Homecoming elections for queen come to an end

Kenia Torres

Voting time drew to a close as students of Cerritos College were given time to decide who the Homecoming queen would be.

Voting polls were open for a second day on Thursday, Oct. 16, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Every queen has been using different types of strategies with students all around campus to make them vote.

All of the women running want to be the queen, and it is up to the students to decide. Some use their amazing sense of humor to make the students laugh, others give out candy, and, in reality, both of these tactics have been successful for the women that are running.

Queer Straight Alliance representative Ariel Hughes is using her sense of humor and her personality to get students to vote for her.

When walking up to people she says, “I am not selling anything, but let me tell you something really quick – ‘vote for me.’

“When you come up to people – the right way you are able to get the vote – It is all about being kind and letting people know why you want to run.”

Hughes said that everyone that is running has a reason for why she wants to win.

“I have different things to say about why I want to run; I have been involved with clubs and organizations; I have built floats out of nothing; practically, a queen is not only charismatic but also has the flash she has to be able to represent students.”

Wendy Sixtos, representative of the Child Development Club, on the other hand has different tactics to gain her votes.

“I am really shy, so getting to talk to others is something new; talking to students and smiling and asking how they are is very important. I do not just want them to think I just want their votes.”

She gives out candy to students that vote for her, but if they do not that is not a problem for her.

She said, “I have candy, too, and even if they do not vote for me, I still give them candy.

“For next year, any (woman) interested do it – It is stressful, but it is worth it, and it is a way for me to get out there. Any (woman) can do it.”

The results will be decided Saturday, Oct.18.