s like this huge psychological mess of  instances that happens. So I like stuff like that also. Yeah, yeah. But a quiet place. Very good. What about yourself? Do you have any? I mean, you can go on the list. If you I’m just I can go for days on this subject. So..


Derrick Coleman 15:04

I really like candy man.  Oh, man.That was so scary.


Michael Reza 15:11

Have you ever seen Candy Man? Do you know what it is? Can you explain Candyman to her? I don’t quite remember. But I just remember like, yeah, it’s about I think that was a serial killer or something. But anyway, it’s like one of those deals where you say Candyman five times in the mirror? And he comes in like murders you.


Kianna Znika 15:35

Nooooo. I dont mess with anything Bloody Mary.


Michael Reza 15:36

Not I never did it when I was a kid. I was too terrified, I was chicken!


Kianna Znika 15:40

Even now I’m I’m like, What do I gain from this? You know, It can only go wrong


Michael Reza 15:45

I don’t even want to know


Kianna Znika 15:46

it’s really nothing happens or something happens? Yeah, like I’m good.


Derrick Coleman 15:52

The ring?


Michael Reza 15:53

Like I mentioned. Yeah, so good.


Derrick Coleman 15:55

Scary Movie. I like all of them. Except when they got rid of the Wayans brothers.


Michael Reza 15:59

Those two there’s only two that they did. You mean Scream?  Yeah Scream. Yeah. Others, the others? Okay. That’s a Nicole Kidman or something like that. Yeah, that’s that’s a good mood. Dude. I’m surprised that you said that’s like, that’s like a in the crate. Movie…


Derrick Coleman 16:16

Oh, well, but I think like one of my, I think I said it before, like one of the first scary movies I saw was the original Ghostbusters.


Michael Reza 16:25

Thats not technically a scary movie, Like Halloween type movie. Yeah. I mean, that’s a great movie. But


Derrick Coleman 16:32

Oh, actually, I just forgot to mention, I watched a pretty interesting thrillers movie on Hulu. It’s called, I’m Just Effing With You. And it’s about this, this hotel and this guy who’s like a hypochondriac. And he staying at the hotel and this guy keeps like playing jokes on him. And he’s just like, like, why are you playing messing with me and he’s like, going back in the room. The guy keeps bugging him in his hotel. And, like, just all this series of events happened is where like, it just falls off the rails. It’s a very good movie. I think it’s a Hulu original, and I enjoyed it was different. It was Yeah, so I’d recommend seeing that. But for me, if I’m going to if I’m going to name my top five horror films, in no particular order, I’m gonna have to go Friday the 13th Two is excellent. Jason actually, it makes it makes an appearance. Okay. I’m gonna go. I like The Ring. The ring when I was a kid, like I watched that over and over and over again like my moms like why are you watching out your freakin weirdo?bIt was just good to me. Nightmare on Elm Street number one, Oh okay.


Michael Reza 17:48

And then just like scream if you just put all of them in there as a as a whole I can watch those all the time like Star Wars like back to back to back and then five from me like Get Out was just so good to me. And I feel like it changed the genre and like said something for being original in any genre that I have had a feeling of of stagnation or felt like horror films have been kind of cliche and kind of linear and how they were made and no one’s really broken that mold and Jordan pills done it twice now so I mean obviously there’s stuff like the Shining I can there’s there I can’t list enough but those those five were pretty impactful for me.


Kianna Znika 18:31

I think for me, I was just writing them down actually ’cause I knew I’d forget. Top of it. I actually really really like Silent Hill like the movie. I like I don’t know Okay, yeah, I really really enjoyed watching it. I used to watch it with my cousin all the time. Just one of those movies I can’t get over I really like meanings behind a even like the monsters no Pyramid Head. That was great.


Michael Reza 19:00

I haven’t seen that in forever. Really? Yeah, I played the game though.


Kianna Znika 19:02

Yes. Like I just really like even though if the game never existed and this was just a movie on its own. I like it. And then of course the ring as we’ve mentioned Scream. Child’s Play is definitely one of my favorites. I really like the original idea. And then like I said before Blair Witch Project that’s still stuck with me. honorable mention signs.


Michael Reza 19:26

Signs is so good.


Kianna Znika 19:28

That really scared me.


Michael Reza 19:29

Signs is only Night Shayamalan movie I like


Kianna Znika 19:31

No, like seeing that alien walking like as a kid that suck. I have a feeling I ran out of the living room.


Michael Reza 19:44

What was the one before you before signs?  Blair Witch Project. Oh, yeah. See, like Blair Witch. That was like a phenomenon. Like in the in the late 90s. Like, people were getting sick. That was that first like handheld camera experience that peoplekind of started a trend later. But um, that and then like, it was  it based on a true story didn’t really like I don’t even know. It was like an iconic movie for the time.


Kianna Znika 20:14

I forgot I like read so much about it. But it’s basically fiction. I think thats what last read that was I remember feeling kind of bummed out. But also and then. Part Two. Yeah,


Michael Reza 20:27

They did. They made. I think they made up to three real Yeah, one like more recently. Yeah, like in the last like five years, I think. But yeah, so like those movies. I had a cousin. I had a weird cousin who would like watch The Blair Witch. Back to back all the time. It was like trying to like figure out like, little like, subtleties in the mood, like easter egg stuff. And I was just like, dude, you’re freaking weird. Like, this no, he’s not that good one. Yeah. I mean, it’s just like, it’s like,it’s not that it’s not good. It’s that it’s, I don’t know to explain it. It’s different. it’s not one that you like, yeah, you know… It’s not like a cinematic masterpiece. It’s good! It’s just not like… You know what I would say? Like, I have this question for you guys. So I just watched I Am Legend, again, like randomly because it’s on Netflix. And I was thinking about other movies that are that are not that. Are they horror films that are they not our films? Like is Resident Evil, a horror film to you, as a franchise, you know?I’m just curious. Because there are like jumpy parts. And it kind of does deal with kind of like a scary element of the government kind of like controlling everything. And just yeah,taking over people’s lives and stuff like that. And then you got I Am Legend, where it’s like, not scary and kind of talks about, like, the end of the world, just like a zombie movie would. So that’s what I would ask you guys.


Derrick Coleman 22:03

That one is in between..


Kianna Znika 22:05

Yeah. And you know, that’s actually like a good topic that we can touch on, like, maybe next week, like, just like genres, where it’s kind of like, you know, we break up a movie, and we’re like, so isn’t this genre or not?


Michael Reza 22:19

Yeah,because it’s very confusing. How do you categorize it? Is it? I mean, even even like, La La land, is it a? Is it a musical? Mainly? Or is it like a drama?


Kianna Znika 22:35

I would say it’s more musical. Yeah.


Michael Reza 22:37

Right. It’s one of my favorites.


Kianna Znika 22:40



Michael Reza 22:41

But yeah, so, um, with the horror genre, there’s, there’s so many avenues you can work in, and a lot of them are. I mean, some of them are funny. You know, some of them are, are, are super, super serious. I feel like Paranormal Activity kind of saved the genre for a little bit as from like movie goers standpoint. Yeah. When they when they were coming out, because they’re just taking the nation but I always thought they were just like, Oh, it’s another like possession movie, but there were like, they were undoubtedly terrifying. Yeah.


Kianna Znika 23:13

And then using like, a home security system to tell a story. That was genius. You know? Yes. Cheesy as sometimes they would get like, like Part Two for three. How many movies but I have to give them credit. Like that was a unique original idea.  So yeah, I mean, so there are plenty. There’s plenty of horror films to look forward to in 2019. Among the other. The other genres out there that definitely 2019 is just booming in general and wasn’t when it comes to cinema. So it’s just an awesome time. I’m ready. I’m ready to get back into the movies with horror films in like the conversation. Because I’m telling you, I have not. Everyone’s like, Oh, see, Insidious. I’m like, Yeah, I bet it’s good. But like, I was just so turned off by the by the genre. So I mean, I’m glad we’re getting to a place where, where we’re getting some originality and even with with rebooted stuff. Just there. There are a lot more fun. Yeah, yeah. And that’s rebooting I just for money, like they’re just actually taking the craft and trying to make it their own and trying to make it better, honestly.


Derrick Coleman 24:24

Which is good.


Kianna Znika 24:25

Yeah, and what is, I mean, what is next we have I think pet cemeteries The next thing and if we keep getting home runs out of these these horror films, and it’s looking up, and those seats will keep getting filled up. Any last thoughts from you guys?  Oh, I forgot to mention hereditary That was an amazing film.


Michael Reza 24:47

Okay I’ve never seen it.


Kianna Znika 24:49

I don’t even know, that actually might take out like one of my movies like because it was so so good. And I’m actually really upset that the main actress did not win any awards. And we can like touch base on that too. Like horror films, they don’t get the awards that they deserve. You know, just because they’re worth. But hopefully like, because like they’re coming back. Hopefully in the future. We’ll see more words being given out to people who don’t really deserve it.


Michael Reza 25:17

Yeah and what I mean, the only thing like Hereditary I was like, Oh, isn’t it like, like, very grotesque and kind of like, gory? Or is it like?..


Kianna Znika 25:26

Just like one or two scenes honestly, and their kind of short.


Michael Reza 25:29

I heard it was like very polarizing that movie. So like, I just haven’t gotten a chance to see it. But I definitely have to take especially because it was and Oscar nom.  Yeah, no, you have to watch that movie was so good. I can’t believe I almost forgot about. Yeah. Yeah so, I think that’s all for I mean, that’s all for me. I don’t know if you guys have anything to add  Derrick, you good?


Derrick Coleman 26:07

All right. That’s it for the wide shot podcast. My name is Mike.


Kianna Znika 26:10

And I’m Kianna.


Derrick Coleman 26:11

And I’m Derek.


Michael Reza 26:13

Have a good one, guys.


Edited by Derrick Coleman

Transcribed by Michael Reza


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