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‘Falcon Entertainment’ season 2 episode 1: What to look forward to in 2021

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Oscar Torres: Hello students and faculty members of Cerritos College. Welcome to the first Falcon Entertainment podcast of 2021. I’m your host Oscar Torres, co-editor of arts and entertainment here at Talon Marks, and I’m joined once again with my co-host, Rafael Magana.

Rafael Magana: Hey guys what’s going on? I am the co-editor for Arts and Entertainment this year at Talon Marks. I’m Rafael Magana, and I’m happy to join you guys for another episode of Falcon Entertainment. It should be fun.

Oscar: But it isn’t just me and him this time. We have two newcomers joining us today. How about you introduce yourselves to the viewers?

Josselyn Garay: Hello, I’m Josselyn Garay, and I am a staff member at Talon Marks. I’m excited to be here.

Janet Chavarria: And hi, I’m Janet, also a staff writer here at Cerritos College. I’m looking forward to this new adventure with you guys.

Oscar: It’s great to have you guys on here. We really appreciate it and quite a special topic for today. Since this is the start of 2021, the new year, I thought it would be great to talk about the what’s happening for entertainment wise, pretty much like there’s a lot of things happening this year, like movies and shows. Entertainment wise from film, we thought we pretty much better and for us to talk about what we’re most looking forward to to the most in the year. So why don’t we start with Josselyn? What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Josseyln: For me, whenever the year starts, I’m always the most excited for the Grammys. Just because I love music. And I think it’s a great way to showcase every artist and everything that they did for the past year. I am a little upset because it did get pushed back a few months this year, obviously because of ongoing global issues and like you know, but yeah, I’m the most excited for the Grammys. I’m most excited to see all the artists perform and maybe even see my favorite artists win again this year and sweep the Grammys again.

Rafael: So who’s your favorite artist?

Josselyn: Billie.

Rafael: Oh my god, dude, I love Billie Eilish.

Josselyn: Yeah, I think she’s like, incredible. And I think she deserves like, everything that she’s getting. So I’m excited to see, if you know, she takes again, the Grammys because you know, last year she swept it.

Rafael: She’s nominated Record of the Year, right?

Josselyn: Yeah, she’s nominated I think for I want to say for four or five [Grammys] again if I’m not mistaken.

Rafael: Yeah. She’s super talented. I love her. She’s the best.

Josselyn: Yeah, everyone has there you know looks on her. I just think it’s crazy. Like, she’s so young and so creative.

Rafael: Her and her brother are insane. That’s amazing. Well, what about you, Janet, what are you looking forward to next year?

Janet: This year? Well, this year, I know we keep forgetting next year, but it’s already tomorrow’s February. So that’s crazy. I can say so I do love music like I am looking forward to the Grammys as well. But I’m looking forward to honestly personally new J Cole albums. He gave us teasers that he was gonna drop two albums this year, and two weeks ago before he announced like this, just like this picture, which I thought it was gonna be a release of an album, but it was just him releasing a new collaboration with shoes, with Puma. So I was like, man, here’s another teaser, but he did say that sometime this year, he’s going to release two albums. I’m a big Cole fan, seen him live a couple of times. So I’m really looking forward to that. And I think other than that movies, I’m looking forward to the new Venom 2 movie. I read the comic book when I was younger. I was really into comic books. I know Venom is going to have the new movie this year. So I’m really looking forward to that and how they’re going to move bit from the comics to here. They’re going to keep the comic book scripts or just kind of change it up a bit. So looking forward to that.

Rafael: Pretty dope. Did you see Cole last time? He was uh, when he was touring for KOD?

Janet: Oh, yes, I did. Oh, my God. Can I tell you guys a funny story about that?

Rafael: Please do.

Janet: I actually, so super last minute tickets because of work, I used to work in the medical field so you know, hours are really long. But I was like, No, I’m not gonna make it so I just didn’t bother buying tickets, which I was super upset. But you know, like, last minute, my best friend was like, you’re a Cole fan and you’re not gonna go and I’m like, work, fuck it, all right, I’ll come out. I’m sorry, I cursed guys. I called out of work. I went to this concert but super like cheapy tickets like 100-and-something like nosebleed seats, and I went with two of my best friends. And I went to go ask this this person for help, which was a janitor, you know, I was like “Hey man do you know where I can get this?” this sweatshirt I really wanted to get from the tour. And he’s like, Oh, you know, super, super nice man. He’s like, “You want my help?” And I was like, “yeah sir, do you know where I can find this sweatshirt?” And he’s like, “you know what, go here to this little kiosk you’ll find exactly what you want there. I came back. I was super excited. I got the sweater I wanted. And I just wanted to thank him. And I was like, “hey, sir, I just want to thank you for pointing me to the right direction. Someone prior to didn’t do that. So just want to say thank you I got my sweatshirt,” super excited and hype. And he’s like, “You’re really big fan, aren’t you?” I’m like, “Oh, you have no idea, sir.” He’s like, “who’d you come with?” And I was like, “two of my best friends.” And he’s like, “would you like to see him up close?” I was like, “what do you mean?” He was like “J Cole.” And I was like, “oh, man, of course I would but you know, I I got these nosebleed seats.” He’s like, “Meet me over here by the elevator in 10 minutes. Who are your friends?” And I pointed out to them like them. “Alright, bring to bring both of your friends meet me by the elevator. I’ll see you there in five minutes.” And I was like, “What? Okay.” It could’ve been he could’ve been kidnapping me, but no. I was like, “Guys, this is what’s happening. So let’s just go” and he’s like, “Here, I got your three tickets to see J Cole front row for you and your friends because you were so nice to me

Rafael: No way.

Janet: And I was like, “no, really sorry, I cannot do that.” He’s like, “I get tickets here all the time. But I look for people who are generally nice. And you generally like spoke to me. You didn’t look at me a certain way because I was cleaning or anything, you know?” And I was like, “No, I mean, that’s nothing. I just I just really wanted to thank you for pointing me towards the right direction.” And he’s like, “No, you seem like a really humble person. And I want to do this for you. So can you accept my tickets?” And I was like, “okay, yes.” So, yeah, it’s so crazy. We’re and he didn’t just give him to me and my friends he had given them to two other girls and then to this couple. So I think he had like 10 tickets he could give out. And he was just kind of waiting to choose who he was going to give them to. And oh my god. When we were going, we go super downstairs because we got floor seats. I cannot lie to you. I was like four rows away from J Cole. And oh my god, me being such a Cole fan. I am not gonna lie to you. I cried at one of his sets, because “Forest Hills Drive,” he sang one of them songs. And it took me to a really, really good place. And you know, I’m a big fan. So when we met there, we’re meeting with all these other strangers, the other people he gave tickets to? And we’re like, “Did this guy give you tickets?” “Yeah. Was he like a janitor?” “Yeah me too” “You too?” “It’s so strange, bro.” What he’s like, yeah, so we’re just all like, “Hi, my name is Janet. Hi, my name is this and that.” And we’re so in awe and unbelievable that it was like eight of us that were like lucky enough to be chosen by this man who gave us these tickets. And we’re just we just had the best time like I made new friends that day. Of course, like other Cole fans and my friends were super like, excited. So that happened at the KOD concert to me and it’s a super unforgettable experience. And I just wanted to share that so sorry if I took a lot of time.

Rafael: No, no, no, were you at the Honda center?

Janet: No, Staples Center.

Rafael: Oh damn, the one that I went to was in Anaheim. Yeah. Oh, that’s so cool though. And I’m jealous. My only flex is that I saw that Pepe Aguilar like in these box seats at Staples Center. That’s my one flex in the world. That’s all I can say.

Janet: You mean J Cole or just like a random other concert?

Rafael: No it was Pepe Aguilar. Um, it was like, uh, [unknown] and all that.

Janet: Oh ok. That’s exciting but hey, man, you’ll never know we’re still young. Hopefully when concerts come back, post COVID or when they can happen like this to us.

Rafael: God, I hope so. But all right, Oscar, you take it next man. What are you looking forward to?

Oscar: Oh boy what am I looking forward? There’s a lot of stuff that I’m looking forward to this year. Not only from movies to like games as well, but starting with movies. I think the one I’m most excited for is well not technically movies but shows and it’s current Marvel shows Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. So far with WandaVision I’ve been enjoying it really well and I’m really excited to see what the next two Marvel shows will be. I really liked Loki. And I’m glad that they’re continuing his story. And I like that they’re continuing the Falcon and Winter Soldier. I really like those characters in the Captain America movies. I’m really excited that they got their own show and to experience more what’s happening with the MCU and hopefully we get like new characters and mutants. But for games I think most excited for is there’s a lot of Nintendo games as you all know, I’m really a big Nintendo fan. I love playing their games, and I’m looking forward to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury that’s I got hooked on that game once the trailer for the expansion came out so I’m really looking forward to that. And also this year is Zelda’s 35th anniversary so I don’t know what they’re going to be planning for that hopefully the same thing as Mario 35th anniversary with like a comply compilation of all of the games. Hopefully some of them remastered or some of them taking the to the through from the 3DS version to the Switch but um…

Rafael: Hey man, maybe they release Breath of the Wild 2 you don’t know.

Oscar: Yeah maybe that I’m still waiting for that. I still have a pre-order on that. I just don’t know when it’s gonna come.

Rafael: Mm hmm.

Oscar: But so far yeah, I’m not really a big modern music guy, I’m more into the older music. But so far, I think I’m enjoying like some of the music here the Weeknd, Bruno Mars, all that stuff. So I am looking forward to what these artists have planned for this year. Hopefully I enjoy it. I’m mostly into like 80s and 90s music. But so far, what I’ve been hearing from recently, it’s good. And I want to that’s pretty much everything that I’m looking forward to in 2021. Oh, yeah. And also the god Warner Brothers movies, Suicide Squad and Godzilla versus King Kong.

Rafael: Yeah that movie does look fun, Godzilla vs. Kong. [Laughs]

Oscar: I watched the previous films, I really enjoyed them. So I hope this one’s gonna be good. Hopefully, Suicide Squad will be good.

Rafael: Um, so, as for me what I’m looking forward to is a couple things. Number one, first and foremost, I hope that Kendrick stops playing and he drops an album this year, because I’ve been waiting since 2017.

Josselyn: Absolutely.

Janet: I agree, times 10.

Rafael: It’s been way too long man. I was, I was, that was so long ago and feel it’s been such a long time. So much has happened in the world. But yeah, he needs to drop an album ASAP. Please, well, he dropped the Black Panther album, that was good too. But it’s still like his own thing, you know. So he needs to drop a new album. That’s what I’m hoping for, crossing my fingers. Um, I’m really excited for, uh, for video games this year, as well. There’s a uh… I’m like a big nerd when it comes to these games called Final Fantasy. And I absolutely love them. Like they’re like, I could sit down and play all of them like all day. And the whole reason why I got a PS5 last year was because they’re gonna make a new one for it. And I don’t think it’s gonna come out this year, but I’m hoping they talk more about it. So that’s a really big one for me. And honestly, it’s, it’s been kind of a, you know, 2020 was a rough year. So I know we kind of touched on it earlier, but I’m really hoping that concerts make a comeback this year. Because, God I feel like the world needs it. We need something to like, relieve ourselves of the stress this whole year that we just went through

Janet: I hope so too, but they just announced Coachella has been cancelled. So I don’t know how that’s gonna look.

Rafael: I didn’t even see that! Jesus.

Janet: Yeah they just announced it this weekend. So hopefully it’s just Coachella not to be messed up on the other events, but I don’t know this whole COVID situation. It looks like this whole other year. It’s gonna be the same thing.

Rafael: Hm, I guess we’ll see where this year takes us. You know, that’s a whole other discussion, but I feel like there’s stuff to look forward to this year. There’s gonna be a lot of stuff to, uh, to take in. So I guess we’ll see where we take it. Also, god, what was the name of that movie? Um, Oscar, yeah, what was the name of that other MCU show that they announced at the Disney+ event?

Oscar: I know it’s not She-Hulk. I think it was a… damn, I forgot.

Rafael: There’s a bunch of stuff on Disney+ like all that Star Wars stuff. That Obi Wan Series is dope. But there’s this one Marvel series…

Oscar: I think it was, uh, it was not Secret Invasion. That one’s coming out soon. Yeah… No, Black Widow is a movie. Black Widow is a movie.

Rafael: Yeah, they need to drop the… Have they came out with the Black Widow movie, Oscar?

Oscar: It came out in other regions of the world but not here.

Rafael: I guess we have that to look forward too. Yeah, but not to drag on Um, but yeah, Kendrick album. Number one, Final Fantasy number two and I just hope the year lets us experience concerts again. That’s what I’m looking forward to this year.

Oscar: Funnily enough. I never been to a concert before.

Rafael: Oh man, you’re missing out. You got to do that one day.

Josselyn: You need to experience it one day. You will…

Oscar: I’ve been to conventions but not concerts. I want to go to one soon, hopefully, would they, any recent artists still alive today from the 80s or 90s? I want to like let a watch like Elton John. Maybe.

Rafael: That’d be dope.

Janet: Ok, I think he would put on a great show, honestly.

Oscar: He will! Is that everything that we’re looking forward to this year?

Rafael: Yeah, covered all my bases.

Janet: So, so far, I mean, you kind of go with the punches, because now celebrities or musicians just be dropping things, you know, without even announcing it like 2020 for me with Bad Bunny was amazing, because he just dropped things randomly. And he made 2020 the best thing you know, so looking forward to random drop, release albums, things like that.

Rafael: It’s so funny. You mentioned Bad Bunny, because, uh, I’m a wrestling fan. Right? And like when I when I saw that he had that song with that one dude, Booker T, you know, the wrestler.

Janet: Yeah, yeah.

Rafael: I was like, I was like, geeking out like, Oh, god, that’s so dope. And he’s, like, performing it one of the pay per views today. I’m like, dude, like, I love the fact that-

Janet: He’s supposed to perform it live somewhere I just can’t remember.

Rafael: Yeah, he’s supposed to perform it at the pay per view. Today like it like in a couple hours.

Janet: Ah, ok, so you’re definitely watching that.

Rafael: Oh, absolutely. Like me and my me and my friends are already gonna watch it because we lowkey geek out on that stuff. But like, now we have live performance too. And it’s cool that the culture has accepted him in that as well. So, we love it.

Josselyn: I think that’s so cool.

Rafael: It’s super dope. Yeah.

Josselyn: Yeah, I think it’s so cool, though. Like, everything is kind of meshing together in a way. Like, there’s no one genre anymore. Like, it’s like breaking boundaries. And I think that’s like, I don’t know, I find that so cool. Everything’s just different now. Rather than just hearing the same repetitive, like, stuff all over the radio.

Rafael: No, I agree. Well, I think that basically covered everything, Oscar.

Oscar: Yeah, I think so too. And seems like we’re out of time. Again. Thank you Jossy and Janet, for joining us this time for the first 2021 episode of Falcon Entertainment, it really means a lot.

Janet: Thank you for having us. Looking forward to chatting with you guys a little bit more.

Josselyn: Same, this was super fun and hearing what everyone’s excited for for 2021. And, you know, we could only stay hopeful that this is better than 2020.

Oscar: I hope so too, but thank you guys for coming. I hope you guys would join us again for for more episodes. I really enjoyed your guys’ thoughts. I would like to hear more of them in the future.

Janet: Absolutely. Looking forward to it.

Oscar: I guess that’s about it. Again, thank you all for listening to us rambling about 2021. And what’s coming really means a lot. Again, if you like you can check out our Spotify we pull. We post like previous podcasts from either from Falcon Entertainment or from other people in Talon Marks. So, make sure to give it a look really means a lot. As always, I hope you all have a great day and take care of yourself. See you later, Cerritos Falcons.

Rafael: Bye guys.

Podcast edited by Oscar Torres

Transcribed by Rafael Magana

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Oscar Torres, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Oscar Torres is one of the Co-Arts & Entertainment editors here in Cerritos college. He’s been wanting to study journalism since high school and since then he’s been working hard to continue his goal. He enjoys all things entertainment from manga, film, shows/cartoons, music and video games. Oscar hopes to transfer to CSULA to continue his career in journalism in hope of one day working in a news group that he is passionate about or starting his own brand for all things entertainment.
Rafael Magana, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Rafael Magana is one of the co-editors for the Arts and Entertainment section for Talon Marks this semester. He plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, Cal State LA, or UC Santa Barbara in the Fall of 2021. He’s an avid lover of all things arts and entertainment, yet holds a special place in his heart for video games and music.
Josselyn Garay, Staff Writer
Josselyn Garay is a staff writer for Talon Marks is working on her AA in Journalism and is planning to transfer to Cal State Long Beach by 2021. Josselyn is from Compton and likes to be informed about the music industry and writing about it. She hopes to achieve her long life dream of being a radio interviewer like Zane Lowe.
Janet Chavarria, Staff Writer
Janet Chavarria, is currently in her last semester at Cerritos, before transferring to Cal State Fullerton to continue to work on her journalism major if all goes well. In her free time, she loves to go on hikes, ride motorcycles with her friends, try new foods and spend time cooking and baking with her grandmother. She is also an avid sports fanatic for all of LA teams and hopes to be a sports anchor or announcer one day.
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