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Hear Me Out Podcast Episode 5: NFC and AFC Championship games; NBA 70 point games; UFC 300; Vince McMahon

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Michael: Hey, what’s going on Talon Marks uh welcome back yes welcome back to another episode of the hear me out podcast.


Its been a minute since we last recorded one it’s been almost a year but I decided to bring it back and reinvent the podcast and what I mean by that is that we have new uh co-stars, I said co-stars, co-hosts here, previously we had a fellow staff writer here part of the fall, I said fall, the spring 2023 semester but Roger is no longer a part of Talon Marks so hope he is doing well but please my new co-host please introduce yourselves.


Jonathan: Hello my name is Johnathan


Peyton: I’m Peyton


Carl: I’m Carl


Michael: Yes this is another episode of the hear me out podcast, were gonna try to get episodes out for you guys consistently uh and lets just jump straight to it uh we’re gonna start with the NFC Championship game because we have a 49er fan here, Joshua so I’m a let him take the stage and let him give his thoughts on the game


Johnathan: First of all did you just call me Joshua dog?


Michael: Oh my bad I said Joshua, Jonathan go ahead


Johnathan: Nah it’s whatever umm first let me say this, this isn’t our first episode I mean so we’re recording together.


Michael: Yes disclaimer, this is not the first episode, we have good chemistry the last episode kinda got fucked up because


Johnathan: Some moron forgot to write


Michael: Transcript went wrong and we’re back and this is the first episode we’re doing for this semester. This is just a disclaimer anyways go ahead.


Jonathan: Alright so ah man it was really a hard fought game Ive never felt so many emotions in my life.


Peyton: Oh you were talking shiesty before we started recording so come on now.


Jonathan: My whole mental sanity was on this game and I think of the Super Bowl and I’ve been talking way too much shit now man so like I hope it ages well so from the start the first half was just man I haven’t seen them play this bad since the Ravens.


Peyton: No they played bad man.


Jonathan: It was a horrible first half umm man it was 27 to


Peyton: 24-7


Michael: 24-7


Johnathan: 24-7 yeah and we were just like damn the defense didn’t click I didn’t know what was going on, on offense umm Moody as usual just misses his fucking first field goal and makes us feel hopeless but some how bro the second half we just saw.


Peyton: Just turned it on.


Jonathan: Just turned it on man just you know Brock Purdy came in clutch and I know people aren’t gonna give him his uh his flowers no matter what which is so weird to me like you can’t you can’t I’m sorry bro but you can’t… stop laughing bro


(Peyton, Michael and Carl laughing)


Jonathan: Bro I’m being so for real how are you gonna be so, how are you gonna be so invested into the Lions story about them being the underdogs right?


But Brock Purdy, who is an underdog in his own right, were talking about a dude who was a 3rd stringer like a year ago and he’s leading the super bowl, he’s starting in the super bowl and now people are being like… I don’t know what’s up with it.


Whats up with the people, you can’t be a fan of the Lions story and just hate on Brock Purdy at the same time they are both underdogs.


Peyton: Aye that’s facts though but I’m a, I’m a be honest, Dan Campbell, I’m never gonna hate on you for doing what you did because your gonna do what you did that got you there right?


They’ve been aggressive, they’ve been a fourth down team, they have a great conversion.


Jonathan: They were really successful on fourth downs in that game too.


Peyton: But the main problem is once you get to a certain point you gotta start taking points and I think that’s just a head coaching experience kind of thing I think in the future he’ll get better at it and it’s one of those things where you just hope the Lions get back because there’s teams that make it to that championship game and never recover.


Jonathan: I mean to be fair there’s a lot of people blaming him but I mean no, also he should be blamed and understand at some point you should be taking those three points.


Peyton: And it’s not his fault CJ Gardner-Johnson has CTE


Jonathan: Yeah, the dropped pass I don’t know at certain point they just didn’t…. You know they just didn’t click, the fourth downs weren’t working, you should be taking those points but also I don’t think he should be taking the blame on those.


Michael: Yeah honestly when they were up 24-7 I knew the game wasn’t over just knowing because I was just thinking, the 49ers are too talented of a team to get blown out in an NFC championship game this big.


Jonathan: By the Lions


Michael: And by the Lions and I just knew deep inside I was like it’s 24-7 but I just had a feeling it was gonna turn into a game pretty quick and obviously they ended up losing matter a fact they were down by 10 at one point like holy shit you guys were just winning by three scores and now your down by 10.


Peyton: Nah someone’s gotta answer for that.


Michael: But like uh I think you could say Dan Campbell was part of the reason why they lost but like even his quote after the game like this could be our final chance I mean I get it but you can’t say that shit


Peyton: That’s not what you wanna hear as a player when your coach kinda just gave the game away.


Carl: That last fourth down especially too like there down by three and they went for it that was.


Michael: What we saw from Dan Campbell was a master class by Brandon Staley would put up like literally that’s exactly what we saw.




Peyton: A Brandon Stayely masterclass


Michael: That’s exactly the type of shit he would do and the fact that Dan Campbell who is a highly praised coach did some stupid shit like that and again it’s not all on him there were some dropped passes that couldv’e been caught but I mean overall the niners did what they needed to do.


Jonathan: Everyone bought in I mean Brock Purdy, I’m not gonna go crazy right now but he was pretty good under pressure and the blitz.


Peyton: Vanilla Vick, he was running, his legs man.


Jonathan: He was running too, he got a lot of yards too, he got us where we needed to be and now he’s the third youngest quarterback to lead a super bowl team.


Peyton: But onto someone who’s been to the Super Bowl hell of times.


Michael: Wait hold on what you gotta say about the game though Carl I know you said you were at work but what happened.


Carl: For me as I was checking up on the score, 24-7 I told myself man it’s not over, San Francisco bro like for me besides like the Ravens they are the most complete team.

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Michael: Yeah


Carl: So I figured nah this game is not over and for me my thoughts, Brock Purdy I gotta give him respect I honestly think he’s playing like a top five top 10 like at the least top 10 at the least but for me he deserves his credit because umm yeah you could say oh he has these weapons around him you could say the same thing about Mahomes in that super bowl when he had Tyreeke Hill and Travis Kelce on the same team.


Jonathan: Don’t forget the Eagles have a pretty stacked team too.


Carl: Exactly


Michael: Jalen Hurts couldn’t do shit with them.


Peyton: Yeah Jalen mid


Carl: Yeah but Brock Purdy is way more than just a game manager, he’s a really good quarterback in this league and he deserves his flowers and as a Packers fan I’ll give him the respect that he deserves.


Michael: Well now were gonna talk about a quarterback thats doing it every single year, he’s turning into the Michael Jordan of the NFL right now and that’s obviously Patrick Mahomes uh the Kansas City are going back to the Super Bowl again and I’m a Raiders fan and now it’s coming down to Jonathan made a great point.


He was like how do you feel knowing two of your biggest rivals are gonna be playing for a Super Bowl in your own stadium and my thoughts on that is.


Jonathan: The team that doesn’t have Taylor Swift


Michael: Exactly, the team that doesn’t have Mahomes, I’m a Raiders fan and I just can’t stand Kansas City and I say this every year but at the end of the day they always sweep us or we beat them once but (sigh) I mean after Mahomes, after that first drive I just knew it was over from there uh Mahomes was just making the most ridiculous throws I’ve ever seen in my life, where he was literally wrapped or about sacked and he just throws it and Kelce dives and catches it and I’m like bro this shit is over, it’s over.


But, I think uh, I think, I see a lot of people trying to blame the defense, but I think people are not giving enough like, they’re not putting enough on Lamar because the defense shut them out the whole second half. What was Lamar doing the whole second half?

I mean I get the fumble at the one-yard line

Jonathan: But you can’t forget the pick in triple coverage

Michael: Exactly and that too

Peyton: I mean even if your tight end puts his hand up and says he’s open, you’re the quarterback, read it, you got to throw the ball. And, to speak on the Ravens, I got some shit to say about Todd Monken because he gets on my nerves bro. He has blood on his hands. I’ma give y’all a stat real quick. I want y’all to listen to this.

The Ravens have the number one rushing attack in the National Football League. And the Chiefs have the 19th ranked run defense. They gave the ball to a running back on first and second down, three times the whole game. You’re the best rushing attack in the league. You give Gus Edwards the ball three fucking times. You’re out here scheming up inside fade shots that Lamar keeps on overthrowing. He hasn’t hit the shit one time, and yet no one in the sideline had said, “Hey Lamar, take a little bit off.” Nah, they’re just going to let him throw that thing 15-yards in front of OBJ.

Same route, same side, same release, but you ran it with Bateman, Agholor, and Beckham, and none of them could catch that shit. I mean like bro what are you doing? Like, Todd Monken, lock in.

Carl: And they got Dalvin Cook too?

Michael, Jonathan, Peyton: Yeah and they got Calvin Cook

Michael: And I think we need to start having a real conversation about John Harbaugh because…

Peyton: Nah for real

Michael: …What has he done since he won the Super Bowl in 2012?

Peyton: Congratulations, you have an all-pro defense that got you to the conference championship, lock in.

Michael: Like he has, like John Harbaugh as a coach, like he’s highly praised, but other than going to the playoffs, getting knocked out in the wild card and divisional round, what has John Harbaugh done to prove that he’s..,he kind of, I mean, I might sound crazy, but he’s reminding me a lot like Mike Tomlin, who gets a lot of praise…

Carl: Oh yeah

Michael: …but other than winning a Super Bowl one time, what has he done?

Peyton: Don’t get me wrong, winning records are great, but winning records don’t mean shit without rings.

Michael: Exactly, like same way

Jonathan: Can’t compare playoff success with winning records man. We have a lot of those man, we have a lot of winning…it hurts bro, especially in the last like five seasons, I mean we were, this is our fourth NFC championship game in the last five, it doesn’t mean… like those winning records don’t mean anything man, like, especially when we lost to the Rams, that, that streak just didn’t…we continue owning them afterwards, but it doesn’t feel the same.

Peyton: You have to finish in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter how good of a head coach you are in the regular season. I mean, look at Dan Campbell, he’s a great regular season coach, because when you go for fourth-down in the regular season, you get to play next week. You don’t get to play next week in the playoffs.

Carl: Yeah, I feel like there’s a difference between being aggressive and being too aggressive

Michael, Peyton, Jonathan: Yeah

Peyton: There’s a difference between being a good regular season team and good postseason team.

Jonathan: Those last two games, Dan Campbell became very aggressive, the Ravens came off really, not really…

Peyton: Just lackluster. It never felt like they played 100%, except for Kyle Hamilton because he was all over the field.

Carl: Especially with the Super Bowl on the line, like come on man you gotta know that it’s on the line

Michael: At home too, at home

Carl: Exactly

Michael: So, as the 49er fan, you’re going against Kansas City again, when the last time you guys played them, what, they were up by like 10 with like six minutes left?

Jonathan: They were up by 10, and they scored 21 in the fourth fucking quarter

Michael: So, what…do you think it’s going to be a different outcome this time, like obviously you want that, but…

Jonathan: Well, we have a quarterback that’s not too scared to fucking throw, alright? When Garoppolo was uh…here’s a stat right, I was reading this out right..

Michael, Peyton, Carl: (laughs)

Jonathan: So…

Peyton: Yeah, we give stats over here

Jonathan: So, Jimmy G, the last time we made the Super Bowl, right, his total stats from the divisional and conference championship game against the Packers and Vikings, right, he only attempted 27 throws…

Michael: Raheem Mostert carried him

Peyton, Jonathan, Carl: Yeah

Jonathan: Speaking of rushing, we attempted..I saw it from QB rushes, 79 attempts. on rushing. those two games. They converted to 472 yards

Michael: Insane

Jonathan: You compare this to Brock Purdy, they have the same completion percentage…similar, Garoppolo’s is slightly better by 1%, at 63%, but Brock Purdy is throwing a lot more and…

Peyton: And he’s just better, he’s hitting guys down the field, like… (laughs)

Jonathan: Yeah…you know, um, we’ll win this game. What would win us this game, is getting the YACs, we’re known for yards after catch, you know, and they have open field tackling, they need…I think Kansas City, I mean…

Peyton: This game is the battle of Steve Spagnuolo verses Brock Purdy because Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator for the Chiefs, he’s the guy that stopped the undefeated Patriots, he was the Giants’ defensive coordinator, so I think Purdy is young, and I think he’s going to try and bring a lot of pressure, and if that pressure doesn’t get through, a YAC team like the 49ers, if you let them dink and duck, they’re gonna dink and duck their way to a Super Bowl.

Jonathan: And like you mentioned earlier, you said the Chiefs are like the 16th rank…

Peyton: Rushing defense, they have to get to Brock Purdy to win the game. That is their key

Jonathan: Yeah…I feel rushing, the fact that they’re not that good of a good rushing defense, and you have Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and even Brock Purdy at times can continue giving you those yards as well, those clutch yards…

Michael: And Elijah Mitchell too

Carl: That’s something that Garoppolo couldn’t do. I think that’s the difference between a good quarterback and a game manager. Garoppolo for me, was not a good quarterback. He’s a game manager.

Peyton: I think Purdy can be a game manager, but the thing that makes him not a game manager is that when he needs to, he can make plays with his arm and his legs.

Jonathan: The Packers game, when he was playing completely ass the entire time, but when it mattered, he got them in the field position for the handoff and scored the touchdown…

Carl: The game-winning drive

Jonathan: And you have this game right here, fucking 24-7 in the first half, and outscored them 27 to what is it, 7?

Carl: Uh huh

Jonathan: Yeah…to 8

Peyton: If they can play from behind with him they’ll be a damn good team

Carl: I mean, Brock, Brock Purdy is not scared of the pressure. I feel like that’s the difference between for me, between him and Garoppolo, I mean, Garoppolo honestly under pressure…

Jonathan: He folds under pressure

Carl:…He’s, he’s ass, respectfully, ass

Jonathan: You can’t say respectfully calling someone ass…(laughs)

But, like, that’s real, Brock Purdy, I mean the last two games we’ve seen, especially the last game man, he wasn’t scared of pressure, he got tackled at one point and still completed the pass to Deebo…

Peyton: I saw that…

Jonathan: …Just like, he’s good under pressure and the blitz you know, like he’s…

Peyton: It’s all about defense

Jonathan: …It’s all about this defense man

Peyton: Yeah, and speaking of defense, 70-point games in the NBA.

Michael: It’s not happening in the NBA, yes exactly. Uh, recently, there’s been a lot of 70-point games in the NBA. The most recent one was Luka Doncic, which I’m not surprised, I mean Luka Doncic…

Peyton: Luka’s gonna get buckets

Michael: To me he’s the…

Jonathan: You know he’s fourth all-time in points in a game now?

Michael: …Yeah I seen that…, to me, I mean, people call me crazy, but I think Luka Doncic is…he’s already the best player in the league. I don’t care what anyone says, people say Nikola Jokic, people say Joel Embiid, no, it’s Luka bruh. I’m sorry, I hate to say it to you, but it’s Luka Doncic.

Peyton: Luka is the nicest to watch

Michael: But, anyways, Joel Embiid scored 70, and I think last week or a couple of weeks ago, and then also Karl-Anthony Towns almost scored 70

Peyton: He had like 62 and he got benched

Michael: Yeah, he got benched in the fourth quarter…, so I guess the question is, do you think it’s just the players getting better or it’s just like a lack of defense in the league that’s right now? (14:47)


Peyton: I think like undoubtedly the last generation of athletes isn’t as good as the new generation of guys, of course these dudes are better scorers, but like definitely think, I’m not saying it’s like one-hundred percent its all the hand-checking rule, but there’s a lack of physicality in certain defenders,


I also feel like a lot of it is the refs like you see O.G Anunoby wrap his arms around dudes and they don’t get any calls but then you see guys blow air on some dudes and it’s like a fragrant, like how can you play hard nose aggressive defense when you don’t know what ref you’re gonna get or what or what rep you have in the league.

Michael: That’s kinda been happening with you could say like the foul issues like something that’s been happening a lot with Bron this season.

Cause he’s in, or like there’s literally a picture of someone literally having a clawmark on his whole-ass shoulder, and he didn’t get the call like what? So yeah I just think, uh I think defense has like been getting worse lately because now it’s just like I think if you look at the best defense in the league they allow like one hundred and eight points a game

Peyton: That would be like probably middle of the pack in the 2000s

Michael: In like 2000s like in the 2000s like yeah it was like, what I remember when I was growing up watching basketball in you know late 2000s uh early 2010s you know it was always like halftime score was always like 45-50 now it’s like 70 – 60 it’s like doubled everything so I think it’s lack of defense but also but also it’s just these teams are getting better and better every single year


Like I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player that can do what Luka can do since like Lebron, so like and it’s just a mix of both like players are getting better and defense is just not as good as it once was, mainly because like you said officiating, players don’t know what they can or can’t do because of like how they officiating.

Jonathan: They might be scared too, like you can’t commit a foul.

Carl: Yeah I think for sure the game has just changed, honestly I think the defense, it’s a bit of both, guys are scoring 50 like nothing now, so I mean honestly like them officiating does add a factor.

Peyton: I mean P.J Tucker dropping 51, what happened to the game I love? Like bro.

Michael: And also like I just going continuing on real quick I think we need to show some appreciation for what we saw on Saturday

I don’t know if you guys saw but it was the Golden State Warriors and The Lakers playing two all-time greats going at it Curry and Lebron like I think people need to shine light or more appreciation on that because like you’re not gonna see that often again like Lebron’s 36 points 20 rebounds and

Peyton: 12 assists

Michael: 12 assists and he’s in his, what he’s 39 years old Curry scored 46, we should just appreciate them while they’re here cause when they’re gone the league is not gonna be the same

Peyton: I don’t think people understand for like our whole lives like, like, I don’t think people are gonna understand the sheer impact it will have when he retires one day.

Michael: Now, uh we’re gonna jump ship, to uh the UFC 300, I guess card predictions you guys wanted to talk about.

Peyton: So yeah uh for the UFC there’ve been some talks about some weight division shifting and the includes 165, 175, it’s looking like the UFC would like to have uh 10 pound difference between all of the weight classes


From and it looks like most of this stems from Connor Mcregor and Michael Chandler fight so

Jonathan: So Michael Chandler Connor Mcgregor looks like they’re gonna, They’re trying to fight at UFC 300 but we all know how Connor Mcgregor is, uh I think that fights not gonna be till much later


If they were gonna fight at UFC 300 there’s been rumors that the 165 division and if there’s a fighter they’d do that for it’s Connor Mcgregor now this is an interesting topic because we’ve been like as fans I think we’ve been talking about 165 division for a long while especially with the gap between 155 and 170 there are so many fighters at 155 draining themselves but if they go up to 170 they’ll get completely


Peyton: Mauled

Jonathan: Get ragdolled like um uh Kevin Lee

Peyton: Kevin Lee is the prototypical 165 guy

Carl:165 is perfect for Kevin Lee

Jonathan: And there are fighters at welterweight such as Gilbert Burns that’s just

Peyton: He’s too

Jonathan: if you seen the fight with Khamzat it’s a very big, to be fair Khamzat was a very big welterweight, but you do see like the big size difference between those two


Carl:And I feel like it’ll be perfect for guys like Colby Covington

Jonathan: Yeah, Colby Covington used to wrestle at 165, um during college so like

Carl: Guys like Dustin Poirier can go to 165.


Peyton: It’ll be good for weight cutting too I think you wanna get rid of weight cutting and you wanna make it as safe as possible you gotta make the weights closer

Carl: Yeah cause what, Dustin Porier weights like what 190


Peyton: Yeah cause Michael Chandler walks around at like 180 and he fights at 155, like.

Carl: Yeah like that’s wild

Jonathan: And there’s fighters like Islam and he’s a very big dude, he’s a very big lightweight

Carl: Honestly do you think, do you think weight cutting is a form of cheating?


Jonathan: Uh man I don’t think so.

Peyton: If you, cause everyones doing it no, and if you can make the weight then I guess you’re not really a weight bully you know what I mean?

Jonathan: I feel theres a lot of fighters you look at like Alex Pereira he’s like, with his last fight 185 but he was like weighing 220.

Peyton: In the Octagon


Carl: How did he make 185?


Jonathan:I feel like it does affect your chin a lot, I mean it does affect it goes like we seen what happened afterwards right, Izzy doesn’t really have that big scary knockout power but the, I feel, I feel the weight cut is a big issue it also affects gas tank

We’re gonna see it with the Holy Holm Harrison fight

Peyton: That Harrison they’re gonna kill Kayla Harrison, No bullshit

Jonathan: We’ll see, So aside from 165 if there really thinking about having that they should be also open to opening more weight classes, 165 that was a good one.

Peyton: 175


Jonathan: Yeah put 175 so it’s a 10 pound difference

Peyton: 195

Jonathan 195 that’s if, How many fighters would


Peyton: That’s the inbetween.


Jonathan: go down to light heavyweight and how many fighters from middle weight would go in there


Peyton: i could see like


Jonathan: Paulo costa i feel he’s one of them


Peyton: Paulo costa would fight at 195


Carl: honestly i feel its more of middle weights would move up 205ers then moving down


Peyton: i could see paul craig going from middleweight to 195


Jonathan: I see that


Peyton: Like


Carl: Cuz honestly Paul craig


Peyton: he doesnt have the physically to be a light heavyweight i mean he got beat up he didnt get beat up but he got messed up in his last fight i mean he beat andre munoz but that was it


Carl: Bro Breandan allen fucked him up big time


Peyton: Breandan Allen


Jonathan: i feel there should be a cruiser weight 100%


Peyton: yeah


Jonathan: i mean we talk about the big different between 155 170 and 170 to 185 and 205 but between light heavy and heavy that is a very big i know theres been a hand full fighters


Peyton: thats where jailton almeida


Jonathan: jailton almeida is one he came in his last fight 23


Carl: hes like 2 30 something


Jonathan: and thats really small i feel you should have um


Peyton: like a 215


Jonathan: 215 225 i feel that’s it i feel it should be that big of a gap between those two because you are testing your pretty much dipping your toes


peyton : but your a heavy weight


Jonathan: Yeah to the heavy weight


Carl: hes next fight is curtis blaydes whos like 265


Jonathan: Yeah


Peyton: thats a big guy


Peyton: especially


Jonathan: theres fighters in heavyweight that would cut down to 265


Carl: Oh yeah hes one those guys i’m sure


Jonathan: 100% currier weight would 100% benefits a lot of fighters who would benefit like alex pereira who cuts a lot of weight you know


Peyton: i would just make the sport safer


Jonathan: Maybe jailton almeida might down there to but i feel a lot of weight classes should be added so


Micheal: So now we’re gonna transition to real quick now we’re gonna talk about their merger prather to the ufc and that’s wwe so recently there’s been acts of this is serious news by the way real serious and disclaimer these are all allegations so we’re not confirming anything that this happened so just that’s just a real quick disclaimer recently theres been controversy with vince mcmahon who has been in a pretty fucked up sitution he has been accused of i believe sued right




Jonathan: sex trafficking


Micheal: sex trafficking sexual assault and tons and tons of disguesting things


Peyton: I mean stuff you cant even talk about


Carl: yeah


micheal : and yeah recently with that with allegations coming out lawsuit coming out he resigned his position at the chairmen of the board with the wwe not only that but the tko merger he has with the ufc so oblivious him coming back to the wwe is not very likely but what do you guys reaction on like


Jonathan: I feel him stepping down does kinda look kinda weird


Peyton: its pretty obvious


Jonathan: its a bad look


Peyton: i mean yeah look vince mcmahon if you watched old wwe you always knew he was there’s nothing we could prove and everything is alleged but if you watched old wwe he also been on that line and always done things that been uncomfortable it’s not something that pertickly shocks me but the fact that taken this long for somebody to find something because god knows how long this was going now hes been the head of the wee since it started i mean thats 2 decades of this potentially


Jonathan: A lot of people man in the 100s maybe like


Peyton: this could br some serious stuff


Micheal: theres even more coming up like potentially that brock lesnar is also a part of this this hold situations too


Jonathan: Oh really


Micheal: yeah there saying that he was involved with like this assault allegation going on there sayi ng it was a former ufc championship champion hes the only former ufc champion thats been apart of the wwe so its like crazy to thing about and when i think about it i grew watching wwe every now and then i still check on it because you know its more world wide everyone knows about it again its not surprising to hear these type of news come out about vince mcmahon because he said previously if watched wwe like in the early 2000s and like late 90s the the attitude era then you know the type of shit that vince mcmahon was on weird shit but you makes you feel for like not just for the lady involved but also how can what do you think the town is feeling the locker room like holy shit like we’re being lead by this appeared weirdo you know and i just feel for the person involved just you know this whole situation is messed up and you know again allegations these aren’t true nothing is proven to be true yet but again this is something we wanted talk about you leave a little comment on


Jonathan: now its like who is gonna lead the wwe now


Peyton: I think you just put whoever could do it and hope the product retain its quality

Micheal: Yeah well that gonna do it for this episode guys we hope guys enjoyed it our next episode will most likely on the superbowl so please keep an eye out on that one i know Jonathan has a lot to say about that so yeah that will be it and thank you for listening and see you guys soon




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