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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 6: Super Bowl 58

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Michael: what’s going on guys welcome back to another episode of the hear me out podcast we are your host Michael


Peyton: Peyton


Jonathan: And Jonathan


Michael: And this episode were just gonna be talking about the superbowl and the result of the superbowl and the we do have a 49ers fan here as you guys know jonathan is a 49ers fan were gonna let him take the floor and give his through of the game


Jonathan: i don’t really have much to say what i wanna say is KYLE SHANAHAN HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT THE FUCKING OVERTIME RULES


Michael: yo


Jonathan: ITS NOT NOT 2017 DAWG ITS 2020 FUCKING 4


Michael: yo is that all you got to say


Jonathan: I have a lot to say kyle shanahan bro like listen you don’t understand dawg last 5 seasons i had to see the chiefs just you know theres no more doubting no more bro i been tryna denied as much as i can but patrick mahomes owns us patrick mahomes fucking owns us man


Michael: you wanna add something peyton


Peyton: um i thought it was a good game um i thought that steve spagnuolo did a really good job getting to brock purdy especially in the second half i think there was a play on i think 3rd and 4 they they would have got a first down where would run a lot of clock and probably ended the game but you know great pressure dialed up by spagnuolo thats why he got his contract extension mcduffy got there you know it was just mixer of good play calling i mean the chiefs are really well rounded team i feel that showed on sunday they kinda won the game on all aspect


Michael: um again like he said good game the first half was a little boring for the most part i mean the 49ers defense was dominating the whole entire first half they were dominating uh it was 10 to 0 at one point mind you and uh


Jonathan: You know how that works with kyle shanahan


Michael: and then the second half like the 49ers i don’t know what they were thinking if your up in the superbowl at half i would i mean run the ball i think


Peyton: and not even up on the superbowl up in the superbowl with christian mccaffrey and a world class offensive line


Michael: The best running back in football


Peyton: i know


Michael: and you dont run the ball


Peyton: yeah


Michael: and heres my other the 49ers they were doing a job holding the chiefs offense to like not scoring i mean the only reason they scored the first touchdown because of a ball hit uh the player on the leg off of a punt


Jonathan: Derrell ruler luther


Michael: thats an unfortunate situation but um i just for the most part i think the 49ers offense didnt much in the second half to win this game and i think thats what really hurt them the most because i think for the most part the 49ers defense did what they couldve done but uh honestly once Jake moody he missed that extra point i knew it was over i knew it was gonna go to overtime and knew patrick mahomes was gonna win it that moment right there was gonna cost them the game

Peyton: Yeah, like Jonathan said the whole overtime rules thing I don’t know if y’all could actually hear that part but um just they did two, the chiefs did what two weeks of overtime rule preparation in like the off-, what like training camp and they didn’t go over it at all in San Fran like Jonathan said I mean that’s just like poor coaching.


They played really really soft zone on that last drive I don’t know if that’s Kyle Shanahan or the former defensive coordinator because he got fired uh Steve Wilks, but just playing soft zone against Mahomes like he won’t dink and dunk his way down the field when he needs a field goal and that’s exactly what he did, and I just I don’t know I thought they should’ve dialed up pressure and they didn’t and they paid the price for it


Michael: Yeah, I mean even the referee (laughs) the referee told Fred Warner are you sure you want the ball first? They even let them know like you sure and they said yeah, and even me personally if I’m the 49ers 4th & 4 I don’t give a shit I’m going for it, I’m going for 4th down to make sure I score a touchdown so that if they score a touchdown now it’s just whoever scores next wins.


Peyton: Right, that was their whole logic for taking the ball we get a touchdown they get a touchdown we go win.


Michael: Yeah, but if you don’t


Peyton: Get a touchdown.


Michael: There is no point in getting the ball first.


Jonathan: Well the thing is Kyle Shanahan is so conservative that he definitely was there on January 6th, there there’s no other way, I mean I don’t know how in the 2nd half we just fucking collapsed alright the first half like Nick Bosa was doing his thing Chase Young was doing his thing the entire D-line was doing its thing you know the second half just complete I mean, when Greenlaw did get the most


Peyton: That was crazy.

Jonathan: That was the weirdest out of like out of I just can’t believe that’s how he got injured just.


Michael: Running onto the field.


Jonathan: Running onto the field you know.


Michael: And it wasn’t even a turf field, all grass like he still tore his Achilles that way.


Peyton: That’s just terrible luck, but um no I did see everyone on twitter saying Mahomes has like a Voodoo shield around him and if you enter it, you like disintegrate so guess that’s what happened to Dre Greenlaw unfortunately just a lot a lot went wrong for the 49ers a lot of things that were in their control to that’s just the worst part.


Michael: It’s like at this point when is Shanahan gonna learn this happens too many times in his playoff career where the same thing just keeps happening over and over and over.


Jonathan: And really next season the upcoming season is gonna be pretty much the last chance we have with the core that we have right now uh next season um outta contract or the contract extension with Brock Purdy end of his rookie deal right now with this season Kinlaw, Jennings, um Gibson and many more are all though some of them are replaceable but some of them are important to their roles like Jennings and Kinlaw so


Michael: And also, to add like Aiyuk and his uh 5th year option.


Jonathan: Yeah, so next season is pretty much like go big or go home.


Peyton: Yeah, make or brake.

Jonathan: Yeah, but it’s been like that for the last five seasons so you know.


Peyton: Yeah


Michael: Every season it feels like the 49ers are in this situation where like they have the team to win the Super Bowl, but they can just never, the make it to the NFC championship game and they lose, or they make it to the Super Bowl and lose.


Peyton: They can’t get over that last hump like every year they’re a favorite, they look like a Super Bowl favorite team, and I mean they had periods during this season where like yeah, they had a losing streak but there is never a point it was like this team is gonna collapse in the playoffs.

Jonathan: Yeah like we beat the Cowboys earlier in the season, we destroyed the eagles you know and we get to the playoffs and you know pretty poor packers game but the last drive ended up with Brock Purdy winning the whole game.

And then you have the amazing comeback against the Lions, this team is capable this team is very capable.

Peyton: And that’s the thing that’s the whole narrative with the team is that you can’t play from behind with Brock Purdy but now they played from behind so now what is it? What is wrong? I don’t know if it’s Shanahan and the coordinators, the mix of players they have something has gotta be up because you just can’t do this, this consistently especially when the main thing that everyone pointed out that you can’t play from behind is no longer true.

Jonathan: Especially now that we have a quarterback that you know were comfortable with him because we weren’t really comfortable throwing with Garppolo especially when we were playing from behind and now we have quarterback that is comfortable in throwing and when were behind and it’s clutch time.

Peyton: Yeah nah people on twitter were saying that he overthrew like three touchdowns and like one of them he should’ve hit.

Michael: Only one of them.

Peyton: The other ones he was getting hit while throwing the bal or it was great coverage

Michael: Like the pass to Aiyuk it was like earlier in the game I think that could’ve been a better throw but again a little difficult but it was the one to Deebo where I thought he could’ve hit that one but I think he was hit by Chris Jones on that one? They left him unblocked.

Jonathan: Yeah and Sneed I think was the play Sneed smack the ball away.

Peyton: Yeah just not a good overall execution by the niners.

Michael: Like at first like how they were saying they didn’t feel comfortable with Jimmy G throwing the ball coming from behind this time their up and they felt too comfortable throwing the ball and they kept continuing and at this point in the game you do not need to throw it cause look how they were running the ball in the first posses of overtime they were killing them running the ball they were averaging like five yards a carry.

Peyton: Yeah that tired Chiefs defense they could’ve ran all over them in the second half.

Michael: And I’m pretty sure if they would’ve a run play on fourth and four they would’ve got it.

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Peyton: Yeah that’s the thing why wouldn’t you go for it, it’s overtime in the Super Bowl why not just do it alright especially when it’s against Patrick Mahomes who has the track record of coming from behind especially in overtime.

Peyton: Yeah just not a good one.

Michael: So um that’s all were really gonna cover for the Super Bowl uh we gave all of our thoughts I mean again it was a good game 49ers fans are really going through it right now but uh also other people that are really going through it first we would like to give our thoughts and condolences to the people out in Kansas City I believe today there was a shooting that happened at the championship parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, how many people get injured?

Peyton: I believe 9 people got injured and one person lost their life.

Michael: Yeah so um again thoughts and condolences to the people out in the city of Kansas City and uh that’s gonna wrap it up for this episode we appreciate you guys for listening and we’ll see you guys soon, thank you.



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