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K&D Sports: NFL Free Agency


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Keanu  0:01

Hell Falcon fans and Welcome to the K&D sports podcast. I’m your host Keanu


Derrick  0:05

I’m Derek.


Keanu  0:09

switching over to the NFL free agency, Demarcus Lawrence, he was just franchise tagged I believe yesterday or two days ago


Derrick 0:18

last week,


Keanu 0:19

oh was it last week.


Derrick 0:21



Keanu  0:21

Okay at $20.5 million, Laurence cooled off a little last season without much help in Dallas’s front four. But he’s still produce 10.5 sacks and was disruptive overall. Jadeveon Clowney


Keanu & Derrick

From Houston Texans


Keanu  0:37

Yeah, from the test from the Texans was just franchise tagged at 15.9 million


Derrick  0:46

clowney has developed into a complete vertical player to the point where he might be in even bigger asset against the run than he is rushing the passer, Houston will do it. We’ll do our best to lock in the 2014 number one, or wild pick for the long term


Keanu 1:10



Derrick 1:10



Keanu  1:11

Yeah they definitely needed to franchise tag him. Trey flowers from the defensive end the former defensive end for the Patriots, he’s looking to hit free agency he’s been a force on the edge for the New England Patriots, but there’s no certainty that the Patriots will pay to keep him and that he won’t want to test the market anyway. He’s looking to go either Detroit or Miami.


Derrick 1:38



Keanu  1:39

Where you think Earl Thomas is gonna go? Honestly, I think I remember last last season when the Seahawks played the Cowboys, they were looking to, they were talking about trading him later after the game. Yeah. I was like, Damn, like the day after. Yeah.


Derrick 1:58

Oh yeah yeah yeah


Keanu  2:07

That’s pretty crazy.


Derrick 2:09

I mean, he’s still an elite player.


Keanu  2:11

Yeah even though he broke his leg


Derrick 2:13

He broke his leg


Keanu 2:14

That was sad. He’s returning to full health though.


Derrick 2:19

Oh yeah

Keanu 2:19

So we’ll see what he what ends up.


Derrick  2:20

Let’s see what happens at training camp.


Keanu  2:23

Grady Jarrett, the defensive tackle for the Falcons was just franchise tagged at 15.2 million.


Derrick  2:30

That means that they can’t get rid of them right if they’re franchise-tagged?

Keanu 2:32

Yeah no.  He’s coming off a monster six sacks season and has emerged as disruptive all around presence. And he has planning productive years ahead of him. Atlanta is likely to use the tag to extend him


Derrick  2:49

Le’veon Bell, running back for the Steelers, Bell might not get that big money for which he is looking looking. But everyone knows he can still deliver that dynamic running, receiving skill set at high level. Now with the bundles of a year off the get refreshed, the Steelers still could find a way to tag and trade him. What you think about that?


Keanu  3:17

Man, I think that’s going to be a big loss. But I mean, they do have James Conner. So yeah, and he proved he proved last season he could he’s an elite player.


Derrick 3:30

Yeah. So I think he will fill in Le’veon Bell spot pretty well. Adrian Amos, the safety for the former safety for the bears, he’s looking to hit free agency.


Keanu  3:42

We don’t know where he’s going to go yet.


Derrick 3:47  

Chicago maybe Oh, no, no


Keanu 3:49

That’s where he’s coming from



yeah that’s where he’s coming from

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Keanu   3:51

Frank Clark was just franchise tagged as 17.1 million yesterday. He had he had 13 sex not so proved to be a strong run stuffer. Seattle will make him make him it’s resigned priority and good. Fight back under franchise franchise tag. Wow.


Keanu  4:15

Yeah he did pretty well last season. Definitely.


Derrick 4:19

people that does you know will get you to the playoffs.


Keanu 4:23



Derrick  4:25

What’s going on with the with the Chiefs?


Keanu  4:27

Yeah Dee Ford, Dee Ford has a he’s been franchise tagged at 15.4 million last week. He’s he’s another 13 sack player who likely will not hit the market. He was he I went to the Chargers opener when they played against the chiefs.


Derrick 4:48



Keanu 4:49

man. He definitely showed why he’s a why he’s franchise tagged and he had like two sacks in the game, a couple tackles for loss. It was sad to watch as a Chargers fan.


Derrick  5:02

He’s a pretty big do though.


Keanu 5:03

Yeah. Preston Smith is also to free agency. The Redskins look like they won’t keep him anymore.


Derrick  5:13

Are they trying to rebuild?


Keanu 5:15



Unknown Speaker  5:16

Matt Piratis?


Keanu 5:21



Derrick 5:22

Center for the Broncos Piratis is coming off foot surgery after he fractured his fibula in week nine but before then, he was dominating as the anchor of Denver’s line. Wow.


Keanu  5:38

Yeah that’ll be a big help for the broncos because they did struggle last last year. With a lot of stuff with the loss of Demaryius Thomas and other players as well. Jordan Hicks, he’s expected to hit free agency. He missed sorely last season when you last time to achilles and calf injuries last season. He’s a great cleanup Man against the run, he can get to the passer too.


Derrick 6:05

That’s true.


Keanu 6:06

Pierre Desire former corner for the Colts. He was resigned and came through with a fine season improvement from a shuttles of 2017 to emerge as a steady smooth cover man for defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus but they’re looking to release him. So he’s hitting free agency


Derrick 6:28

Come on cowboys *Keanu laughs*  


Keanu 6:31

yeah, they do need a corner


Derrick 6:32



Keanu 6:33

Yeah. Ndamukong Suh the D tackle for the Rams he got some big one year money to join la Super Bowl push but


Derrick  6:42

Did he win a championship with Seattle?


Keanu  6:46

No, no, he was never on Seattle


Derrick 6:50

Oh okay


Keanu  6:51

It was, your probably thinking of Michael Bennett


Derrick  6:53

Oh okay yeah,


Keanu 6:55

Michael Bennett yeah. Yeah who knows where he’s going to go. I think the charges should get him because I think the charges are releasing D-tackle Corey Liuget  


Derrick 7:09

Oh okay


Keanu 7:09

he’s also hitting free agency


Derrick 7:11



Keanu 7:12



Unknown Speaker  7:13

so that would be a really big help


Derrick 7:15

he could go to Jenkins team


Keanu 7:17

Ahh the raiders?


Derrick 7:18

The raiders


Keanu 7:19  

Yeah, they have they have four first round picks oh no three threes excuse me three so


Derrick  7:25

quick update angels are up nine at the top up the eight.


Keanu 7:30

Who are they playing?


Derrick  7:32

The cubs.


Keanu  7:33

That’s right. *Derrick laughs*


Keanu  7:35

The Halo way is the only way


Derrick 7:38

Oh yeah.


Keanu  7:39

Okay. Back to football, Bryce Callahan corner former corner of the bears. He’s looking to hit free agency also. His season was ended in December with the foot injury but before then he was shining in the slot posting two interceptions and two sacks he’s a top nickel option on the market


Derrick  7:59



Keanu 8:00

That’s pretty good


Derrick  8:01



Keanu 8:01

Nick Foles


Derrick 8:02

here’s another before we get to him here’s another quick update. The rams released Mark Barron


Keanu  8:10

Oh is that the linebacker.


Derrick 8:12

Yeah. They just released him like 20 minutes ago.


Keanu  8:15

Wow. He was pretty good


Derrick 8:18

Barron was signed through 2020. He had 43 sacks or 43 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble in 2018


Keanu  8:30

Yeah, he was he was not that bad.


Derrick  8:33

With that, that gives the Rams they save 6.33 million


Keanu  8:40

I think they’re I think they’re releasing players for for the draft


Derrick 8:45



Keanu 8:45

there because they’re going to need money for the rookies. And actually today Landon Collins the strong safety for the Giants he’s expected to hit free agency too


Derrick  8:59

Wow I guess monday is going to be a crazy


Keanu  9:01

yeah. This this free agency this year is going to be really crazy


Derrick 9:06



Keanu  9:06

Where you think Nick Foles is gonna go?


Derrick  9:09

the jaguars are


Keanu 9:09

jaguars yeah, I think their


Derrick 9:15

The Jaguars are already talking to his camp but they can’t sign him until Monday


Keanu 9:20

Okay. I think Blake Bortles is probably going to be released too, yeah. Rodger Saffold the guard for the Rams, he’s expected to hit free agency as well.


Derrick 9:32



Keanu  9:32

The Rams will try to keep them in order to keep their strong front intact but he’s testing free agency. Jared cook the tight end for the Raiders.


Derrick 9:41

Why is he


Keanu 9:43

Jenkins team. It looks like he’s going to be expected to hit free agency too  but I thought they just signed them? Am I wrong?


Derrick 9:54

They did just sign him yeah,


Keanu 9:55

they did just sign him that’s kind of weird. I think they should keep on because I don’t see no, no tight end no top tied in the draft this year. I think Gruden needs to open up his eyes and see that Jared cook is a big help for Derrick Carr.


Derrick 10:13  

You think their gonna keep Lynch?  


Keanu 10:17

Yeah. They said they’re going to Lynch is coming back for one more year.


Derrick 10:21



Keanu 10:21



Derrick  10:22

Is he gonna ask for that big money.


Keanu  10:26

Nah I think he’s doing it for the love football and not for the money.


Derrick 10:29

Oh, yeah.


Keanu  10:31

He wants to stay in his hometown too so

Za’darius Smith, the linebacker for the Ravens. He’s expected to hit free agency too

Derrick 10:41



Keanu 10:42

This past season he broke out with 8.5 sacks and 10 tackles for a loss at the right time.


Derrick 10:49

He had surgery right?


Keanu 10:50

Yeah. Stephen Nelson, the cornerback for the Chiefs, he’s expected to test free agency as well.


Derrick 10:58



Keanu 10:59

He did alright this season,


Derrick 11:00



Keanu 11:02

CJ Mosley. Wow, I thought the Ravens would definitely keep him I didn’t expect him


Derrick 11:08

he went to he was part of there.


Keanu 11:10

Yeah. Of the defense.


Derrick 11:12



Keanu 11:14

Trent brown


Derrick 11:15

Trent brown offensive tackle for the Patriots. Brown delivered on the left side unexpectedly for the Patriots after his trade from the 49ers going from above average in the regular season to to turbo in the playoffs. Despite his youth you the, Patriots are unlikely to keep him as he was injured fill in for 2018 first round pick, Isaiah Wynn. Wow.


Keanu  11:45

Oh look it, Landon Collins


Derrick 11:47

Uh oh. Collins cooled off quite a bit in 2018. In the new scheme, and the season ended earlier for him with a shoulder injury. Durability is a mid concern but he should still get paid as a tap strong safety. What do you think about that?


Keanu 12:08

Yeah, he definitely he definitely is elite, and he’s starting material.


Derrick 12:16



Keanu 12:15  

So I think he needs to go to a team where they’re in need of a strong safety and a captain of the defense. Maybe the Cowboys.


Derrick 12:28

We could use him.


Keanu 12:31

Yeah. Or charges. We can release Jahleel Addae .


Derrick 12:34

Okay yeah


Keanu 12:35

Derwin James and Landon Collins


Derrick 12:38



Keanu 12:39

Yeah. Not even rotating both of them starting


Derrick  12:41

That’d be tight


Keanu 12:43

that would. Golden Tate, wide receiver for the Eagles, he’s looking to test free agency. I believe I heard


Derrick 12:49

what are the Eagles are trying to do? They’re trying to rebuild the whole roster?


Keanu  12:54

I don’t know, I’m guessing so.


Derrick 12:58



Keanu  12:59

I think I heard Golden Tate say something about he wants to play for the Patriots a couple of weeks ago. I remember him quoting on that. Honestly, the Patriots receiver Corps, they’re set already. They they brought back Phillip Dorsett, they just paid him. They still have Julian Edelman, uhh Chris Hogan. I think Gronk is playing still, Gronk is going to play again.


Derrick  13:27

It should be it for him.


Keanu 13:28

Yeah. I think this is his last rodeo


Derrick 13:31  

just like Brady


Keanu  13:33

I don’t know, Brady said he wants to play until he’s like 47


Derrick  13:37

we’ll see what happens with the owner.


Keanu  13:39

Oh shoot. Yeah *Derrick laughs*


Unknown Speaker  13:42

I think his son will step up then.


Derrick 13:44

Yeah. Let’s go with the last guy Mark Ingram, running back for the saints. Ingram has flourished with Alvin Kamara taking the lead off him in New Orleans and he can still stand out as a complete back in his own right. All the all the way through finishing drives in the red zone, he also has less mileage than most backs who has been in the league for eight seasons.


Keanu  14:13

Yeah I think the saints should keep him


Derrick 14:15



Keanu 14:16

They need to bring him back because that running back


Derrick 14:20

Oh yeah.


Keanu 14:21

That moves your offense.


Derrick 14:23

That’s That’s crazy. I know another thing, Zion is not playing tonight for Duke


Keanu 14:27

Oh Zion?   


Derrick 14:29



Keanu 14:29

Okay. I think March Madness is going to start in a couple weeks.


Derrick 14:33

Two weeks.


Keanu 14:35

Oh.. that’s gonna be good.


Derrick 14:36



Keanu 14:37  

Alright falcon fans. This is it for K&D sports talks. I’m Keanu.


Derrick 14:41

I’m Derek


Keanu 14:42

and we’ll see you all next week.

Transcribed by Keanu Ruffo

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Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor
Keanu Ruffo is a Journalism major and is the returning Sports Editor for Talon Marks news division here at Cerritos College. Keanu plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach once’s he’s received his AA degree. His career goal is to work for the NFL Network or ESPN.
Derrick Coleman, Co-Multimedia Editor
Derrick Coleman is the Co-Multimedia Editor at Talon Marks. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he lived for 15 years before coming to the United States. His goal is to start his own photography business.
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