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Cerritos College is offering a reading workshop on Sept. 15 from 2 p.m.-3 p.m.

The workshop is to help students who have trouble understanding what they are reading and make the student a better reader.

Shannon Estrada, Re-entry Resource Specialist, believes that the workshops are quite effective.

“Basically, [the presenters] are just going to go over tips that students can use when [the students] are trying to read text books. “

And a lot of times you read the same paragraph over and over, they’re going to give tips to get past that, on how to just pretty much study more effectively.”

Click Here to listen to Re-entry Resource Specialist Shannon Estrada explain the reading workshops on campus.

Estrada had a male student give her feedback on the workshop and she says that he was very pleased with what he learned at the workshop.

She explains that the student learned so much from it, that he came up with his own reading tips which he now shares with her.

The workshops are once a week, every semester excluding Summer.

Cerritos College offers other workshops such as Scholarship workshops, Note-taking and a new workshop called Tips for student success.

The workshops are open to any student attending Cerritos College and also any student off campus.

“We encourage students to bring friends, we’ve had staff members send their high school kids here to go to the different workshops” Estrada explained.

Shannon says that if they benefit any student they are always welcome to attend the workshops as long as they RSVP so they have an idea of how many people will be attending.

The workshop will be hosted by Blair Di Giovanni and it will take place in the Language Arts Success Center, located in the upper floor of the LRC.

More than anything this workshop will help students to discover how to read more effectively and study while doing it. To RSVP please contact Shannon Estrada at [email protected] or by calling 562.860.2451, ext. 2362.