Floats take center stage


A float designed by the Music Club depicting the King of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington.Photo credit: Daniel Green.

Of the many sights seen in Falcon stadium, superheroes and wizards are not normally among them.

Cerritos College clubs arrived at Falcon Stadium to show off the Comic-Con themed floats that they built for homecoming on Saturday.

The designs ranged from Power Rangers to Tomb Raider.

Phi Theta Kappa was one of the clubs which participated in the event and was awarded with an award for Most Original.

“We did the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. We built a ship and it took us the whole weekend and our funds to complete,” Dennis Garcia, public health major and Phi Theta Kappa vice president, said.

“In the end, even though it was very last minute, we are very satisfied (and) very happy with our results. I think this will be memorable, the most memorable float–perhaps of the whole event.”

The floats were popular with the judges, some of whom were the current homecoming court running for the title of homecoming queen.

Candidate Kryxiane Ramos was impressed by the work done by the clubs.

“It’s like I’m going into the video games and TV shows that they’re portraying,” Ramos said.

“I love the Zelda one. I played Zelda when I was younger, so this one is one of my favorite ones.”

Ramos also enjoyed the Peanuts float done by the Child Development Club.

“I really like the child development one down there. They’re using the little kids as Charlie and Lucy. All the kids are really, really cute.”

Another judge was candidate Lauren Didio from the Anthropology Club.

“It’s so hard to choose which one’s the best or the most unusual (or) which one is most creative,” Didio said.

“I mean, they’re all amazing. Everybody did such a great job. Everybody’s out here so animated. It’s really great.”

The winners were announced at the homecoming luncheon in the Student Center where the food was supplied by students in Culinary Arts.

Among the winners were the Triathlon Club, which won Realization of Theme for its Justice League float.

“It feels really good, especially because our team put a lot work and effort into it, and a lot of qualities were displayed that weren’t before,” said electrical engineering major Michael Alvarado from the Triathlon Club.

The International Students Association, which won last year for its “Wicked” theme, won the award for best Utilization of Color for its “Dragon Ball Z” float.

“We had all the members choose. We had a whole list of ideas of what we wanted to do, and in the end they (the ISA’s members) wanted to do ‘Dragon Ball (Z),'” Charles Caguioa said.

“We had to do ‘Dragon Ball (Z).’ After that, we all just started pitching in more ideas and eventually that’s the float we ended up getting.”

Other winners included:

  • Puente Club for Most Humorous
  • Music Club for Most Inspirational
  • Queer Straight Alliance for Best Use of Color
  • Dynamic Dance for Most Unusual
  • Student Veterans Club for Best Use of Paper
  • WPMD for Most Educational
  • Sci Fi Club for Best Craftmenship
  • Anthropology Club for Best Design
  • Dental Hygiene for the Amy Dozer award