Subaru donates former Fast and Furious engine to the Cerritos College Automotive Department


Anthony Hodge

The Subaru car company donated a former “Fast and Furious” engine was donated to the Cerritos College Automotive Program. The $8500 engine was donated on Aug. 12.

Anthony Hodge and Anthony Hodge

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The Subaru car company donated an $8500 engine that was part of a “Fast and Furious” car to the Cerritos College Automotive program on Friday, Aug. 12.

According to Dan Page, Service Manager of Subaru, the engine is a 2.5 liter double charge turbo engine.

Pages choose Cerritos College to donate the engine, “Because [Cerritos] is an automotive youth education service, and Cerritos College is part of the program.”

Subaru tries to donate to different schools every year.

Don Heck, Field Service Training Manager in Ontario, said that the company got the engine from a movie company before the cars were destroyed.

“I think [the donation] will drive the excitement to the automotive program. [The students] will see something new, something different. There’s not that many manufacturers with that type of engine,” Page said.

Automotive Instructor Leonard Glick is happy about the donation to the school.

“We’re really excited about it, Subaru is considered our corporate partners and we really depend on them with the donations and to help us really keep up with some of the latest technology, Glick said.

Glick also shared his plans on how the engine will be used in classes.

“One of the classes is the engine over hall class, where we will actually take engines, we’ll disassemble them and we’ll inspect measure, reassemble and readjust them.

“We’ll put the group of students around this engine and spend a good portion of this semester will be spent on just inspect it,’ Glick said.

Subaru hopes to donate more to Cerritos College in the near future.