Safe Zone training, college completion and Fall Banquet discussed at meeting


Joe Nino discusses C4 initiatives at the Senate meeting.

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

Senator Aldemar Sanchez described the LGBT Safe Zone training that will be held here on campus next year during the Wednesday, Oct. 22, ASCC Senate meeting.

Safe zone training for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community is all about training students to help out those that form the LGBT community.

Sanchez passionately talks about the topic of how important it is to train students for this safe zone.

“Whether it’d be to understand this community of people more through their coming out process or whether it’d be the use of vocabulary that one uses toward them, the LGBT community, the people that attend the training will understand more about (the community).

“We want to show it has gone from something really terrible to now progressing it to something that is great and something that is accepted. We’re also showing them the coming out process or if they know someone that is in the process of coming out, or someone that is going through a hard situation because they just came out,” he said.

The training of staff has already been done; this upcoming training will be to train the students.

About 100 staff were trained and they will keep doing the staff training, but a lot of request from students to get trained for the safe zone were received so that will be happening this upcoming year.

Safe Zone is asking for $2,500 from Senate for funding for the student safe center.

There will be four workshops once a month. It’ll start next year and there will be one workshop in January, February, March and April.

Sanchez said that in every workshop they will be talking about something different, there will be a different discipline in each one and in each workshop will be giving the people that are getting trained a mini certificate and if they complete all four at the end they will be giving an actual certificate of completion.

In the meeting they also discussed the C4 (Community College Completion Corps) program that is for students that are committed to complete college.

Senator Joe Nino said, “The students who sign up will be flagged and we will track them after every semester to see how successful they are in the transferring process and getting their degree or certificate, and basically the whole thing is that we’re trying to change the culture of education on campus.”

The last issue discussed during the meeting was whether the Fall Banquet will be taking place or not.

The Senate has yet to decide whether the Fall Banquet will take place, because nothing was decided during this meeting.