Audio voicer: Minority single parents


"Mom and Son" by simcsea is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The life of a single parent is one that requires a lot of sacrifices. These sacrifices are made even more difficult when you’re a person of color.

Rafael Magana

Rafael Magana: The life of a single parent is one that’s often wrought with difficulty. Um, this is doubly so when you’re a person of color, a minority. There are challenges that a single parent faces that are enhanced greatly when they’re a minority. Being a, uh, product of a single mother and being of Mexican descent, I felt a lot of these experiences firsthand and spoke with my mother on her experiences on this. Taymon Lawson, a model that I previously interviewed, also gave some comments on his experiences regarding his life as a as a product of a single mother. It’s important to highlight these experiences because we never really give them the time of day or the spotlight to single mothers who work and ensure that their children are given the best life that could possibly be given.