TSEC talks Master Plan, and tuition with booth

Samantha Vasquez, Associate Opinion Editor

Mild winds didn’t stop the Social Equality Club from rallying students to The Hill with a creative banner to inform them about what the Master Plan is on Monday, Oct. 13, during the afternoon.

The Social Equality Club informed students about the Master Plan, and how since it had been created, tuition has been affected. The Master Plan was a plan instituted in the 60’s to provide tuition-free higher education.

The club aims to organize students as a group to help find solutions to social issues that college students face.

Club members created a banner that spread between two trees that read “Master Plan=Free Tuition” in huge red, yellow and black colors.

Club organizer, Jimmy Valdez, said, “This is actually just an action to stand in solidarity with the California City Union. We’re trying to make students aware of what the Master Plan is and what it was in the 1960’s when Governor Jerry Brown’s father passed it.”

Valdez and the club wanted students to realize how current tuition prices are putting students in debt.

Although it was windy and the banner was knocked down a few times, the club stood by to offer assistance to anyone with questions about the banner and the meaning behind it.

“We didn’t want to do anything too crazy so that’s why we created the banner; something brief,” Valdez said.

Mahya Jalali, an aesthetics major, said, “I came here because (the) banner really stood out, so I wanted to see what it was all about.”

Jalali said that she knew about the club and has seen them around campus, but after hearing all (the members) had to say, she’s going to begin attending the meetings.

The club meets the third Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. in SS 308. The club gives out more information on its website: http://thesocialequalityclub.org