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Puck Talk: Jonathan Quick is traded to the Vegas Golden Knights

Puck Talk: Jonathan Quick is traded to the Vegas Golden Knights

Alfredo: Hello everyone, welcome back to Puck Talk. We are back for another semester and hot topic for today coming up. Right now I like to say it is very good to be back. I actually missed doing podcasts it’s really fun. It’s interesting. So I’m happy to be back.

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So let’s get right into it. So topic for today, obviously, you know what this podcast account is about. Hockey and the Kings and the local teams.

Jonathan Quick, franchise goaltender of the Los Angeles Kings, was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets and then traded again to the Vegas Golden Knights. I have very mixed feelings about this, but once, I’m going into my opinion, later.

But here’s what’s going to go off. I’m going to, first I’ll be talking about how the trades went from team to team. And then I’ll be giving my opinion and then talking about the career of Quick.

So let’s get right into it. So obviously, first things first, the Kings. What did they get in return for, getting rid of Jonathan Quick? Well, they got a defenseman named Vladislav Gavrikov. Sorry, some of these European names are pretty hard to pronounce as well as Joonas Korpisalo a goaltender now, obviously.

OK, I was about to give a goaltender now, obviously. my opinion, but we’re going to get to that later. So after that, Quick hated it so much that he that he got traded to Columbus, a bad team, that he was asked to be traded again, but to Vegas.

I have never seen that before. I know it’s happened before. And I’m sure we can all recall, maybe not recall, but we know what Jackie Robinson did. He had retired after being traded from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the archrival San Fran, not San Francisco, the New York baseball Giants.

And he was, he retired after that. He did not want to be a Giant. So it looks like this is almost the same case here with Quick. Now here now.

Sorry, it’s the and when the golden, the Columbus Blue Jackets, they got Michael Hutchinson in return, a goaltender, as well as a seventh round pick in the 2025 NHL draft. Now, I’m not sure how well this is, this trade is going to work out for Columbus, but from the Kings like it, it’s actually helping out a lot.

Korpisalo has been playing really good, Gavrikov, he’s been playing really good too, on the back end. But I have mixed feelings about this. So now we’re going to be getting into my opinions here.

Now I think it was kind of dirty. Now, what do you mean by that? What I mean dirty. Well, I just feel like getting rid of your franchise player is just messed up, especially for, like, how long he’s been there.

Quick. He’s a future Hall of Famer too like, how could you get rid of your Hall of Fame goaltender like that? And obviously it’s happened plenty of times throughout numerous different sports leagues.

But still, for the for a team like the L.A. Kings who have who hasn’t had too much success, I can’t understand how they can get rid of a player like Quick, especially a player that’s actually been drafted.

Now, of course, we’ve had Marcel Dionne, Rogie Vachon and Wayne Gretzky. Those players were not drafted by the Kings. Yes, they were big, big like influencers on the team.

But for me at least, I feel like it doesn’t hurt as much as trading a player that’s a Hall of Famer and that was drafted by that same team and has played ever since.

Obviously, it’s a good trade. That’s why I’m saying I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a good trade. The Kings got a really good goalie. They got a really good defenseman in Korpisalo and Gavrikov.

But I just feel that the Kings shouldn’t have done that. Yeah, Quick, he was not the number one starting goalie here in the second half of this season, but I still don’t think they should have got rid of him.

I’m pretty curious to see to know what would have happened if they maybe have traded Cal Peterson instead. Obviously, it’s not always good to trade away your future, but I just don’t think it’s it’s cool to trade away your franchise player like that. But yeah Quick.

He was he was number one. He’s one of the greatest goaltender in NHL history. And he’s going to be very close to being number one in being the best goaltend, American born goaltender in NHL history, how crazy is that King?

The L.A. Kings having a player like that, playing his entire career with one team and as well as giving them to Stanley Cup championships. And now we’re going to be getting into the career of Jonathan Quick.

So, Jonathan Quick born. He was from Milford, Connecticut. So I just want to throw it out there. Just. Yeah. So he was drafted in 2007 by the Los Angeles Kings. 77th. 72nd overall. Sorry, excuse me, 2007, 2005.

Of course, he didn’t play due to the NHL lockout that year and played from 2007 to this day, drafted 77th. I keep saying 77th. Am I thinking of Jeff Carter here. That’s dumb. 72th overall. So yeah. Quick.

He had played obviously all his life as a King, not all of his life, his entire career. But it looks like when he got traded, he had played for a very short period of time with the Manchester Monarchs, the AHL and then ECHL affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings at those times it looks like he had only played, I believe, two seasons.

He came up from the minors, played for the Kings and then sit down in 2008 and then recalled again that same season, 2008-2009 season. And ever since the Kings had leaned on him from every step of the way until now.

So let’s check out some of the awards he won. Obviously year. He’s a three time NHL All-Star, which is actually kind of insane because he should, he should have been been part of a lot more because I don’t think I don’t think Quick, he’s obviously such a franchise goalie, but it seems like he doesn’t get as much props as he does or at least from some media that I have seen.

But yeah, he’s an all star from any from 2012, 2016 in 2018. Obviously he didn’t play in 2018 because he was injured, which was such a shame because I really wanted to see him play in an all star game.

He was a Stanley Cup champion of course twice in his career in 2012 and 2014, obviously 2012 being his MVP year went to the All-Star Game, Stanley Cup Championship, Con Smythe Trophy, second team all star, which is another award.

He got NHL second all star team, as well as winning the William M. Jennings trophy in 2014 and 2018. And it looks like in his international career, he had won a silver medal in 2010 with the United States with teammate Dustin Brown.

So that’s he’s got quite the trophy case right there. But hopefully soon he’ll hoist the trophy one more time. And I don’t know, it’s hard to kind of to this day is still really hard to process this being a reality, especially when going through social media and seeing all the the the posts that have been coming up on my feed with him in it and the Golden Knights uniform.

And there’s one more game the Kings have to play against the Golden Knights, and that’s going to be in Vegas. So I’m assuming Quick is going to cook is probably going to play that game.

That’s just what I’m assuming. But I almost don’t want to watch that game because it’s just going to break. It’s it’s just going to break my heart even more. Seeing him and another team’s uniform, I already have to struggle, seeing the social media, social media feed going on.

But, oh, well, that’s pretty much all for today. But thank you all so much for listening. Cheers for the next one. And you all have a beautiful day. I’m out, piece out.


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Alfredo Menjivar is the sports editor for Talon Marks. Alfredo loves watching ice hockey, specifically the Los Angeles Kings. He wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach to pursue his career of being a sports/hockey writer and possibly play hockey for the university of his hometown.
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    Uncle MelApr 5, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    Awesome podcast, don’t know too much about hockey but this was very interesting and you sound like a pro ? cheerz

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Puck Talk: Jonathan Quick is traded to the Vegas Golden Knights