Everything homecoming: A look back at this year’s events

Sarah Niemann and Sarah Niemann

This year’s Cerritos College float contest and homecoming schedule revolved around the theme “Broadway Musicals.”

Out 22 women, seven were chosen by the student body to be a part of the 2012 Cerritos College homecoming court.

The homecoming court in ballot order, consisted of:

  • Lauren Gandara: Talon Marks Press Club
  • Zineb Fikri: Music Club
  • Kenia Avalos: Broadcasting Club
  • Amber Rose Belmonte: Phi Beta Lamba
  • Geovana Sarmiento: Student Veterans Club
  • MarJona Smith-Holieway: Independent
  • Brittany Forsythe: Leo Club

Once the court was introduced, the women began preparing for the homecoming queen elections.

They participated in events such as activity night, the mock rally, and the homecoming elections.

During halftime at the Cerritos College football game on Oct. 13, Smith-Holieway, the Independent runner, went home with the crown.

The floats were created by clubs at Cerritos College and a panel of judges awarded the floats according to things like school spirit and craftsmanship.

The floats were presented during halftime following the crowning.

The Cerritos College Falcons football team was victorious over the Allan Hancock Bulldogs 55-25.