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NLCS predictions & NFL Power rankings

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Max Scherzer walks off the the field after being relieved during the fifth inning in game two in the 2021 National League Championship Series against the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 in Atlanta. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Matthew: Alright Welcome welcome everybody my name is Matthew Ramirez.

Silas: My name is Silas Bravo

Matthew: and we are staff writers I’m co sports editor and Silas is a staff writer for talon marks and we are just gonna be talking about sports there is a big day for sports especially for LA

Silas: yes sir

Matthew: The dodgers just won their game the lakers are in progress right now ah but the season just tipped off for NBA playoffs are continuing for baseball and football is just football is just getting real crazy through the first six weeks six weeks right six weeks of the

Silas: yes sir

Matthew: Six weeks of the season man that is yeah we’ll definitely get into that right now but man

Silas: A lot of sports going on a lot of sports going on

Matthew: yeah it’s just ah man especially like I said just for LA today was a good day you know the Dodgers made that crazy comeback in the game

Silas: A crucial crucial game 3

Matthew: Oh yeah it was it was not looking good the first four innings

Silas: No not at all

Matthew: Found a way they found a way to get it done you know just play a little small ball and create make things happen Bellinger just came in and busted the game

Silas: yeah

Matthew: wide open

Silas: Yeah yeah that pitch man that pitch was nowhere near the strike zone either

Matthew: oh yeah no he definitely reached for that and

Silas: Man

Matthew: and gotta be thankful he did

Silas: good for him man because I’m in glad he’s trying to starting to figure it out because during the season he looked awful he looked bad like really bad he was batting like what .160 .170

Matthew: Yeah

Silas: Just looked lost and I’m glad he’s figuring it out

Matthew: and it’s like the announcers said you know the announcers were saying that one swing in the postseason could just erase your whole season

Silas: Yup

Matthew: of slump your whole

Silas: Yeah

Matthew: whatever you got going on like it’s and it did it really did because in that

Silas: Yup

Matthew: Little moment I’m pretty sure all the fans themselves had said like wow like just put all the regular season in the back window and you know let’s just lets ride with this let’s ride with this so that was a great moment yeah absolutely I mean it’s just the first two games were like you know they were in Atlanta and it was kind of some whacky decisions going on

Silas: a lot man I have been saying this for years fire Dave Roberts man he is year after year he gets bailed off of our talent honestly I mean he first of all let me get ah don’t even let me get into this man cause game two right he started why would you start Max Scherzer and not Walker Beuhler Walker Beuhler had a lot more rest than him way more rest than him but why would you you know and then Max Scherzer took him out in the fourth inning like *smacks teeth*

Matthew: yeah

Silas: what and it’s just he relies on his bullpen too much bullpen I mean they are good but they can only do so much you know what I mean and then he puts in he put in Julio Urias like he’s been closing all year I mean I understand last year Julio Urias came in everything but but he was used to coming in out of the bullpen it wasn’t he wasn’t doing it all you know

Matthew: Yeah absolutely absolutely the transition

Silas: just poor decisions

Matthew: yeah yeah the transition for him from bullpen to starter was kind of it was supposed to be a Kenta Maeda’s job obviously he left so uh you know they found out Urias was available and you know he he he’s made the transition to starter and he’s been really good but yeah

Silas: 20 game 20 win game starter you don’t you don’t bring him out you know I don’t know and just just um just the fact that you know he used he likes to switch and rotate guys all throughout the game and that’s cool and all but in in the 9th or 8th inning he he’s used all his guys are used up all his guys are used all his substitutes and Austin Barnes came up and struck out like 4 times on four pitches you know crucial situation that’s just it’s just poor managing poor managing by Dave Roberts and uh I don’t know if it’s him or the guys upstairs bossing him around but he he makes the last five four yeah I’m a die hard last four or five years he’s made a lot of questionable decisions man a lot of questionable decisions

Matthew: Oh yeah absolutely it has definitely given us Dodger fans some headaches and

Silas: For real

Matthew: I feel like we should have had maybe another two or three World Series

Silas: At least at least

Matthew: But I mean yeah at the end of the dayI thinkhe went based off I I wanna go back to when you called on uh there should have been maybe Buehler if

Silas: Yeah

Matthew: you wanted to put Beuhler in there butI think he kind of knows that at home in the postseason he is kind of like our guy and I know in this game it did not seem like it because

Silas: Not at all

Matthew: there was a lot of earned runs um he was the main guy that had a lot of those runs that they put up in the four spot but you know again he probably looked at the statistics and said we want this guy on the mound game 3 and we will throw Julio in there to try and get that last couple of outs but obviously that did not pan out

Silas: Yeah sometimes man like especially in baseball sometimes the statistics mean nothing dude baseball is a game about flow how you feel you know

Matthew: Oh yeah yeah that is like a chess match

Silas: Yeah exactly now a days people try to get too deep in statistics and sometimes it just kind of you know just because something looks good on paper means it is the right thing to do

Matthew: Yeah and and I feel like I feel like roberts is a guy that kind of likes to look back and he is that kind of guy that likes to dig into the analytics so maybe

Silas: Yeah definitely

Matthew: That’s where it does kind of bite him but uh yeah I mean they did get like you said it was a crucial game 3 win and were only down 2-1 in the series you know we’ve heard the story before I mean.

Silas: Yup we have heard the story

Matthew: Yeah, we were down last year, we came back and we punched our tickets to the World Series. So they could do it again.Silas: They’re talented, they have the bats to do it. I’m just happy they don’t have Acuna out there. Because they would be doing worse. Oh, yeah. He’s a player man.

Matthew: Definitely. Acuna can ball. Absolutely. He was one of the guys that I was like man, I wish we could have seen him from an MLB fan standpoint. I wish we could have seen him in this series. But obviously he’s a guy you want to watch out for when he is in the lineup. Alright, so yeah, as we were talking about earlier, the NFL is six weeks in play. And it’s really wild. A lot of surprises. A lot of surprises. A lot of familiar faces that are tearing up the league. But I guess we could just start off with our like five teams we think are pretty good. Whether they’re in order, whether they’re not in order, just five teams that are really just the best doing it right now. So I guess you can say some power rankings. So starting off with mine, I actually have number five. I got the Bills, they did lose against the Titans. But Josh Allen and them boys, they’re gonna come back off the bye week, this week. Heading into week eight. I think they’re going to just continue tearing it up. And that loss is not going to be a common occurrence. It was a tough plane ride home, but I think they’ll find a way to recover and just head on rolling. After them I got the Ravens at four. Lamar Jackson is just something man. He is something special. He’s tearing it up. And he’s, I wouldn’t really say he’s carrying like too much. But he is kind of like leading…

Silas: No he’s carrying he’s forsure carrying.

Matthew: Yea he is kind of like leading the ship, especially cause they don’t have a top number 1 even though Marquise Brown is a really good receiver.

Silas: He’s dynamic.

Matthew: He’s continuing to kill it. Then I got the Bucs at number three. You know we got to praise Tom Brady, Tom Brady has been playing out of his mind. What is it year 20? 21? He’s 42 years old? 43? He is on pace to have one of the, if not the best seasons he’s ever had. At this age it’s absolutely insane.

Silas: I don’t know how he does it.

Matthew: Absolutely. And I got your Rams number two. They had a good win against the Giants. They really just went in there and dominated. It is looking beautiful. The defense with Jalen Ramsey the best corner in the league. You got the d-line is just killing it. Stafford is just… I love the Stafford story. Ever since he was on the lions I’ve always said he needs a way better situation. He has that situation and we could be looking at back-to-back super bowls where the home team plays in their stadium.

Silas: I like that, I like that a lot.

Matthew: I’m amazed I mean I got to give them props, props are due. Number one I do have their NFC division rival the Cardinals. I think Kyler Murray, if it’s not Josh Allen, if it’s not Tom Brady I think that Kyler Murray is going to run away with that MVP. He is putting up monster numbers.

Silas: He is.

Matthew: He is a force to be reckoned with in not only the division but the whole league. I think he is going to be competing with the other top dogs in the NFC to represent them in the Super Bowl.

Silas: Yea those Cardinals man they look dangerous I’m not going to lie.

Matthew: They’re definitely the most surprising team and obviously they’re the best right now at 6-0 but they’re just shocking me personally. I did not think they were going to be 6-0. If you would have told me they were going to be 6-0, if somebody from the future told me that I would have said you’re crazy.

Silas: Man I didn’t think so. I honestly thought that they would be the worst team in the NFC west again but I mean here we are. I love the NFL man. I love the NFL.

Matthew: It could change at any moment and it is a very amazing league to follow. It’s an amazing sport, something magical about it. Would you say your list is similar? Do you want to run down yours?

Silas: It’s a little similar. My five is different. I’m not going to lie. I like the Ravens. I like what Lamar Jackson is doing but I also feel like…I don’t know if they’re top five yet they have a lot of holes but they continue to fight. I like the way they fight. I also, you know we talked about it earlier, the Cowboys are looking good too but I got to go number five Packers man. They still have Aaron Rodgers. He’s a bad man. Him and Aaron Jones and Devante Adams.

Matthew: He’s a bad man!

Silas: That’s a lethal offense right there. The defense isn’t spectacular but they get the job done. Jaire Alexander and the new guy. I like the other DB I mean they’re getting the job done. Ever since that week one embarrassing loss they’re won five straight. They’re tough. Four I got to go Bucs. I’m going to go Bucs four. Obviously Tom Brady is having a great year as well but the entire unit, that entire receiving core is unfair.

Matthew: Unfair. As much as I hate to admit it because I’m a Raiders fan and he kind of left in a bad way but you know Antonio Brown he’s having a resurgence. As an NFL outsider, bias aside, I’ve always been a fan of the guy. The guy is definitely going to be up there in Canton someday and he is just absolutely killing it.

Silas: Yeah, him along with Mike Evans. Chris Godwin. You got Fournette in the backfield, Fournette’s been looking great. That’s a dangerous team still but right in front of them. I got the Bills, man. Even though they lost, facing Derrick Henry ain’t easy. They had that game you know, they kind of gave it away a little bit, but still I believe in Tre White, I believe in their defense, I believe in their offense too with Stefon Diggs and Singletary in the backfield. Josh Allen, he’s the man right now. You know, your number two is the same as my number two. My Rams looking good. Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, like you said, and speaking of receiving cores we might have one of the best receiving cores in the league too man. Cooper Kupp is a monster. Cooper Kupp, you got Robert Woods, you got D Jack who’s looking like, sometimes not all the time, but he’s looking like Eagles D Jack every now and then.

Matthew: He’s definitely got some flashes in there, for sure.

Silas: I like the new guy Van Jefferson in his sophomore year. I like the running back Daryl Henderson. Nobody really talks about him much but he does his job. And I mean, finally, Matthew Stafford has some tools and with McVay’s offense they’re gelling really well. But I mean, on top of them, the Cardinals, they just, they’re a unit right now. They’re a force to be…I don’t think they’re had a really close game like that. I can’t say, I know they worked my Rams. They just manhandled us. They worked the browns, they whooped the browns. And I can’t think I mean the Niners put up a fight, but that was a while ago. But I mean they’re the team to beat. They’re number one. And I think the whole league can agree with that. They’re the team to beat forsure. Kyler Murray is that dude.

Matthew: Oh yea, you know, he’s in the best division. He’s in the most competitive division in football. And it’s, you know, he’s got the Rams, he’s got the Seahawks who are down Russell Wilson at the moment, but it’s really just gonna be a two way between the Rams and the Cardinals. It’s gonna come down to that second, they’ve already played right, correct. Yeah, yeah. So it’s gonna come down to that second matchup, that should be in the latter end of the year. But it’s definitely gonna be something to watch, not only with that division, but again, as we were talking about, just implications of Super Bowl. We could be seeing the home team for the second year in a row playing in their own stadium with the Rams playing at SoFi and SoFi is the host location. We could also see the Cardinals but you know, it’s just gonna be a really tough race this NFL, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Any given Sunday is obviously in play. I mean, that’s, just it is what it is. And all right, well, that does it for me and Silas. Like I said, you guys can catch us on Talon Marks, you know, writing over there. I’m the co sports editor. Silas is a staff writer and you could also catch Silas on the football field. As he plays for Cerritos College and he will be facing off, they will be facing up against El Camino on October 23. That’s this Saturday 6pm so be there. You know the Falcons in attendance. Yesa so like I said, my name is Matthew Ramirez.

Silas: I’m Silas Bravo.

Matthew: And we’ll see you guys next time.

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About the Contributors
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez, Co-Sports Editor
Matthew Ramirez is a journalism major and Co-Sports Editor for Cerritos College’s newspaper Talon Marks. He plans to transfer to a Cal State but is undecided on which to attend. He enjoys watching sports, collecting trading cards, and binge watching cartoons. Matthew hopes to cover one of his favorite sports teams in the future in either broadcasting work or covering the team behind the scenes.
Silas Bravo
Silas Bravo, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Silas Bravo is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for Talon Marks. This is Silas’ third semester at Talon Marks. Silas plays football for the Cerritos Falcons and hopes to transfer to a University on an athletic scholarship. Silas loves everything sports and spending time with friends and family.
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