TSEC uses booth in Falcon Square to inform about upcoming election


Juan Herrera registers to vote online after talking to the Social Equality Club. The group is hoping to register students in time for them to vote for the elections in November Photo credit: Daniel Green

Daniel Green, Managing Editor

As candidates start to prepare for the upcoming Board of Trustees election in November, the Social Equality Club did what it could to inform students.

The club set up a booth on Wednesday, Oct. 1, in Falcon Square with the intention of registering students to vote.

Members of the club talked to students about issues they face on campus and how voting can help them be heard.

Club member and Student Senator Dalia Jimenez, a economics major, was one of the volunteers who talked to students.

She said the goal was to motivate students to learn who is running and vote for candidates who best suit their interests.

“So we want (students to realize) that unless we have people in there that are pro-student, they’re not going to hear and understand when we go to them and we have questions like ‘why are we paying such high prices when it comes to water, books?’” Jimenez said.

The group believes that there are different on-campus issues that students should be more concerned about, such as restaurants in the food court having “C” ratings, or why students are having a hard time getting classes, delaying transfers.

One of the students that the group talked to was film major Juan Herrera, who liked the group’s message, especially concerning prices on campus.

“I think (the school) should do something about it,” Herrera said. “Some people are really low on money or are trying to get a job to afford the books and the food.”