Fit Club gives out free yoga lessons on campus


Get Fit club members offer free workouts to Cerritos College students. Members of the club perform yoga poses. Photo credit: Samantha Vasquez

Samantha Vasquez

With more than 20 students signing up, Fit Club’s free exercise booth proved to be a success. The club was promoting a healthier lifestyle to students at Falcon Square on Tuesday, Sept. 23.

Fit Club is not just for the student body, it’s available to everyone. It holds workouts, yoga sessions, hikes and nutrition advice for anybody willing to join the club. The club is based out in Southern California and usually have workouts in major parks around Los Angeles.

The fitness enthusiasts were offering free workouts to any student that went up to their booth and were interested in joining their classes, which are usually held on weekdays.

Representative for Fit Club, Stephanie Rinek, said, “The workouts are always fun. People love them because they’re sweating and everyone high-fives each other.”

Rinek explained that the club wants to have more students from Cerritos College to join in on the workouts because it wants to have more people from the community exercising to get healthy and active.

Marlon Smith, a graphic design major, recently joined Fit Club during the first week of the fall semester. Smith has experience in the club and said, “It’s been great. The first two weeks I worked out with the group, I lost about four pounds.

“It’s a great community, we’re like a fit family.”

The club does not discriminate on who joins; it accepts people from all levels of fitness capabilities.

“Get fit, get active, get motivated,” Rinek said.

Fit Club recommends going to one of its workout sessions. It’s located at Cerritos Park East and meets every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. For other times and locations on where it will be holding its meet-ups, follow the club’s main representatives on Instagram: @StephanieBikini and @GetFitByt.