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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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New Year, New Us

Cover for Comadres Are Talking! Podcast Photo credit: Susan Romero & Diana Morales
Cover for Comadres Are Talking! Podcast Photo credit: Susan Romero & Diana Morales

Both: Hey guys, the comadres are back!

Diana: We know it’s been a minute since our last podcast.

Susan: Yeah, but we’re trying to continue it, be a little bit more consistent with it, with our episodes.

Diana: Yeah, cause last semester we just did one.

Susan: We said hi and bye.


Diana: We dipped.


Susan: No, but we’re going to be on it.

Diana: Yeah, we’re already booked.

Susan: We’re booked and busy for real. Day one.

Diana: So, new year, new us.

Susan: Literally! No, I feel like this year really is going to be a year of change. Like, I feel like I’m already starting my whole process.

Diana: Period.

Susan: And also I had seen in the Chinese New Year, it’s going to be Year of the Dragon. That’s me bitch! So I really do feel like this year is going to be my year.

Diana: Well that’s good.

Susan: For change and everything.

Diana: If you haven’t noticed, this podcast episode is about our New Year’s resolution. That’s what we’re here for today.

Susan: I’m always getting ahead of myself.

Diana: You know what I love that though cause you know what it is gonna be our year. I feel very positive I feel also. Like once the new year hit, I was very like I don’t know I feel like some weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I’ve never felt that before and I don’t know for me I feel like this is a year of abundance like money is flowing to me. I’m claiming that fucking energy! Oops.


Susan: Yeah we can!

Diana: Oh yeah, we’re grown here. Sorry, sorry!


Susan: No but literally yeah, I agree. I- the only thing I’m scared though for is like my job.

Diana: Ooh, why?

Susan: Yeah, like you’re saying abundance and everything but with school, I feel like it might be a little bit hard to like keep that up. But regardless of that I still feel like it’s gonna be a good year. Like I’m still gonna put in my effort to be on my

Diana: School.

Susan: Yeah, on everything.

Diana: No, yeah, you know what it is gonna work out. Do you have any resolutions that you made?

Susan: Yeah, I do. I was literally talking about it earlier. I do want to be more feminine this year. I feel like even last semester I was literally lacking on just me like I wasn’t doing my makeup or nothing. I was coming into school a little lazy, like I was just a little too comfortable in like not doing anything. And I feel like this year I really do want to just put in an effort to be more true to myself, like figure out what I really like in like makeup and all that stuff. Like it’s just, I just want to be more feminine!

Diana: You know what, I agree with you, cause that’s one of mine too. I feel like, I don’t know, I feel like I’ve gotten lazy along the way and like you said, too comfortable with not getting ready. I mean I wanna get ready. It’s fun like putting my little YouTube video, getting my makeup set up, and then sitting there and watching the YouTube video and doing makeup. It’s such a girly thing. I don’t know. I wanna channel that feminine energy and be more girly. Like I’m 24. I should take time out of my day and get myself ready. Why am I not doing that? I don’t have kids. I look like a fucking lady that’s got 20 kids. Messy bun, mm-mm.

Susan: I feel like even when I was younger, I would put in that more effort and I would literally sit down like how you’re saying to do makeup too. Even if I wasn’t watching like makeup videos, it was always with music. And I feel like even just that, my little time alone, I feel like I miss that a lot. I haven’t done that and I really want to get into it again.

Diana: More self care for sure this year.

Susan: Skincare, like all the good brands. And they might be a little bit pricey too. Dermalogica, she works though.

Diana: I know, sometimes you have to invest. I think Free People, oh my god I love their mask.

Susan: I’ve never tried it.

Diana: I think they sell at Sephora. Hopefully that’s the brand’s name, cause… Hi!


Susan: She’s good though, you said.

Diana: No, but it is really good. I tried their cleanser and their face, it’s really, really good. But, I feel like, oh, one of my new year’s resolutions is to use Pinterest more.

Susan: Mhmm!

Diana: That’s like so dumb, but like I don’t know, I actually want to plan out this year.

Susan: Like you’re manifesting and stuff.

Diana: That too like, I want to like I don’t know plan out outfits, like look cute. Like I want everything, like I don’t know I love that, the little pleasures of finding like cutesy little things and everything. Even manifesting, like even now being a journalist I’m like channeling like um, oh my god, from ‘13 Going On 30’ I forgot her name.

Susan: Mhm, Jenna Rink!

Diana: Yes like just like doing like I don’t know, all that. Like I want to channel.

Susan: Into that journalism vibe.

Diana: Yeah, mhm.

Susan: Yeah, me too. Like make it fun not just…

Diana: Yeah cause I feel like, I’m like yeah I do have fun in journalism but like I feel like I don’t know.

Susan: You don’t know what you’re about.

Diana: Yeah like I feel like, cause I’m so focused, “oh it’s school” so I need to like kind of filter myself and all this. But I kind of forget, like, no, I’m forgetting why I like journalism, like the aspect of it too. So yeah, I don’t know why I restrict myself. So I think that’s another resolution I just came up with right now. Don’t restrict yourself.


Susan: No, yeah.

Diana: Cause what am I doing? Why am I stopping myself?

Susan: I agree. I feel like on that same, not same topic but… I blanked but just like being less scared to do stuff. Not that I’m like shy or anything like that cause I’m grown!


Susan: Like I’m not shy but it’s just like I feel like I hold myself back a lot in doing like things, even with like journalism. I feel, in that magazine, I could have literally been in that magazine the one that he just showed us. But because I was scared of doing it, of like actually going out and like interviewing people I just didn’t…

Diana: You didn’t want to.

Susan: Yeah I wasn’t in that semester but I feel like I should have just done it cause I really do like doing it now. But…

Diana: Yeah, it takes time I feel but yeah I feel like we should not be restrictions. Like why are we doing that, why are we stopping ourselves.

Susan: Mhm, like why? We could be – I could be so much further ahead I feel like if I just…

Diana: Me too.

Susan: Yeah

Diana: You’re right like you said I’m not shy or nothing. It’s just like, I think the competitiveness of it I guess I don’t know. There’s something about it.

Susan: Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but it’s something.


Diana: Did you do any of the like um, us Mexicans believe in the little traditions like getting under the table, the grapes.

Susan: No, I only did the grapes cause um my boyfriends mom she brought the little grapes and everything. She was like, “You guys better be ready.” And when it hit midnight, she was like, “Oh,” she was like, “Go start running outside with your maleta.” She was like, “so you can start traveling this year.” But we didn’t do it. Did you do anything?

Diana: Uh, for sure the grapes. Me and my boyfriend, um we ended up going to the, to go see the fireworks at the pike.

Susan: Mhm.

Diana: And we didn’t take them out. We forgot them in the car. So once we got back to the car, we like sat there in the parking lot and we ate our grapes. Mhm, but it was cute. So I’m like, at least we did one of them because usually, actually last year I think, no, not last year, two years ago, I got under the table and I got my boyfriend.

Susan: Yeah?!

Diana: So, I don’t know!

Susan: Oh, so it might be real! Yeah, that’s crazy!

Diana: And I did also the lentejas. So if you don’t know you literally get a like a handful of lentejas or lentils right? That’s how you say it in English.

Susan: Mhm, yeah.

Diana: And you toss them over your head and I don’t know if you have to, I actually don’t remember if you have to like manifest something or like you know like wish good things when you throw them or toss them. But once you toss them you have to like literally go on your knees and like pick them up and you put them in a little baggie and you’re supposed to carry the baggie in your like purse or pocket whatever. But I lost them.


Susan: That’s funny.

Diana: But I got under the table last, two years ago.

Susan: You said nothing came from those lentils.

Diana: Yeah I don’t know about the lentils but definitely getting under the table worked cause yeah. Two years ago I got under the table and I’m with my boyfriend now.

Susan: That’s crazy.

Diana: Manifesting!

Susan: Foreal, I feel like it does work.

Diana: Next podcast?


Susan: Literally yes! No cause, mmm.

Diana: We’ll get there.

Susan: Yeah.

Diana: We’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Susan: Yeah, no but, I feel like this year really should be just like a dedication to me.

Diana: Mhm.

Susan: Like we’re getting older literally, it’s getting a little serious for real now.

Diana: I feel like that’s how it feels.

Susan: Ugh, yeah!

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Diana: I feel like there’s something more, I don’t know, serious.

Susan: Yeah!

Diana: I feel like every year I say, “Oh yeah, new year, new me.”

Susan: But it’s not like…

Diana: Like I’m gonna try this time, but like I don’t know, there’s a different energy for sure. I feel like a lot of people feel it too. Like it’s kind of starting over maybe cause like for real like all the covid stuff is like you know lifting but not really because there’s still cases but…ugh.

Susan: Yeah I’m like it’s getting a little bit worse out there but…

Diana: I don’t know there’s something different for sure, I don’t know what it is.

Susan: I don’t know if it’s just cause we’re getting older.

Diana: That too. Like 24, 23.

Susan: Literally 24.

Diana: Ugh, scary but we out here.

Susan: It is scary, just doing big girl things.

Diana: I know ugh, it’s scary but you know what…


Diana: We’re gonna be…

Susan: We were literally talking about not being scared though!

Diana: I know!

Susan: No, we’re not scared!

Diana: You know what? You know what? It’s exciting. That’s what we should change it to, exciting.

Susan: Mhm, that’s the new word, exciting

Diana: It is exciting.

Susan: No, really it is though. I feel like we’re stepping into

Diana: I think that we should substitute.

Susan: Mmhmm.

Diana: Sorry, what were you saying?

Susan: Oh no, I was just gonna say that I feel like we’re really stepping into like a whole new era Diana: We are. Period.


Diana: Hot girl era.

Susan: No, yes. I’m really trying to, want to be the best me. Oh, sorry, me turning around. I’m all spinning, my bad.

Diana: I do too. Like, I don’t know. Literally my whole Pinterest board. Like I said, I never added like journalist stuff. So now it’s like I’m including that. I’m including like everything, every aspect that I want to elevate.

Susan: That you want to be, yeah.

Diana: So I’m like, I need to get it together. And we are going to get it together.

Susan: We are.

Diana: We are getting it together.

Susan: I’m getting it together as we speak!


Susan: New year, literally new us this time around.

Diana: 2024 is our year. That’s so crazy like I remember hearing like 2023 and it would sound so futuristic and now we’re here. 2024!

Susan: No literally. Aw, it kind of makes me nostalgic, about me and you. Like we’ve literally been knowing each other for so long, it’s just 2024 now.

Diana: I know since, oh my god, for real, since what? 2016 I think? I think so that’s when I met you, in P.E.


Susan: I don’t remember that.

Diana: Dude it was trauma, I remember but that’s another podcast, how we met.


Susan: Stop, really?

Diana: Yeah.

Susan: You said, you traumatized me.

Diana: No, you didn’t traumatize me, no but like…

Susan: No, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get you, I get you. Damn, I just have bad memory, I’m sorry.

Diana: That’s okay. I remember like…

Susan: I should work on that.


Diana: Remembering.

Susan: My last resolution, I want to work on my memory. I’m playing memory games or whatever, I don’t know cause it’s getting real bad.

Diana: Me too.

Susan: I’m like this…

Diana: Me too, but I like smoking…


Susan: Literally, I’m like, this gotta go.


Diana: Sorry. Well comadres, I hope you guys join us for another episode.

Susan: And I hope you enjoyed this one. Maybe you get a little New Year’s resolution idea for yourself as well.

Diana: And make sure you follow through.

Susan: Yeah, yeah. Til, literally, your next resolution.

Diana: Mhmm! And make sure to follow us on all our social medias at TalonMarks.com.

Both: Bye, guys!



About the Contributors
Susan Romero, Opinion Editor
Susan Romero is the Opinion Editor for this spring season, spreading the voices of the people in Cerritos College. Outside of the newsroom, she really enjoys reading books, listening to music and spending time with loved ones. Romero plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and hopes to work in GQ in the future.
Diana Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Diana Morales plans on transferring to a cal state in the near future to gain more experience. Her goal as a journalist is to work for a fashion magazine company and then eventually create her own. She also aspires on working on the radio or as a social media manager.
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