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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Gabriel Villegas
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Gabe: This is the LA Sports Podcast of Cerritos College. We’re Gabe Villegas and Joel Carpio here to talk about all things sports in Los Angeles this October.

Joel: The Padres eliminated the 111-win Dodgers in what was a blowing upset. The Dodgers had dominated the Padres in the regular season, winning 14 of 19 games they played against them.

Most of the Dodgers’ offense did not show up therefore the Dodgers scored barely any runs. Many believed the Dodgers would manhandle the Padres just like they did in the regular season.

Here’s Dave Roberts, the manager of the Dodgers, explaining what he thinks went wrong with the team this postseason.

00:48Dave Roberts on loss, elimination

Dave Roberts: Where they’re at in the order. You know, we felt that, uh, Yency [Almonte] was the right guy there and, you know, he gave up a ground ball that got, you know, by Max [Muncy], and then a base hit to, uh, Soto, and, and, a punch and a pop up, so…

Gabe: Many fans are calling for Dave Roberts to be fired after taking out Game 4 Starting Pitcher Tyler Anderson out of the game too early which hurt the Dodgers significantly.

To their dismay, Dave Roberts will be returning as manager next year which was confirmed by the Dodgers’ President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman.

1:19Dodgers press conference: Andrew Friedman & Brandon Gomes talk Dave Roberts, Cody Bellinger & more

Interviewer: And also… seems like Dave’s coming back. Can you, can you, can you confirm that?

Andrew Friedman: *Inaudible*

Interviewer: Dave’s coming back?

Andrew Friedman: One hundred percent.

Interviewer: Okay.

Gabe: That was Andrew Friedman answering a question from a reporter about whether Dave Roberts would return as manager for the following season. Now with the Dodgers heading into the offseason, there are more questions than answers.

Joel: The Lakers have a new head coach in Darvin Ham hoping this year will be different from last year but they are not off to a good start.

Their season recently started and they are already 0-3, losing to the Warriors in their first game, 109-123, then dropping their second game 97-103 to the Clippers and now to the Trailblazers 106-104.

The Lakers are really struggling to shoot beyond the arc. They’ve only made 25 of the 118 3’s they’ve attempted in the three games they’ve played so far.

2:00Darvin Ham Reacts To Laker’s Shooting Problems, Loss to Clippers

Darvin: Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s human nature to, you know, be…

Anonymous: *cough*

Darvin: …disappointed if, you know, you have a—you get a huge stop and you’re running and ball’s humming around player to player, guy shoots it and it doesn’t go down.

It—yeah, it stings a little bit but nobody’s gonna feel sorry for you. Like, you gotta move on to the next play and that’s one of the things I talked about in postgame. We talked about it in pregame, actually.

Joel: Darvin Ham was the person you just heard and he was discussing what he thinks about the Lakers shooting problems and how they can fix them.

Gabe: The Lakers are looking much like they did last year if not worse and some NBA insiders believe if the Lakers continue down this path and miss the playoffs once more it could spell trouble for Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

Here, Stephen A. Smith talked about how Pelinka’s job could be in jeopardy if the Lakers have another failure of a season.

3:07 Stephen A.’s warning to Rob Pelinka: ‘Jeanie Buss is NOT PLAYING’ ? | NBA COUNTDOWN

Stephen A. Smith: Jeanie Buss is not playing. She loves them all. Let the Lakers have another season like this. Rob Pelinka could be in a world of trouble. I’m telling y’all. I’m telling y’all. She didn’t say that…

Joel: The Clippers just like the Lakers recently started their season but unlike the Lakers, they have had a decent start to the season.

Currently sitting with 2 wins and 2 losses they are widely expected to do exponentially better than the Lakers and possibly reach the Western Conference Finals, maybe even the NBA Finals.

The already good Clippers added star point guard John Wall to their roster in the offseason which made them the 2nd favorite just behind the Warriors to win the Western Conference.

3:50How will John Wall and Kawhi Leonard elevate the Clippers? | KJM

Jay Williams: There’s no doubt in my mind that John Wall with the—with Ty Lue’s tutelage can be a very effective player. Like, he increases the pace of the ball game because of his ball-handling ability… Now I’m thinking about what you have from a versatility perspective between him and Reggie Jackson.

They can play off of each other and give each other that rest so, I think it just gives him another blitz offensively and defensively he’s still pretty prone and active as well.

Gabe: Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams of ESPN are heard here discussing why the Clippers at this moment with the addition of John Wall are better than the Lakers and what their odds are to win the West.

Joel: The Rams are coming off just about a year after winning their second super bowl title in franchise history and their first since being relocated to Los Angeles.

This year has not been so kind or magical for the Rams as they’re struggling with a mediocre 3-3 record on the young season. It is no surprise that the defending super bowl champs were handed the hardest schedule in the NFL this season but that’s not entirely the reason why they’re struggling.

The Rams’ offense hasn’t picked it up. It’s purely WR, Cooper Kupp doing all the work offensively and on occasion TE, Tyler Higbee. The Rams Offensive Line is also riddled with injuries causing Matthew Stafford Rams’ quarterback to have no protection.

5:13Nick Wright reacts to Sean McVay on Rams struggles: “The story isn’t written yet”

Sean McVay: There’s a lot of football to be played. Um, the story isn’t written yet. We do have a say in how that story is written. Umm, but to make sure that, uh, you’re continuing to keep the spirits up and not let some of the expectations get in the way.

Gabe: Sean McVay, Head Coach of the LA Rams is heard here talking about the Ram’s struggles and what their mindset is right now. If the Rams want to make another run at winning the Lombardi Trophy again Les Snead, GM of the Rams is going to need to make some trades to contend for the playoffs.

Joel: The Chargers are yet another team many NFL insiders and experts thought was one of the favorites to win the AFC or even the Superbowl after they added star Outside Linebacker Khalil Mack and Cornerback J.C. Jackson.

While the Chargers haven’t been terrible they also haven’t played to their full potential. With just a 4-3 record, it was expected they’d have a better record at this point in the season. The Chargers are also plagued by the injury bug losing key players on both offense and defense.

Gabe: LAFC is currently in the playoffs and recently eliminated their crosstown rival the LA Galaxy. LAFC played a great game, their attacking was always keeping pressure on Galaxy’s defenders in the backfield which would eventually lead to them winning 3-2.

Denis Bouanga, one of the Forwards for LAFC, clutched up and scored 2 of the 3 goals for LAFC in the 23rd and 80th minutes.

Late in the game to put the final touches and finish the match, Chicho Arango LAFC’s other Forward scored in the 90th+3rd minute of stoppage time. LAFC scathed through the game to advance to the conference finals where they’ll face Austin FC.

6:53Cherundolo: ‘Our Performance And Our Aggression And Our Ideas Gave Us An Edge’

Steve Cherundolo: Little advertisement for the MLS. I think that’s, umm, maybe MLS at its best. Lots of goals, exciting football, emotions, passion, two teams giving everything they have. Umm, so yeah… Galaxy had a very good performance tonight and it took our very best to beat them.

Joel: The LA Galaxy recently did just get eliminated by their rival LAFC. The Galaxy had a good season with 14 wins, 12 losses, and 8 ties. Galaxy played a great game against LAFC, it just was not enough to top the stacked LAFC.

Their first half was better than their second half, they were defending the ball really well and only held LAFC to one goal while getting one of their own in the 44th minute.

In the second half, their attacking and defending collapsed which would eventually lead to them being eliminated. Here’s Greg Vanney, head coach of the LA Galaxy, discussing what went wrong in their game against LAFC.

7:51POST-GAME CONFERENCE: Greg Vanney | October 20, 2022

Greg Vanney: Yeah, I thought, I thought our first half, we had a lot of the game, uhh, especially early on. We needed to punish them when they—in the early stages when they didn’t have a chance… They got a goal kind of against the run of things. The first time we got a little bit passive defensively they were able to get a goal. Umm, we got ourselves back into it so then it kind of went back and forth like that for a while.

Gabe: The Kings started their season recently and they’re off to a decent start. They’ve started the season 4-4. The lack of physicality and defense is plaguing the team early, which is allowing their opponents to get lots of shots and goals on them. Through 8 games the Kings have allowed the most goals in the NHL.

Although the Kings have slight struggles in certain areas they have started the year much better than they did last year where they went 2-5-1 through 8 games.

One thing that’s really kept the Kings in a lot of their games recently is their offense, they’re scoring 3.38 goals per game. Here is Daryl Evans the Kings Radio Color Commentator discussing how things have gone for the Kings to begin the season.

8:51LA Kings radio analyst Daryl Evans breaks down the season so far

Daryl Evans: Well, you know what, I think when you look at the record the Kings have it—it’s really not a reflection or an indication of the way that they’re playing. Uh, it’s things they need to clean up a little bit.

There’s a lot of work yet to be done but, uh, I think the Kings are in for a, you know, in—in for a real good season and it’s, uh, it’s gonna have its peaks and valleys like every year has but they need to get the, uh, ship, uh, on course as quickly as they possibly can.

Joel: After years of not being good, UCLA’s Football program is finally good again and they’re off to a great start. Ranked No.12 in the NCAA for football UCLA is 6-1 on the season.

They recently just got their first loss of the season to No.8 ranked Oregon losing it 30-45. Dorian Thompson Robinson UCLA’s Quarterback is a major reason why the Bruins have been so good this season. Thompson-Robinson is second in the nation in completion percentage (74.8%) and fifth in passing efficiency with a 180.6 rating.

He has thrown for 1,510 yards, 15 touchdowns, and only two interceptions.

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About the Contributors
Gabriel Villegas, Staff Writer
Gabe Villegas is a staff writer for Talon Marks covering the Community, Opinion, Arts and Entertainment. Gabe enjoys screenwriting, drawing/animation, and reading novels and scripts in his free time. His goal is to become a professional screenwriter/filmmaker in Hollywood and earn a SAG card.
Joel Carpio, Managing Editor
Joel Carpio is the Managing, Co-Sports, & Co-Social Media Editor for Talon Marks, he enjoys playing sports, listening to music, and is an avid fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Kings, and LAFC. He is planning on transferring to San Diego State University and earn his bachelors degree in Journalism. In the future he wants to be a sports broadcaster.
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