Astronomy Club hosts fundraiser for Joshua Tree trip


Astronomy Club President Enrique Rueda organizing merchandise for the Astronomy Club fundraiser. It was held Wednesday, Oct. 22, in order to raise money for a field trip. Photo credit: Nicolette Aguirre

Nicolette Aguirre, Associate Arts Editor

Reach for the stars! Or in this case, your wallet.

The Astronomy Club had a fundraiser Wednesday, Oct. 22, until 4 p.m.

It was selling such goodies as pop-tarts, chips, fruit snacks, Sunny D, snow cones and a few other snacks.

Astronomy Club Vice-President Hugh Rueda said they were doing the fundraiser and trying to get people to sign up, so the club can go to a two-day field trip on Nov. 15 and 16 at Joshua Tree, a national park.

The Astronomy Club helps students know what astronomy can do for them and what fields they can go into if they want to major in astronomy, astro-physics or even just physics.

One of the main purposes of the club is for students to get a hands-on experience on how to use a telescope.

Rueda said, “We provide students with telescopes and teach them how to use it, so whenever we have club meetings at night – well, the astronomy lab – students get to use the telescopes to look at stars and so on.

“It’s a chance for them to see something different than what we see here, during the day,” he added.

Elsa Anaya, undecided major, mentioned that the Astronomy Club will be having a gathering to watch the solar eclipse on Thursday, Oct. 23, from 2:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Club President Enrique Rueda said, “Before the solar eclipse starts, we’re going to have every single telescope the school has outside. Professors … (are) going to be broadcasting it online.”