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WideShot: Final Cut


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Edgar  0:00  
Hi guys, welcome back to the wide shot podcast. We're here with our final podcast before a brief couple month hiatus, I'm here with... 

Kianna Znika  0:07  
Kiana Znika 

Michael Reza  0:08  
Michael Reza

Derrick Coleman  0:09  
And Derrick Coleman. 

Edgar  0:10  
And today we kind of be wrapping up a little recap on everything we've done so far and the journey you guys have taken with us, and a little bit of a summer movie watch. So I want to start off tonight talking about Detective Pikachu. Mike, I believe you've seen it. 

Michael Reza  0:23  
I actually didn't get to see it, after all, but you did. So you can kind of touch on it a little better than I could. 

Edgar  0:30  
Well, what I'm hearing and what I can confirm from watching it is that it's a perfect rendition of the video game like at least in terms of character models and whatnot. But the plot is very predictable. But I do feel it's a great first step into that realm of turning video games into movies. 

Michael Reza  0:44  
Predictable What do you mean? 

Edgar  0:45  
It's detective films? So there's many cliches you can almost like tell right from the get go? Yeah, if you've watched a couple detective problems. 

Derrick Coleman  0:54  
Kinda like like the game, 

Edgar  0:55  
Yeah, you immediately know, like, oh, like this happens or a character shows up and you know, who's the bad guy, like immediately 

Kianna Znika  1:00  
Yeah well that's pretty good too because it is targeted as like a children's movie just like in Scooby Doo like you you always know who the bad guy is. But.. yeah. 

Edgar  1:08  
It does sych a good job with adults to really brings out the nostalgia. 

Michael Reza  1:12  
Yeah like for for people who are our age or even younger they can probably relate to the show just because they remember these Pokemon characters. And also for the older generation like Ryan Reynolds being the voice of Pikachu is really great. Because he's killing it right now. But yeah, it brings you back to a time where we haven't had Pokemon movie in a long time. So this is kind of something new in the age of live action kind of things. And it kind of binds the two real life and that animated, Japanese, anime like world and its's kinda cool.

Edgar  1:53  
Something I can touch upon. I believe last week you guys mentioned Sonic and like the redesign 

Kianna Znika  1:56  

Edgar  1:57  
Something I'd like to bring up as Detective Pikachu, you had countless of these little critters like perfectly animated. So that kind of goes to show that if you put a little bit of effort you can make something that great and then you look at Sonic and you have to redesign just one character 

Michael Reza  2:10  
You can tell that that definitely took time to make Pikachu and or and obviously the others. Sonic hasn't ever been realized in a movie before. So it's kind of different. I guess they haven't really been putting the impetus on realizing Sonic in that way. So I mean, I know they like obviously like Pokemon has been movies before like we said, but you can tell how prepared they can be when they want it with their product is still relevant 30 years later, 

Edgar  2:47  

Michael Reza  2:48  

Kianna Znika  2:48  
And then with the sonic design to it's like, when you actually look at that design, you can tell they did put work into it, but they put all of that work into just the wrong... Just the wrong look, the wrong vision. You know, they gave him longer legs, long torso. He looked like he had footie pajamas. Like you look at the fur yes that fur his beautiful. Well, good. Good on you guys. Yeah, I can see the light shining in his eyes. But I didn't want to look at those eyes, you know? So that was only tea with the animators there again another thank you shout out to those animators that will be working harder for the redesign.

Michael Reza  3:34  
Yeah, and so being the only one that has seen detective Pikachu what would you say? gives it that? That watchability I guess what gives it that special? Because it's a popular movie. It's Yeah, like Derek you mentioned is Japan's number one movie right now. 

Derrick Coleman  3:55  
Yes is actually be our brand ending in Japan in Japan.

Edgar  4:00  
So I think what makes it so good is it has a lot of callbacks to like the original like Pokemon franchise, and like the first movie, Pokemon 2000, like the first big, big movie, and there's a lot of callbacks to that, and it's really reminiscent of that. And I think something nice that they did was they really set themselves apart from the video games in the TV show. So it's not much as much of a spoiler, but I will say there's not really any mention to like Brock, Misty Ash Katchum on any of that, because this movie really sets itself apart. It is a Pokemon story, and it is in one of the main regions, but it sets itself apart by not mentioning its predecessors except for certain events. So it wants to be its own thing. And that's what makes you want to watch and not have to worry about Oh, I've seen this story a million times. 

Michael Reza  4:44  
And it's and it's co star, well obviously Ryan Reynolds isn't really doing any on screen stuff. But justice Smith who's incredible in I believe he was in one of the Marvel movies and hehe was in the Netflix's the Get Down which is a phenomenal show that we're around for two seasons. So the star power is good enough and he's he's got some pretty comedic timing in there from what I've seen in trailers. Soyeah, it's just it just seems like a really well well made film and I can't wait to see it. I'll probably see it sometime this week. So... 

Edgar  5:21  
Speaking of great films they want to transition into like  movie to look out for that coming up. 

Michael Reza  5:25  
Yeah, we can definitely do that. Being that it is our last episode for a while until we come back. We can kind of highlight those those movies coming up so well, starting with the one that's coming up this the quickest is Aladdin, which comes out may 24. We've talked about it a little bit all all semester on this show, but what do you guys what do you guys kind of feel about that one? 

Edgar  5:51  
Initially, I had no hype for it. But as the trailers progressed and more and more excited for it, I don't know how you guys feel about it.

Derrick Coleman  5:58  
I feel the same

Michael Reza  6:00  
I'm in but I'm at the point where it's going to be bad or it's going to be great. 

Edgar  6:05  
There's no one in between. 

Michael Reza  6:06  
Yeah, I don't feel like there's going to be any, any in between. 

Derrick Coleman  6:09  
When does that come out?

Michael Reza  6:12  
 May 24th. 

Kianna Znika  6:14  
Yeah for me, it's more like it's either going to be bad or it's going to be okay. I just think even from the trailers just, I believe it belonged in the medium. It should be an animation, the colors were much brighter, more vibrant characters were more dramatic. You know, there's sometimes where a cartoon doesn't need to become a live action. So that's my feeling towards Alladdin.

Edgar  6:39  
I'm seeing this movie in the same playing field, as Solo: Star Wars story, where as long as the actor captures the essence of the character, I'll be fine. 

Kianna Znika  6:45  

Michael Reza  6:46  
Absolutely. Yeah, that's actually very good. comparison. So... 

Derrick Coleman  6:51  
I think a week after that Rocket Man comes out.

Michael Reza  6:54  
Yeah, but before that, we'll get we'll get to Rocket Man and I'm excited for Rocket Man. I'm sorry.May 23rd is when Aladdin comes out. And on that same day, the movie I've been championing as, which I feel is going to be one of the greatest like superhero anti superhero movies. This summer is going to be Brightburn. I mean, obviously, it's not going to do anything that Endgame did. Yeah, I'm super excited about bribery. And that also comes out on the 23rd. Sorry, I corrected the 24th. After that, we can go with actually I want to talk a little bit about Booksmart. Booksmart is a film that talks about two girls that want to do that want to have a good time before college, which is which is a movie that's been made before but it's it's Olivia Wilde first directorial debut, so that should be great. It's got a lot of good comedy in it from the trailers. It looks fantastic. So yeah, and then we can transition into Rocket Man.

Edgar  7:53  
Elton John it's gonna be one great movie. Yeah. It's a biopic guarantee you 

If it can do I mean, with  eccentric character. They can I mean, they've Bohemian Rhapsody was was centered around an eccentric character as well. But I would say

Michael Reza  8:10  
Elton John might be a little more magnanimous than maybe.Freddie Mercury was. 

Edgar  8:15  
Yeah I think we can agree on. 

Michael Reza  8:18  
Yeah. Tarrin Eagerton playing Rocket Man and I guess he connected with him off off screen also just learning about the role. So I feel like he's embodying that part or he did embody that part to the best of abilities. 

Derrick Coleman  8:33  
Almost like, like when Jamie Foxx did Ray. 

Michael Reza  8:38  
Yeah, another good performance. Yeah. So I believe that movie is gonna get to make some some waves this summer also,

Edgar  8:47  
I think one that might fly under the radar that second Godzilla movie, cuz I mean, a lot of us want to watch it just because giant monsters fighting. So that's something to look out for. 

Michael Reza  8:56  
And also, the first one didn't have that much action. I felt like I feel like they're just chasing Mothra throughout the whole thing.

Edgar  9:02  
They were chasing those little all throughout like this two hour film. And then you had 10 minutes of Godzilla fighting. 

Michael Reza  9:07  
Yeah and that was kind of disappointing this one It seems like we're seeing all the monsters.

Edgar  9:12  
Gidra, Rodan Mothra or all of them. 

Kianna Znika  9:15  
Can we just talk about you know film is not just the movie itself. It's also the trailer. Can we talk about how the Godzilla trailer is basically the entire movie? I really thought that I was watching the movie already. The whole introduction is probably the real first 10 minutes of that movie. 

Edgar  9:31  
The first trailer was okay we're getting a tease. Oh, I want to see how these monsters and look when you look at the most recent trailer and we got pretty much a trailer of just all of them fighting each other and like a battle royale

Michael Reza  9:42  
Which is amazing. 

Kianna Znika  9:43  
Yeah. them fighting.

Edgar  9:44  
Like, this is xactly what I came here for.

Derrick Coleman  9:47  
It's also almost like like Spider-Man the first preview.With just a little bit and then that second one it gives you a little bit more.

Edgar  9:57  
?phony likes to do what I?

Michael Reza  9:59  
Yeah what I love about the trailers that come out now is that you get a little more and usually that stuff doesn't get cut out of the movie like you remember back in the day when you'd watch a trailer and you were like Oh, that looks like a really cool part and you watch the movie and it's cut out which is like oh, I wonder why they did that? 

Kianna Znika  10:18  
Exactly The Fantastic Four if you guys remember the Fantastic Four reboot, where it was like they showed all these cool scenes and none of them were in the film. Yeah, it was so bad.

Michael Reza  10:28  
Okay, and then I mean, I don't know if we need to talk about Ma, but Ma is...

Derrick Coleman  10:31  
I can't wait for that. 

Michael Reza  10:32  
You want to see that? Okay...

Derrick Coleman  10:35  
That's it first.black female as a lead role in that in a scary movie, like like...

Kianna Znika  10:45  
Ohh that's Ma, I love that actress. I forgot her name. She was in The Help. She got a lot of comedies...

Michael Reza  10:52  
Octavia Spencer.. Yeah 

Kianna Znika  10:54  
Love her talented. 

Michael Reza  10:56  
I'm, I'm, I'm I'll take a flier on it, you know? I like scrary movies.

Derrick Coleman  10:56  
I can't wait. 

Michael Reza  11:03  
It's a Bloomhouse film, so...

Oh Bloomhouse is always great yeah. And then obviously after that we'd have to talk about Dark Phoenix yeahso yeah dark Phoenix comes out June 6th it's actually a PG-13 movie which is yes fine. Yeah. And we got... 

Edgar  11:22  
They could do a little more

Derrick Coleman  11:23  
June 6th it comes out at IMAX and then the next day comes out as a regular 

Michael Reza  11:27  
okay yeah, I mean you're gonna want to see that I'm not explosions and stuff in that. But yeah, we get we get Sophie Turner and the return of all the our favorite new X-Men characters. Um, what are your kind of thoughts on that guys? 

Edgar  11:44  
I feel this is almost like X-Men's kind of farewell to us considering the deal. Like just came like through with Marvel buying them back and everything. Because I feel that Marvel will trust Fox like maybe continue to franchise for a little longer. But this is kind of the culmination of all of it. If you look at it because Dark Phoenix has always been like the most powerful foe the X-Men right Jean Grey in general

Michael Reza  12:06  
The wild card but yeah so that's oh okay. Yeah dark I don't know man I I just hope it I hope they do it justice because they've been hitting home runs in with with X-Men the last couple of Days of Future Past yeah 

Edgar  12:23  
Cause, you're there to see your heroes. That's what you're there to see. 

Kianna Znika  12:23  
I love those movies that's why I get really surprised on a lot of times I'll see the major film critics and a lot of people on Twitter actually talk down on First Class and Days of Future Past and I remember them as being great movies I feel like you know if you grew up watching like the original X-Men movies and then you watch Days of Futures Past and First Class and they get excited.Yeah...  

You there to see what happened before all the time travel stuff. Who doesn't love time travel?

Michael Reza  12:55  
Yeah, and thenin June was still only

Won't be back. But obviously apparently there's a child's play movie coming back. But it also looks like there's a separatepiece of that still puzzle with a movie called Charles which has to do with Chucky. So that's interesting their gonna release two Chucky movies this year, I guess.

Edgar  13:20  
Wlthough kind of backtracking a little too on June 14th Men and Black International Yeah, that's gonna be really good. I mean, you have Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and they are they already phenomenal.

Kianna Znika  13:31  
Basically a Thor and Valkyrie spinoff? 

Michael Reza  13:33  
Yeah. Alternate universe. 

Kianna Znika  13:35  

Derrick Coleman  13:36  
And then we also have Shaft.

Michael Reza  13:39  
Yeah Shaft's coming back. Rip John Singleton we've already done an episode on that

Samuel Jackson reprises his role as shaft introducing his son as, as a partner, possibly in that story arch. 

Derrick Coleman  13:56  
Who's playing this son.

Michael Reza  13:58  
I believe it's I'm Sorry... Oh Jessie T Usher, never heard of him  but from the looks of that trailer also it just looks it looks I mean the first Shaft didn't really do quite much but but it's Samuel Jackson who doesn't like a little bit of Samuel Jackson in the summertime.

 And also Method Man

and Method Man who can who can act. 

Yeah but this is a I know you mentioned didn't know Jesse T Usher this is like his chance to kind of make it a little bigger because his last movie wasn't too great. It was Independence Day Resurgence movie. That wasn't the best first impression. So this might be a chance for redemption. 

And kind of following that in June as well as possible another tear jerker. I thought they were going to do this to us again, but Toy Story 4 comes out already, which has a ton of awesome characters in it, including Keanu Reeves, Key and Peele and our favorite favorite cast members. I am super excited about Toy Story. I actually met someone a couple days ago I've never seen any of the Toy Story movies.

They don't deserve that we deserve my attention.

Edgar  15:07  
Cut them off Mike

Derrick Coleman  15:11  
Well we also have Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, oh my goodnes those two man.

Kianna Znika  15:21  
Then you know this will be the ending of a film that did so much for animation to begin with. It was the first full length animation all computer animated. 

Edgar  15:31  
I think the only reason I'm not 100% excited for it is because I feel like it would have done beautifully as a trilogy. I feel like Toy Story 3 wrapped it up so beautifully. It really brought me full circle a story of Woody and Buzz he says so long partner and then they just hit us with a Toy Story 4 out of nowhere. 

Michael Reza  15:45  
I don't think they're gonna do this to us. I'm kind of nervous. I mean, they're obviously not going to miss it's going to be a bullseye but... just... that was a happy accident.

Now moving on to July more Disney Magic Lion King comes out July 19th. 

Edgar  16:07  
We skipped Spider Man Far From home

Michael Reza  16:09  
I thought that comes out later. 

Kianna Anika Edgar Martinez  16:10  
July 2nd...yeah 

Michael Reza  16:12  
Oh well we talked about it last episode Spider Man obviously gets the recognition it deserves

Kianna Znika  16:19  
Honorable mention.

Honorable, No it's not an honorable mention it's we talked about it last week but yes Spider Man is coming out... 

Edgar  16:25  
You just put a post up and next thing you know everyone will goes and watches it. That's Marvels business. 

Michael Reza  16:30  
I don't know i think i got excited because Don Glover's in Lion King and I love Donald Glover.

Kianna Znika  16:34  

Michael Reza  16:36  
Seth Rogen who I saw in the in Long Shot this past weekend great movie fantastic movie 

Edgar  16:42  
Perfectly timed comedy like actually like well thought out comedy. 

Michael Reza  16:45  
It was just hilarious like there's were so many parts. I was laughing out loud and not kind of hard for me. 

Edgar  16:50  
There's not really a dull moment. 

Michael Reza  16:51  
No, no, not at all. And it's it's, yeah, it's entertaining as hell. But yeah, Lion King, July 19th like I said, I also met that same person who had never seen Lion King before. So this person isn't even human I don't know. No a pretty, pretty sad to say. 

Kianna Znika  17:10  
And then Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Michael Reza  17:13  
My favorite director of all time, sorry Steven Spielberg. Tarantino is back, and he's given us two hours and 45 minutes of magic of stealing other people's director directing, 

Edgar  17:30  
Doing it so well. 

Michael Reza  17:31  
Yeah. And this story about Charles Manson. With using Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as their as their figureheads for this show.

Edgar  17:43  
Margot Robbie, Margot Robbie and DiCaprio have already been together in a film that were fantastic. 

Michael Reza  17:48  
And Cyclops is in it, just kidding. James James Marsden is in it. Timothy Olyphant it's a start Dakota Fanning who hasn't. I mean, who's been around but she's always

So good. This film for me is everything I probably seen every Tarantino movie 20 plus times. I've seen Pulp Fiction 50 over 50 times easy. So I just can't wait they'vecome too far in between and it's going to be interesting story he's going to tell talk about Charles Manson and the obscenities that happened there obviously. But um Yeah, that'll be July 26th which is sooner than I thought.. 

Edgar  18:31  
That'll take him to run the beginning of August pretty much we'll be back around August like mid August early August. Yeah, the 15th ish 

Michael Reza  18:41  
Unless you want to talk about Dora the Explorer 

Edgar  18:43  
Let's not... I think the only way we're gonna be missing is like Fast and Furious the spin off yes 

Michael Reza  18:50  
Yes Hobbs and Shaw

Derrick Coleman  18:51  
Which Mike hates...

Kianna Znika  18:52  
Scary Stories to Tell the Dark 

Michael Reza  18:55  
Oh, Scary Stories..  Good Boys also comes out. Which looks hilarious.

Edgar  19:00  
I think we should be back in the week after that so we should be a cover that was just nice. Yeah... 

Michael Reza  19:04  
So yeah. So hopefully when we come back we'll have a wide catalog of movies seen, movies reviewed. We probably won't talk about them all. Just probably our favorite we'll highlight those when we come back.

Anything else y'all want to touch on? 

Edgar  19:23  
The trailer for It chapter two? Have you seen it? 

Michael Reza  19:25  
Absolutely looks terrifying phenomenal. First one I've heard so many people say that it's scary.Kianna doesn't think It was scary.

Kianna Znika  19:31  
The first one was not that scary. this  trailer is going to be scary. And you know what? That's like a nice nod to the directors too. Because while they were children Yeah, they put things children would be scared and the wonder I thought it was funny. But now in this movie, old ladies, skin peeling...

Michael Reza  19:49  
You scared of old ladies?

Kianna Znika  19:50  
Heck yeah!

Edgar  19:51  
Well there we go.

Kianna Znika  19:52  
No, it terrified me.

Edgar  19:54  
The casting though for It: Chapter Two is so good. Don't actually imagine the losers going home. 

Kianna Znika  19:58  
The only one that didn't me that I thought was going to sell me I keep forgetting his name on he was in split. He's playing...

Michael Reza  20:05  
 James McAvoy... 

Kianna Znika  20:06  
Yes, I was so excited about him in the trailer. It didn't sell me every other actor sold me on the character they were playing.

Edgar  20:14  
He's gonna be amazing either way I mean he's I don't think he's ever had a dull performance Really? 

Kianna Znika  20:18  
Yeah, no, he's gonna be amazing. I just don't see him as Bill. 

Edgar  20:22  
It'd be amazing if he played himself as his character in split.

Kianna Znika  20:26  
Oh my gosh

Michael Edgar  20:27  

Michael Reza  20:30  
It would be all scared. But yeah, that yeah, that movie's going to be great. What is the release date for that? Do we know? is that September? 

Edgar  20:40  

Kianna Znika  20:40  
September 6th.

Michael Reza  20:42  
Awesome. Yeah, umm...

Edgar  20:45  
Expecting episode one that that's for sure. 

Michael Reza  20:47  
Bill Skarsgard coming back as It and he just done a phenomenal job?

Edgar  20:51  
Pennywise Yeah, it's Pennywise. 

Michael Reza  20:51  
I love it. What did I say It, yeah sorry. Um, but yeah, so I think I think we've kind of touched on everything we wanna talk about do we need any?

Derrick Coleman  21:01  
Real real quick so what's it guys favorite episode from this semester? 

Michael Reza  21:08  
I feel like the two episodes that we did for Endgame were very were fun. And I think we we had the best kind of flow on that one as a group. 

Edgar  21:18  
Yeah, I think my favorite episode is actually I want to introduce Kianna initially she was supposed to just pop in, but I think she's become amazing as a regular member of us. Yeah, we can't see our podcast without her really. So... 

Michael Reza  21:27  
We got a little diversity in the group. 

Edgar  21:29  
I'm so happy Thank you guys. 

Michael Reza  21:30  
It's bunch of dudes talking about movies. We want to hear everyone's perspective. 

Kianna Znika  21:33  
Yes, representing  women. My favorite episode was actually the episode where we were just saying our favorite movies and why and we're talking about movies we believe we're over hyped. 

We'll have to do those. A lot of those next time.

I love it. When we all come together and talk about our opinions. A lot of debate is it's so funny, but we all respect each other. 

Derrick Coleman  21:55  
Yeah, we can we can come back with that more next year.

Kianna Znika  21:58  
I think I think that's one of my favorite also but also when we talked about Netflix vs Spielberg. Also the end game and when I went to go see it that was kind of like yeah...

Edgar  22:12  
Something I can say thugh I'd like to thank the listeners I know we've had people who have started listening to us listening to a couple episodes you know and getting caught up and really appreciate that because we did just start this like that's a little fun idea. And we are going to grow this a lot coming up. So I know I think we're all gonna stick around this Yes. So expect this to come back. We'll be a little bit more organized. 

Yeah, more consistent. This will be a weekly podcast not a we recorded every week and..

We're looking at every friday most likely..

Michael Reza  22:42  
So what it is is it depends on when we can get this thing to where we can be consistent with it. We do apologize for having you guys having to catch up later but we're doing our best to make this the best product because we do love it and we we are passionate about it. And we're going to have hopefully some more reoccurring segments some more fluidity throughout the throughout the whole show, and just give you guys something that you guys can enjoy when you're at your cubicle when you're at your homework or whatever. 

Derrick Coleman  23:16  
And also, I ended up putting all our podcasts and our Twitter account. So... 

Michael Reza  23:22  
Oh, yes. So yeah, you guys don't do that. We're going to try and keep that updated throughout the summertime.

Edgar  23:27  
It is @widshotpodcast

Michael Reza  23:28  
@ wide shot podcast.com, not dot com

Edgar  23:30  
Not dot com that weird, that's weird. We're getting there. 

Michael Reza  23:33  
I'm dreaming big.

All right, everybody. Thank you for listening again. We will be back in August. This has been the wide shot podcast My name is Mike...

Kianna Znika  23:45  
I'm Edgar. Remember to keep looking at the whole wide shot. 

Michael Reza  23:47  
I'm Kiana. 

Derrick Coleman  23:48  
And I'm Derek.

Transcribed by Michael Reza

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