Activity Night used to spread Homecoming awareness


All the Homecoming candidates gathered outside the Social Science Building. The idea of Activity Night was to spread awareness about all Homecoming events this week. Photo credit: Julien Galvan

Julien Galvan, Staff Writer

The candidates for the Homecoming court all got together at the Social Science Building on Tuesday, Oct. 14, for Activity Night.

“The Homecoming princesses are going to be going into each classroom and speak to each class here at the Social Science building, about all of the Homecoming events,” Cynthia Chavez, student events specialist, said.

Voting, float building and attendance for Saturday night’s Homecoming football game were among the items advertised.

“We want to have more people aware that we are actually doing float building, and that even they can go check it out and be a part of it, even if they aren’t part of any clubs right now,” Chavez said.

After all of the candidates gathered at the Social Science Patio, they all gathered their belongings and ventured inside of the building and began the process of spreading awareness for Homecoming events this week.

“We’re just going to be going into the classrooms and introducing ourselves,” Stacey Sandoval, candidate number seven, said.

“Well, I would like for the students to get involved,” Jaci Navas, candidate number three, said. “Personally, I would like to grow as a person, because I am very shy, so this helps me get out of my bubble.”

As the candidates went into each classroom to introduce themselves and talk about what it is that they’re going to do, the students received them positively as each individual candidate went on to speak about the various activities going on this week.

The next events are the Homecoming elections, taking place Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.