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Falcon Entertainment Podcast #1: Next-Gen Consoles and their confusions

Gaming Consoles have drastically changed over the years. Newer and far advanced consoles are the new future for intense gamers. Photo credit: Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Oscar: and Hello students and faculty members of Cerritos College. Welcome to Falcon entertainment, the Talon marks podcast of all things entertainment. I am Oscar Torres Nintendo enthusiasts being an A&E Editor for Talon Marks, and the host of Falcon Entertainment. I am joined here by two other guests. Why would we introduce yourselves?

Rafael: Hello everyone. I am one of the guests for this episode of falcon entertainment. My name is Rafael Magana, lover of all things nerd. I’m a staff writer for Talon marks, and it’s my pleasure to be here with you guys today.

Edgar: Hi there, folks. My name is Edgar Mendoza. I’m your resident superhero and pop culture expert who’s always down to talk hockey or any other sports-related news.

Our goal With this podcast today is to touch upon some of the subjects in art & entertainment that interests all of us. And not just movies and shows or games, but all things entertainment, like music, art, and theater. And later on, we’ll be bringing in some more guests that are more used to these kinds of stuff. But for this episode, we’ll be covering the launch of next-gen consoles, both the Xbox One series X and PlayStation 5 and the frustration and confusion surrounding it when it comes to owning your console. Personally speaking, I will not be getting either of those consoles due to the fact that I have no interest in buying one as of yet, or I don’t have the money to spend 500 bucks as I’m more comfortable with the consoles that I have right now. However, my guest Rafael has already pre-ordered a PS5.

Rafael: So yeah, when it comes to the launch of these next-generation consoles, I love being there on day one. The moment they released, I’m just one of those people that loves that game into the hype And say they have the new console, the version of the PS5 that I pre-ordered as a digital edition, which was a mission to get by the way, due to how popular these things are. But the main reason why I got it was my love of the soul series of games, I’m sure some of you guys know of like “Dark Souls”, “Bloodborne”, “Demon Soul”. All those like games that are really notorious for being hard. The remake of “Demon Souls” is actually a launch title for PS5. So that was like my first major decision and getting one. The second major one was this game called Final Fantasy 16. That’s going to be an exclusive for PS5 and PC, and it’s not going to be available on Xbox, so that’s a must-have as well. And the third and final reason, it wasn’t really something about the console itself, but it was more about the factors surrounding it. With this current COVID pandemic, I’m not sure if it’s going to be easy to get one in the future. I’m sure that there’s going to be another wave coming out for the holiday, you know, Black Friday, Christmas, all that stuff. But I’m sure if any of you guys got to switch on day one, you remember how hard it was to get one in the coming months? It was.

Edgar: Absolutely

Rafael: It was almost impossible. Yeah. So I kind of want to avoid it. I wanted to avoid that. And I was just like, You know what? I mean, hop on right now get the preorder and just have my console for the future. Those are my reasons for getting it.

Edgar: First, I’m going to go ahead and hop in Oscar. Yeah, I will say that the switch itself is still incredibly difficult to get. And I feel like looking at the projections for the ps5. It’s looking like it’ll be even more difficult, if not almost impossible to obtain. Sorry to cut you off there, Oscar.

Oscar: That’s right then. But even with that, I feel like because, didn’t they say that they had like 11 million consoles that they’re going to be shipping. Yeah, cuz if they only have that much, then it’s going to be really difficult to get one.

Edgar: Now I’m gonna go ahead and hop in and talk about why I’m getting a certain console. Personally, I am fully aware that the Xbox series x is actually more powerful than the PS5. In terms of hardware and everything, I’ve seen all the specs and everything. However, I will say looking at the exclusives, for example, you’re looking at Spider-Man Miles Morales. That in itself sells it to me. The games on the ps4. Just look to me to be more inviting. Now., I love Xbox a lot. However, looking at the new controllers, I don’t think I can get used to the Xbox series X. Because, personally, I’ve used the PlayStation my whole life, PS4 and I don’t play too many games on it. But I mostly play like hockey games, soccer games like that. And when you build that familiarity, it’s very difficult to switch to the other console. So I feel like going forward, I don’t know if you guys agree with it, I feel like going forward. These consoles are carried by people who have always been loyal to one side; there’s not gonna be much switching over from what I can see coming up these holidays.

Rafael: Absolutely, I agree.

Oscar: Yeah, I really agree. That’s actually one of the main reasons why I don’t prefer getting a PS5 or Xbox series X is because some of the games that they showed or revealed, they don’t nearly as excite me as much as Nintendo games. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love how Spider-Man ps4, “Miles Morales”, “God of War”, and “Ratchet and Clank” look like those games look freaking gorgeous on the ps4. And with the PS5, it looks really freaking good. But call me old fashioned, but I enjoyed some of their older titles like “Sly Cooper” and “Jak and Daxter” for PlayStation and “Banjo Kazooie”, “Conker’s Bad Fur-day” and “Halo” for Microsoft. Just because like, I’m not really a big fan of story-driven games. Like I don’t like the concept of watching the movie and then going over for a little bit of gameplay. That’s what most Sony games are, That just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m more interested in the platformer type stuff like Mario, or Zelda, like games that have small cutscenes. But 90% of the time, it’s mostly gameplay.

Edgar: I can see that those games are usually really good. Personally, I myself, I’m more of a sports game person. I played my main games that I play is the NHL series by EA. Yes, people I know they’re a scam. But what I like about those is that they really simulate what it’d be like to play the game. It is very similar to playing in real life. And what I’m excited about the PS5 is, I like the controller and its feedback system if you guys have seen that. But it’s a very, very nice haptic system where everything that you’re doing gets feedback to yourself. So say you’re carving on the ice, you’ll feel that carve. Or when you step, when you strike a slap shot, you’ll feel the recoil. And that’s what I’m really excited about, which is something that I feel Xbox needs to kind of catch up on.

Rafael: I agree. Absolutely. One thing that I do want to say about Sony, and it’s a problem that they really do need to address is their lack of like, what’s the correct term for it, their lack of, they’re not really consumer-friendly, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Edgar: Absolutely.

Oscar: I agree

Rafael: So yes, I’m sure you guys have heard about it’s the series x and how everything is backward’s compatible. Everything that’s ever been released on an Xbox platform, everything is

Edgar: That’s impressive.

That’s great. That’s the only I’ve ever been done before on home console.

Oscar: The fact that you can play like the old school Battlefront games. First one is still mind-blowing to me. And I still enjoy playing those games.

Edgar: Yeah, because if you look at the only other console to do that it was a handheld. And that’s something as small as a Nintendo DS. And so you do that on a bigger console and you’re kind of paving the way for what should be the standard going forward.

Rafael: But Sony needs to catch up on that frontman, because they’re only they’re only doing ps4 games. And the thing is that they’re not even doing all of them. They’re doing quote-unquote, 99% of them. But come on, man, if Microsoft though, you’re supporting games from when was the original Xbox released? Like 2000? Yeah.

Edgar: A long time ago.

Oscar:2000, early 2000s.

Rafael: Yeah, like, come on. There should not be any excuse for that, man. That’s pathetic. And there’s one other thing I wanted to touch upon. It seems like this generation more than any other, there’s been like so many questions and obstacles about like, okay, so if this PlayStation, especially with like these a, let’s say you buy Call of Duty cold war on one console, and you get on the ps4 and you want to get on the PS five and you get yourself a PS five. But the question is, do you have to pay an extra $10 because I know some companies are doing that, but not all of them are doing that. I know that 2K is doing that for NBA 2K. But other companies like CD Projekt RED for cyberpunk 2077 they’re just offering a free upgrade that the next-gen version comes out.

Oscar: On top of that some of their games Some even PlayStation confirmed or Sony confirmed that their games are going to be worth $70 now and to me, I feel like they’re, I can see why they’re doing it to amp up the price because these are powerful consoles and games seem are going to be running more good, but at the cost of a lot of money being spent on them so I can understand why they have to make it $70 it just for consumer wise is a bad idea considering that many don’t, uhh aren’t able to afford like some people are barely able to afford $60 games and now with the asking price of 70 That seems to be like a lot of money send on just a game,

Edgar: it is a bad business move on their part as well. When you look at the cost of these games, you have to realize the target audience. So a lot of the audiences that we’re targeting are around like the 16, select 20 range. And for all of us, you know, that’s reasonable, we can afford these games, but many of us can’t really afford to purchase more than one or two games a month at that. And the games are coming out, you’re looking at the new titles, they’re marketed towards these kids who can’t afford as much honestly going forward, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. I don’t see myself as an adult buying as many video games, because I have too much to worry about on the side. So this price already creates a barrier, and you add that to what our Rafael said, which I really appreciate talking about that backwards compatibility because Xbox is doing something that seems very simple to do. Because if Xbox can do it, and Microsoft is capable of this, Sony also has that technology, and they can do the same. It’s just a little bit of a lack of effort on Sony’s part. Because Sony likes to focus going forward, while Microsoft has a history of looking back at the legacy they’ve left and carrying that forward with them.

Oscar: Some of them, like Jim Ryan, like the current leader and Sony, have recently discussed that. They don’t really care about backward compatibility. They don’t care about the older generation saying that those games, why would anybody want to play those games? Well, they can just play the new one. So I feel like that’s a huge, huge missed opportunity. You’re gonna like so some of the best games on the PS2 and PS1, like “Metal Gear Solid”, “Devil May Cry” “Onimusha”, “Sly Cooper”, stuff like that. To have like, those games only be available on those consoles only. That’s really a big blow for Sony, I wish they would have changed like their landscape on them. But that’s their decision. And they’re gonna stick to them.

Rafael: As much as I agree with you guys about that because absolutely, Sony needs to be held accountable for this. We also got to hold Microsoft accountable for how terrible they named their consoles. Because it’s bad guys. It’s horrible.

Edgar: No consistency.

Rafael: How do you go from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, to the One X an updated model of the Xbox One. And now this series X acts like, I’m not sure if you guys heard but the day that the series x consoles went up for preorder sales for the One X like their current-gen console, the one that’s on the market right now. Yeah, jumped up by 747%. Because I guess that the consumer is that they’re buying it, but they weren’t. So it Yeah,

Edgar: it’s so easy to follow along with 1234 or five. At any point, I can just say “Ay yes the PlayStation 2”. It’s very linear, or like, oh, the PlayStation 5 is the newest one. With Xbox, I myself have no idea. Because to me, I hear Xbox One. And I’m like, Ah, yes. But then you hear 360. And I’m like, well, that number is higher. Is it better? But it’s way older. Yeah, So that’s why I feel like a small or Microsoft kind of needs to get it together. Like you said with that. Because where do we go after this? Wherever we go with the new like, Oh, yeah, we have the new Xbox series x and all that like, yes. But where do we go from that? Like what’s going to be the next console PlayStation is very easy, it’s going to be the PlayStation six.

Rafael: Yeah.

Oscar: Yeah.

Edgar: Yeah, exactly. They backed yourself into a corner. That’s exactly what it is. Thank you. I didn’t have the words for that.

Oscar: No, I kind of jumped around that they were going to name like their new console, super Xbox series x. And we would have just like pronounced it as the sex box.

Edgar: Okay, after Xbox 360 The next thing I guess 720 would have made sense. But like, Come on, guys. How did you go from Xbox 360? Like, yes, the Xbox One, like what is going on?

Oscar: Like- That would be so confusing. People like who you are like to buy the Xbox One? Oh, you mean the original Xbox? No, the new Xbox. That’s Yeah, first, and then you go from the Xbox series x to the Xbox series S because there are two different versions of x and in series x as a lot of confusion. But going back to Sony, we want to address the big issue with Sony and its policy on censorship, specifically from their Japanese publishers. As they haven’t been doing it. They haven’t been nice towards them, especially Capcom.

Edgar: Yeah, they’re not treating them well. Both consoles have things wrong with them in terms of the companies and what they’re going to bring forward. Like going on to that we also do have to consider the state of the world right now, the fact that we are in a global pandemic, and they’re still competing for-profit Oscar, I believe he had a few words to share about that.

Oscar: Yes, I did have a lot to say about that issue. Because you see, we’re, we’re still in an age where we’re so afraid to go outside, and then we have to wear a mask on there. So pandemic, people are getting sick and dying. A lot of people are losing their jobs or getting laid off of work or not nearly as being paid as much. So my thing is, why is most companies releasing their consoles at this time during a pandemic? where they have low Stock, like, their consumers or scalpers are just getting them a ton of them for a while for a long time with no issue. My question is, why don’t they just delay it? Because there’s no guarantee that consumers will be getting one there. And as time goes on, my question is, why bother just releasing the game games and consoles in general?

Edgar: that’s right. go ahead.

Rafael: Absolutely, man. I’m like, you’re saying, this is a terrible time for them to be releasing these things, but I’m sure they have got their analysts there, people that understand like the market and all that, and they just decided, you know, the potential profits are still going to be enticing. So we’re gonna do this. But it’s, it just feels kind of mean spirited, I guess, in my opinion, that they’re like, yeah, the world’s in its current state. But you know, everyone does play some Spider-Man. But on the other hand, it’s also a good distraction. So if I could see both sides, man, it’s, it’s definitely a questionable decision.

Edgar: I’m gonna go ahead and build on that. Because something I’m noticing is back on if you guys remember the launch of the PlayStation 4, and the launch of the Xbox One. When back then it was like, everyone was thinking forward. At that point, everyone kind of let go of the PlayStation 3. Second, the ps4 was announced. It was like this huge thing. Everybody was like, Oh, this is the next thing going forward. And while I do see the hype around the PS5, and that see the Xbox names already confusing me and Xbox series x? Well, I do see the hype for them. People aren’t necessarily thinking as forward-thinking like, Oh, well, I’m excited for this new generation. Because we just don’t have that ability to spare that. Like, when you look at families, what I’m noticing, as I myself work in retail when I go into For example when I go into a GameStop when I go into something, I’m not going and looking forward to what’s coming up for the PS5. I don’t know if you guys feel the same way. But when I walk in to buy a game, I immediately head towards the ps4 section. And I don’t think that’s going to get replaced anytime soon, and I’ve seen people go to the Xbox section, just pick up some games, because I don’t think there’s enough for me to make that leap already into the PS5, like looking at what I have. I’m excited about a few games like Spider-Man, for example, and “Horizon Forbidden West”. But my ps4 still works great. I still have plenty of games I enjoy. And to me, it has the same amount of impact as a new iPhone being released, which is something that I feel is really underwhelming for a console.

Rafael: Yeah, the thing is that you actually just hit the nail on the head. He said that the spider-man, right, and “Horizon forbidden West”, I recall when those were announced, they were announced as PS5 exclusives. But now they’re also coming out on ps4. I don’t know what that exactly, but it’s like Sony’-s Sony’s realizing that themselves as well and you’re like, Okay, so we know that this PS five is gonna sell like hotcakes, or at least we assume. And but they’re like, we still have that player base on ps4 and I’m sure Xbox thinks the same. That’s why they’re doing this whole backward compatibility thing. Because those player bases are huge. They’re in the I don’t even remember how many players a ps4 has. It has like millions. It’s crazy. But

Edgar: Yeah, because right now I can go and preorder Spider-Man Miles Morales for the ps4, and it’s 50 bucks at Target right now.

Rafael: Compared to the 60 then it’s gonna be on a ps4 for.

Edgar: 70

Oscar: It’s gonna be 70 bucks because it adds an extra $20 for Spider-Man remastered.

Rafael: Oh, that’s for the ultimate edition though. Isn’t it, isn’t the standard edition just 50 because they’re doing that whole Uncharted. Like it’s not the full game. It’s just kind of like a fraction of a game so they’re charging less.


Edgar: The thing is that I’m looking for I was looking forward to “Horizon forbidden West” and stuff like that. But now I feel zero need to buy a PS5, because like you guys said there wasn’t really too much released on launch. And now that the games I actually wanted on ps4, I’m like, why do I need a new console? Well, as a casual player, go, Oscar,

Oscar: No continue Edgar

Edgar: As a casual player, I genuinely don’t know if you guys feel the same. But I’m not going to notice the change in graphics as much. Because if I was working eight hours a day, I only have time to play maybe an hour, two hours in a week. So I’m not going to notice the big leap as much. And while I might get a PS5 later, when there’s a sale or something, I’m not going to be too dedicated to gaming nonstop. So I already feel which is the big team, I feel very complacent with my ps4. Like, I’m gonna use it until it dies kind of the mentality I have.

Oscar: That’s the same thing with my switch. My switch still works, I still want to play these games because they’re, they still function, they’re still fun to play, they still have that charm that I get whenever I play them.

Edgar: Exactly.

Oscar: But my understanding is for this for me, I feel like Sony is going to be overconfident again, and they’re going to screw up. Cuz he did it before with the PlayStation three, they got overconfident because the PS2, they didn’t try to sell something that they thought would be big and they priced it like in 600 $700. And people didn’t buy it first. And it was a failure of financial failure at first. And to my understanding, I feel and this is going to be the same with psi because they’re screwing over their consumers, they’re lying to them, they’re trying their pricing, they’re adding all these accessories that we wouldn’t need, but there is gonna make the console much more expensive. On top of that, the games that they promised that they promise will be available for ps4 and PS five that the outright lies and or horizon books is going to be a ps4 exclusive is also coming to the ps4.

Edgar: Yeah, and for example, the new console, I believe is around $400. For me, that’s a whole week of work, like 40 hours a week. And I can go ahead and purchase that, for example. But those $400 are better put towards rent or food or something that for families who actually have to worry about that. And while I do like that, and I do like that, like okay, it’s only 400 or so far for some people. It always goes back to me in my head for Xbox as well, that most of my friends are still on ps4. And to that extent, I’m not gonna get a PS5, I’m kind of going to leave them behind in the dust.

Oscar: Yeah. Well, actually speaking of next-generation with these consoles coming out next year, and with games releasing in the following months, do you feel like Nintendo is getting ready to make their own new version of the switch and more powerful version to compete with those consoles?

Edgar: I believe Nintendo already has.

Rafael: There are rumors of a switch pro but honestly, I think that the switch is going to be good for another two or three years. Nothing is not stopping anytime soon.

Edgar: Nintendo has spoken about that. They said the switch is about halfway through its lifespan

Rafael: In 2017 So I’d say it has another good three years left. Yeah,

Edgar: Yeah, absolutely.

Oscar: The fact of the matter is they already have been selling nearly 70 million consoles in just this year with Animal Crossing as a- as a holiday or gift that is going to be selling a lot more console I feel like it’s

Edgar: Absolutely.

Oscar: I feel like to my understanding, it’s gonna reach a ps4 and sales no doubt in the next two to three years. There’s no doubt about it with the way that they’re doing their marketing their games are going to overshadow the ps4. In terms of sales.

Edgar: Well, now the beauty of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s not trying to compete with the ps5, or the Xbox series x. The Nintendo Switch has a market of its own. Because for example, Nintendo with games like the “Mario” series is or the “Pokemon” games even something as simple as “Minecraft” or “Animal Crossing”. Nintendo has that market corner they know that they have no competition whatsoever in regards to that. If you notice, Microsoft and Sony tried to release the same consoles, Sony tried to branch out a bit with a PSP which completely failed. But when you look at Nintendo they kind of popped around consistently the DS the Wii you know, all the way starting with the days of like the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super NES like Nintendo was never really stick to their guns. So looking at the switch, this is something that I feel they found success in and they’re sticking with it. Because the switch doesn’t need fancy graphics chat features anything to that it’s just there to be just entertainment just pure entertainment even if it is a little bit of a less powerful console to a lot of people just the gimmick of being able to take it with you when you leave and also plug it into your TV is enough to sell it

Oscar: Yeah, and the fact is that with the games that we have right now will they’re able to because it still amazes me that they were able to fit something big like the “Witcher 3” in a single game card and you able to play it on the go on a plane trip on the restroom all in a small box on the small console it’s still mind-blowing to me and that’s what I feel like that’s is going to compete or it’s going to do well against a ps4 uhh PS five and Xbox series x in the fact that their games still hold up to this day like everyone knows “Mario” everyone knows “Zelda” everyone knows “Pokemon” those games are what people to buy got people to buy a switch.

Rafael: yeah adding on to that man like just like you said that first-party games those -those are tidings I think “Pokemon” No, it’s sorry, “Pokemon” is now the second No, it’s “Minecraft” it’s “Minecraft” for the like most copies sold and then it’s Super Mario and then they think it’s “Pokemon” two of the top three like best-selling franchises are Nintendo franchise and they have those on lock on their system only. If you want to play Nintendo games, you get a Nintendo console.

Edgar: Exactly.

Rafael: Yeah, so they got that on lock. And then they got big games coming up to, man. They’ve got that new Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel that personally that’s I’m super excited for that’s the reason why I got the switch in the first place.

Oscar: Yeah, Age of Calamity, Pikmin 3.

Rafael: Yeah, here’s a calamity they announced that like two months ago. Like, hey, by the way, we have a Zelda prequel coming out. We have a free full sequel. I was super hyped. I was like, Oh my god, I was amazed but.

Edgar: and yeah, I’m looking at the what they call it. The Master Sword and the link shield Hyrulean shield that I have right now. Like, on my wall. And unlike Well, yeah, these franchises are so beloved. And when you think about it, like that market exists solely from Nintendo, Nintendo was dominated that, as I look at I want to get “Pokemon” Merch stuff like that. You know, Nintendo licenses it, there’s not a chance and I feel like if this was confidence that “Pokemon”, “Mario”, “Zelda” therefrom Nintendo for like, eternity, they are not switching over at any point whatsoever. So Nintendo is cruising, they don’t need to worry about that competition.

Rafael: To be in that position, man, you even gotta worry about your company.

Edgar: Exactly. Because, for example, “Pokemon” let’s think that it’s the gold standard for games like that. Like you’re looking at kids and adults alike buy like in my store. I work at Box lunch. We have grown men coming in to buy a Pikachu t-shirt. With the sheer worldwide domination that game has, you could release like for example, I think they release a new DLC for sword and shield.

Oscar: Yes, in October like later in October,

Edgar: The world’s already going nuts for that. Yeah, it’s like another hour of content. And people are going nuts for it because that’s the sheer impact it has. So Nintendo doesn’t need to worry about competing with the ps5 for the series x. They can literally do nothing and people will still support them.

Rafael: Man even just today. I don’t know if you guys saw the Minecraft guy Steve in Smash. Yeah. When he got announced they broke Twitter for like, yeah, it was crazy.

Edgar: That was a character in Smash Brothers and that’s a Nintendo exclusive.

Rafael: Again, yeah, man, it’s Nintendo’s on Nintendo didn’t have to worry about anything, man. They whatever they released people are gonna eat up besides the Wii U we don’t talk about the WiiU. Yeah,


Edgar: No. That’s, that’s their neglected child.

Rafael: Yeah, that’s the black sheep. Yeah.

Oscar: Yeah. And the fact that both Microsoft and Nintendo are closely working together feels like the future in Microsoft is going to be supporting Nintendo for many years to come. We already got like “Cuphead” we got the- we got both Ori games and we got like Minecraft and mine and “Minecraft Dungeons” and the fun we got to Microsoft characters and stuff. May three to believe more like more of Microsoft support is going to be coming to the switch. None not just like in current-gen I feel like next-gen games are going to net Microsoft is going to be supporting the switch.

Edgar: Now I see what I like about Nintendo is their sense of family. And also their sense of like, Oh, we can play this at any age. When I feel Sony is gonna shine is you look at games like Spider-Man, which if you guys have played Spider-Man ps4 was a masterpiece. The remaster is terrible. Peter Parker looks terrible nowadays. It’s terrible. Like, but you look at horizon forbidden West, which is amazing, it looks amazing. You look at God of War games like that are Uncharted. And there’s that real sense of like thrills and Run, an adventure that you want to do. And that’s something that personally, I feel Nintendo is kind of relying on Zelda. And that is it. Like, and even then I don’t know, Zelda does still have its childish charm. So Sony is kind of leading the market on that. Because you look at Microsoft. They’ve kind of dropped the ball a few times. Like we all saw Halo 5: guardians. That wasn’t the best. Yeah.

Rafael: Yeah.

Edgar: We don’t speak about Halo five.

Rafael: And even a god. What’s the name of the one the Halo? Halo infinite. That doesn’t look it when they first showed.it off? It did not look great either. I’ll be like

Edgar: why can they throw grenades? Why can you throw that makes no sense to me?

Rafael: Microsoft has to get it together. Halo is supposed to be like their big first-party series. But if they’re dropping the ball on that, like, what are they gonna do?

Edgar: Yeah, exactly.

Oscar: Yeah, well, I feel nine. Even with without a big launch from a first-party launch title like Halo. When you get the Xbox series x, you’re still going to have a wide variety of thousands and thousands of games. And it’s going to keep you playing until the halo Master Chief Collection is available for game pass. And the fact that you can play all Halo games with all like the new graphics of the Xbox series x. And the fact that you can switch games, like from the backs up. But let’s say I’m playing Minecraft and then I switch to another game and in just a quick second. The quick second you’re already playing in.

Rafael: Yeah, that’s insane. We’re really living in the future.

Edgar: Absolutely. I will say Sony has also dropped the ball on a few games. Avengers was not the best game. I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t get Yeah, you should have left that one to Insomniac to like Insomniac knows what they’re doing. But I was so hyped. I was honestly seriously considering a PS5 to bring it back to the main discussion point until they said horizon forbidden West and Miles Morales are on the ps4. And at that point, I lost all appeal. Well, well, I don’t need it anymore.

Rafael: Because what’s the point? Yeah, you can already know, you can play it without spending an extra What? 450 $500 .

Edgar: Exactly Why? So I guess if we’re gonna kind of since we are running a little bit long. For those of you listening, I guess we’re going to turn it over to you. Our question for this week we’re going to try to have one every week is what console Will you be getting? And why? It could be a reason against another console. Please don’t start a console war. If you do PlayStation, please win. But what console Will you be getting? Are you not going to get a console? We’re putting up a Twitter it’s going to be at Falcon entertainment. So feel free to tweet us there. Oscar?

Oscar: Or a fail, any closing thoughts?

Rafael: Don’t ever lie. That’s my closing. But

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Edgar: Yeah.

Oscar: Get a Switch for Christmas kids.

Edgar: ask your parents.

Oscar: But with that wraps us today’s episode, oh Falcon entertainment. In the future, we’ll be covering a wide variety of topics such as music, film, arts and theater, as well as games as well. So please join us and we may and we will have like other guests in the future. Not just the three of us.

Edgar: As a surprise to both of my colleagues here and to all listeners at home. I’m launching a twitch channel for Falcon entertainment. So when new games come out, we will be reviewing them. You can expect a playthrough of spider man Miles Morales as well as “Horizon forbidden West”. So we’ll try to play together that’ll be in the coming months.

Oscar: And Aren’t we going to be doing one for Zelda as well?

Edgar: Oh, I’d love that.

Rafael: Man. I want to get in there to

Oscar: I’ll join you for that and we can start on the twitch and now we’ll be able to play it with you as my co-host.

Edgar: So expect the three of us to bring Any content on Twitch on Twitter, we’ll try to tweet out any news that we did. We’ll try to be active. And then we’ll see what we can branch out to. But definitely tweet us again at Falcon entertainment. And go ahead and let us know what console you’ll be getting and why.

Oscar: And just to clear up all this has been my vision of doing for the past, like two semesters, I’ve been wanting to start a podcast like this for a very long time. And it’s a really, really amazing thing to be finally doing this again. And I really appreciate both Edgar and Rafael, for joining me on this amazing journey.

Rafael: Thank you for having me time. Yeah. Thank you for having me. Thank you guys for listening. I like he says, I’ll be back here soon. Goodbye, everyone. It’s been it’s been awesome.

Edgar: Even if we have just one listener this time, share it with somebody else. And you know, we’ll keep putting out content for you guys. We’ll try to get better mics. We’ll try to go along the way. And we’ll improve for you guys. Thanks for listening. All right.

Oscar: And so for one last time, as always have yourselves a good day or night and take care of yourself. And thank you all for joining us. Talon Marks staff out.

Transcribed by: Oscar Torres

Edited by: Rebeca Aguila

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Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Oscar Torres is one of the Co-Arts & Entertainment editors here in Cerritos college. He’s been wanting to study journalism since high school and since then he’s been working hard to continue his goal. He enjoys all things entertainment from manga, film, shows/cartoons, music and video games. Oscar hopes to transfer to CSULA to continue his career in journalism in hope of one day working in a news group that he is passionate about or starting his own brand for all things entertainment.
Rafael Magana
Rafael Magana, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Rafael Magana is one of the co-editors for the Arts and Entertainment section for Talon Marks this semester. He plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, Cal State LA, or UC Santa Barbara in the Fall of 2021. He’s an avid lover of all things arts and entertainment, yet holds a special place in his heart for video games and music.
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Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
Rebecca Aguila is the currently Multi-media editor and is a 22-year-old student who is majoring Journalism who is set to graduate Spring 2021. Her dream is to create a multi-media production company that is internationally available for an array of content creators. She is a lover of all types of food and will eventually be the creator and producer of food documentary series that highlights the authentic dishes throughout the world.
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