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Fiercely fabulous at 50 and dating 2

“#FlickrFriday #FlickeringLights – It’s Real Love…” by Matt_Briston
Dating podcast gives insight to one person’s experience with online dating in LA.


JACQUE: Hi everybody this is Jacqueline Cochran, and welcome to episode two of fiercely fabulous at 50 and dating the continuation. This episode is going to be about truth in advertising. But before I get into that I have, I’m here with someone special. He heard actually he heard the last broadcast made a comment, and umm and when I realized that we were friends. I know he has his own online dating experiences, and I thought it would be a good idea for you to come here and share some of yours with, with my, with my friends.

RON: Yeah, well tell the story now, I, I wrote in, I heard the podcast, and then I wrote in and one of the people where you work at saw it.

JACQUE: Exactly

RON: How did that go?

JACQUE: Alicia, who is our technician, she sent me an email and she said, oh my goodness someone in the industry has heard your podcast, and she was excited and so then of course I got excited and I went online and I was like oh let me see who this person is I’m thinking maybe it’s Lester Holt, you know. And I see, I look, I read and this guy says something about his teeth. And then I said, oh, Ron Roberson. Oh my goodness, Ron Roberson has been my friend for since, I don’t know uh the 90’s.

RON: Umm mmm knew each other. Early 90’s Middle, Middle 90’s, yea, yeap, yeap.

JACQUE: Absolutely, Absolutely

RON: So yeah I really I really enjoyed the program and well you gave me the link so I listened and I said and I was just gonna give a brief comment but it was actually pretty good and it made me laugh and it also made me remember some of my experiences. You know when I was doing the online dating thing which is really trippy and really kind of weird, if if you know what I mean.


JACQUE: I do actually I do know what you mean, unfortunately. But umm I just want to tell everybody Ron Robinson has been on CNN Headline News. He has his own production company called Miracle media, tell us a little bit about that.

RON: Miracle Media. well, of course, CNN Headline News Local Edition, I was an anchor, but I didn’t just learn that I learned everything so I was a producer, director, so when I retired, I started my own production company. And so right now we do media work for Disney. The Honda Center City City of Anaheim, umm, that type of stuff and work with Smokey Robinson and his projects for his youth foundation, and that type of thing, so a lot of different odds and ends. Just to stay busy and out of everybody’s way.

JACQUE: It is so amazing to me that you are umm that advanced, and we’ve known each other all this time and here I am now trying to follow in your footsteps. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

RON: Oh my God. Oh my God, Oh, well you are in trouble. You are in trouble in trouble.


JACQUE: That’s so funny. [GIGGLES] well anyway, let’s get into this conversation about uhh truth in advertising.

RON: Yeah. Yes, yes yes, Oh Boy. right.

JACQUE: So let me tell you about this date, I went on. Talk to a young, young gentleman I call him young because you know at 50 anything over 50 we’re not old yet. Right, so I’m talking to him we uh, we umm, make a~

RON: Now what site are you on?

JACQUE: I’m on match,

RON: Match

JACQUE: And we make a plan to meet right we had a brief conversation about likes and dislikes, he seemed good normal, right. Um, we make a plan to meet at a restaurant, I’m like okay, so I get there, I’m ready. Umm I get there early because I wanted to be there first. Get there early, he shows up. He walks in. And the thing is, he’s moving really slow, but I-I don’t think anything about that, right, I just~

RON: Slow as in?

JACQUE: Like Slow. Like, Like really slow


RON: Okay, was it a slow cool walk or something?

JACQUE: No not no just slow.

RON: Was he walking in pain?

JACQUE: Like literally, I, we, the waiter took me to the table and it was about 10 minutes before he got there.


RON: That slow.

JACQUE: That slow like slow like that.


JACQUE: When we got to our table. I sat down, we started having, you know conversation like normal, and that’s when he tells me that he had a stroke at 42.

RON: Oh, Oh no

JACQUE: Now he’s 52, years old, so that was 10 10 years ago. Umm and I’m thinking, I mean that most people don’t have strokes at 42, do people have strokes at 42?

RON: Well yea its known but it’s not common, you know, but yeah, sure.

JACQUE: So, he, he says, but the thing that was funny about it, which I’m not making fun of the fact that he had a stroke. the thing that was funny about it was that he was bragging on the fact that he had all his teeth, and he literally said to me, because he heard my story about the last guy that I went out with who didn’t have any teeth,

RON: Right.

JACQUE: That are you. Isn’t this wonderful, I have all my teeth.

RON: Yeah.

JACQUE: The problem is, he couldn’t, can’t keep up with me. I like to go dancing, I want to, you know, travel, I mean he just can’t. It took him 10 minutes to get to the table, how am I going to dance with this guy. I mean, What do you think about that?

RON: Yeah, but see, again, and and and your subject matter is truth and advertising so if you’re on those sites and advertising that you like, you know, long walks on Oh, loooong walks on the beach.


JACQUE: Okay, that’s what he meant.

RON: Or you know you like sports and all that kind of stuff you have to let people know. You know what I mean. And so many people get on there and they build themselves up only to let you down when you see them, you know what I mean.

JACQUE: Exactly, exactly. So what has happened to you?

RON: Well, gosh man. I’ve got a bunch of them but the one that comes to mind and the one that is most prevalent is the lady that umm ummm we set it up. I was on I think it’s called Our Time, This is for seniors, senior dating you know.


RON: And yeah it was my time. All right. And I had gone through a bunch of crazy folks I mean just really weirdos. So finally decided to go out with this lady and I met her at the marketplace in Long Beach, and so I said I’m gonna do it up right so I got all dressed up, you know, and got all fixed up and I was, I always get there early. I’m like you I get there early, so I can survey the areas and so I’m there and I’m looking at my watch and you know and I’m going like wow She should be here any minute now so I didn’t see her and so about five minutes go by, so then I went and stood outside. I stood outside of the marketplace.

JACQUE: Why did you do that?

RON: Well so she could see me. I told her what I was wearing so I wanted to make sure she’d see me and know who I was, you know, when she, when she rolled up.


RON: So I’m sitting there waiting, and I didn’t hear anything and all of a sudden I heard something go beep, beep.

JACQUE: What was that?

RON: [sighs] It was a lady in one of those wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and like she was really it was a wheelchair but she was skilled with it she had skills, you know she can make it do wheelies, anyway.


RON: She’s got a Trump hat on and she’s got one of those big flags on it and all that kind of stuff. Oh yeah,

JACQUE: Oh my goodness. Oh.

RON: And here she comes. And she was coming across the parking lot so I had, I was wearing a red shirt, and she’s going, Ron Ron Ron and i’m going oh my god what have I done. But I’m a gentleman you know so I’m going to go ahead and, you know, treat her to dinner and all that kind of stuff. And she said, I’m so happy to see you so happy to see you. You don’t know how great I am, the last guy, you know, didn’t even didn’t even wait on me or anything, but you’re such a nice guy and I’m going oh my god. So anyway, to make a long story short, we had dinner and I said okay well so this is over with, you know, I’ll be done, and we’re on our way out the door and she said thank you so much Ron, you’re a perfect gentleman and everything. And she ran over my foot.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] No she didn’t, No she did not.

RON: With the wheelchair. But I didn’t want to embarrass and I know she must have felt the speed bump or something like that because the wheelchair almost tipped over, when she hit me. but she had like that didn’t happen. Oh, you know, and I’m going oh my god so I’m trying to be cool, and tears are literally welling in my eyes, because I’m in so much pain right. I gotta see again I got to see again I got to see it again and so okay,


JACQUE: So how did you get, I mean what happened? So what happened after that?

RON: A few phone calls and we just kinda faded away. I told her that I found someone I was really interested in and I left it at that.

JACQUE: That’s easy, that’s so hysterical. How’s your foot today?


RON: Well I still have a little limp you know, but I’m ok though, I’m ok. I’m ok.

JACQUE: Did you recover? Nice, nice, nice, Nice. So, I was going to tell you to. I went out with this other guy, well so now this is a little bit more serious to me. I want to tell you I actually really wanted to tell you about this last time we had lunch, but I wanted to save it so that you would hear it cold today.


JACQUE: I met the guy at Starbucks just simple it was just supposed to be a meeting because this is one of those guys who wants to know if you look like your pictures, right.

RON: Right, right.

JACQUE: The ones that asked that question first, right.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: So fine. I’m okay. He said he had been golfing all morning. So, we’re gonna meet after the golf to have coffee, right? Fine

RON: Wait a minute, He’s been coughing all morning?

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] No golfing.

RON: Oh golfing, I’m sorry. That must have been the beginning of COVID or something you know. oh golfing. I’m sorry, go ahead, I’m sorry, my bad. I’m sorry

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Golfing, Golfing Playing golf.


JACQUE: Now that seems Normal right. The problem with this is, he had been golfing all day, and it must have been in a wind tunnel Sandstorm something, because he was filthy, how do you show up to meet somebody and you, you have, he had literally had mustard and ketchup, like I knew he had had hot dogs. But there was a trail of like hotdog remnants on his shirt.


JACQUE: Do you know this guy had the nerve to be upset with me because I didn’t want to go out with him, based on how he looked. And then he tells me he had been married six times with 15 children, no. And I’m just thinking truth in advertising, Why would you say this, or, or why, how come you don’t know that you need to be fresh before you met somebody.

RON: Wow, wow right, oh wow wow right right. and then knowing that you’re eventually going to meet them anyway you know you can live that facade or, or that lie, all you want to but sooner or later you’re going to meet. So, you know, why say you’re six feet tall when you know you’re only five, four.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Exactly, exactly

RON: You know what I mean. Why say you got a full head of hair when you know.

JACQUE: Right or the problem I have Yes, that is that that’s it, That’s it right there. They put, which really bugs me because they put the 10 year old pictures.

RON: Right,

JACQUE: So 10 years ago,

RON: Right,

JACQUE: They have the picture on there, but then, then they asked me questions as a woman when were when were these pictures posted when were your pictures.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: So what I tried to do is make sure I switch out the photos.

RON: Right,

JACQUE: So, they’re no more than 30 days old, right, if that was I take pictures on time.

RON: Right,

JACQUE: So they may only be two weeks so I try to switch them out, keep it fresh, because I want to be truthful in advertising.

RON: Right tell the truth.

Story continues below advertisement

JACQUE: Tell the truth.

RON: Yeah, yeah.

JACQUE: So here’s what I’m thinking I want to tell everybody. I think honesty is very important.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: When you’re talking about online dating,

RON: Right, right.

JACQUE: Right I think you also have to look for someone who has similar interests and similar umm speed.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: If you understand what i am saying.

RON: So how do you know that though I mean because people put up these facades and, and they pretend to be who they’re really not so, how does one do that, I think it takes a little research searching that person and talking to him before you go out and meet them talk to him. And then if you can give me a name, you know, I run a trace on you in a minute.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] I was just about to ask, are you like talking about standing outside in the bushes peered through the window. [LAUGHING] What are you talking about

RON: Whatever it takes I mean, you know, the struggle is real. So you got to do what you got to do. But no, you’re right. You’re absolutely right. It’s important that we tell the truth, but it’s also important that we investigate and do our homework before we go out with somebody because it can be really dangerous out there.

JACQUE: I agree with that. But the problem is, if I if I have several conversations with you.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: and you don’t tell me the truth. how am I supposed to find out.

RON: Well that first date is what does it that that Starbucks meeting.

JACQUE: It really is.

RON: And I can tell a whole lot about you, but the first five minutes I know.

JACQUE: it really is but I try to do a lot. I tried to make sure the hair is right and do all those things.

RON: Oh yes Oh yes.

JACQUE: And i Just haven’t been able to get that back. So what are you going to do with what do you think your next date will be?

RON: Well I don’t know, I kind of since the COVID thing hit, I don’t really do any online dating anymore, you know, I’m pretty much what I ran into a beautiful young lady at JC Penney’s, you know, buying some new underwear, you know, but she says, Are these yours and I said well, anyway. And that’s how the conversation started, but I don’t know I don’t know if I want to go back to online dating because it’s so weird you meet some of the strangest people, but then again I met some really nice people we just weren’t connections, you know.

JACQUE: Right, that’s the truth. I feel the same way I’ve met some people that I’ve actually become friends with,

RON: Right, I’m still friends with yeah.

JACQUE: Still friends with, but I haven’t met the one, and I’m just trying to figure out what is the best way to like moving forward especially with COVID.

RON: Right.

JACQUE: Not really sure

RON: Oh no that’s another set of problems, because now you got to know would you go out with somebody who hasn’t been vaccinated. Do you bring a test kit with you on the date, excuse me do you want to swirl this around in your nose a couple times. You know~

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Oh my goodness yes. I brought some swabs, we have his and hers matching swabs.

RON: You know you got to be careful now so you got to ask all the right questions and I need to see your immunization record, you know, have you been vaccinated.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] I like that that like another layer to the situation. Do you have teeth, are your clothes clean, have you been vaccinated.

RON: Yeap, there you go, yeap have you been tested you know.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] You know back in the day that meant something else but now it’s like Coronavirus 101, I don’t know.

RON: Yeah, yeah, but you got to be careful and you got to do your homework and, and especially, I know a lot of young people watch your program as well but we’re older, and I’m older than you. And when you get a certain age, you know things you know you have discernment, you can you can look at people and just kind of know things because I’ve seen this before, you know, and so just be careful and follow your instinct and don’t fall in love to quickly.

JACQUE: Exactly, Exactly.

RON: I was talking to a lady she says I’ve been in love five times on this site and can’t hold a man you know, okay, well, maybe it’s you.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Oh no, oh no, Well I really have enjoyed this time with you.

RON: it was great great.

JACQUE: I really have I mean, Who knows maybe when everybody gets vaccinated and we’re back to full on, you know, we can have some more dating experiences that we can bring to the people and share.

RON: Oh absolutely, I’ve got, I’ve got a few that we didn’t get to that sure was a fast that time sure did go fast.

JACQUE: It sure did, it sure did.

RON: When you’re having fun, I guess.

JACQUE: Absolutely.

RON: And I got more that I can tell you, So you got to have me back, you know, have me come back, we can talk about.

JACQUE: Absolutely, i’m I’m

RON: I have to tell you about the midget. But we’ll talk about that later well truth in advertising, she needed to let me know. That’s all but the girl~

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Oh yes I really want to hear that. Truth in advertising.

RON: But she came up a little short, you know, I was so anyway, We’ll talk later. Truth in advertising, but yeah,

JACQUE: I’m so excited I can’t wait till Alicia gets to hear this podcast and find out that we’re friends.

RON: Yeah.

JACQUE: Let me just say thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for being here.

RON: Oh girl please anytime.

JACQUE: You know you’re my favorite.

RON: Well anytime I should be, you know I should be.

JACQUE: [LAUGHING] Actually I think we should be scheduling lunch soon

RON: Yeah, we have our annual monthly lunches, with you and Deborah Jackson. You know the old Lynwood crew coming together.

JACQUE: Absolutely.

RON: So yeah, it’s been a while we haven’t had any lunch in about two months. Yeah, yeah, maybe we can do a live podcast from one at a restaurant.

JACQUE: Oh, that would be hysterical to hear her laughing at both of us and our dating situations.

RON: Yeah, there you go, there you know it’s been great and you’re doing a good job. I’m really surprised that was another thing I want to say, and I think I said it in the last little wording that I you know, sent you last time you’re doing a really good job. I’m really I just never saw you in this realm before. When i heard it i said God is that Jacque wow, you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. And you know, I think you’re going places.

JACQUE: Awe thank you, thank you so much, thank you so much. Well everybody that’s it for us. I appreciate you taking the time and listening and we’ll, we’ll, we’ll see you soon.

RON: Ok and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll see you soon too. that’s all folks,



JACQUE: Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to hear from you, you know, get your opinion. On Instagram, it’s JC right now, that’s J C w r i t e n o w, and on Twitter, I am JC writes eight J C w r i t e s e i g h t – the number eight.


Audio edit by Miracle Media

Transcription edit by Jacqueline Cochran

About the Contributor
Jacqueline Cochran, News Editor
Jacqueline Cochran is the News Editor for Talon Marks this semester.  She is returning to the Talon Marks family for a second time.  Last semester she completed all the requirements for an AA degree in Journalism.  She hopes to transfer to California State University Long Beach in the Fall to begin working on a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.  She enjoys writing, watching movies, traveling and trying new things.  Last year she learned how to swim which was a long time goal. This year's new thing will be kayaking and skating.
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