‘Order’ makes plans for future events

Nicolette Aguirre, Associate Arts Editor

So, what’s in the book of spells for Order of the Falcons this time around? Well, on Monday, Sept. 22, the club had its first “Welcome Feast” of the semester, held at the “Great Hall,” also known as the Student Center.

Basically, it had a pot-luck, members brought food; which they received points for; and as they feasted and mingled within their groups.

Order of the Falcons’ agenda was short and simple – the main focus was for club members to get acquainted within their houses, receive their acceptance letters, go over the float theme; which is going to be a United Kingdom and England based theme and to choose a head of house for each group.

The head of houses are Katherine Grijalva for Gryffindor, Sotero Lopez for Ravenclaw, Dempsey Garcia for Hufflepuff and Luis Montes for Slytherin.

The head of the houses are responsible for holding house points, keeping members up to date and to retain membership within the houses.

Ravenclaw is currently in the lead with 65 points, Hufflepuff is in second with 35 points, Slytherin is in third with 20 points and Gryffindor is falling behind with 15 points.

As for Quidditch practice, coach Aldemar Sanchez postponed it to next week, because “everyone’s going to be dead tired from all the food and I don’t want anybody throwing up.” He hopes that more club members will participate next week and is currently trying to get word out to other Quidditch teams about possible tournaments.

According to club President Janet Parga, the welcome feast turned out to be cool and casual, “To be honest, I saw a lot more communication and socializing then last semester.”

“Compared to last time, I see a lot more communication and socializing,” Parga said.