ISA host Global Village Day

Sebastian Echeverry

Wars, borders and politics crumbled to the ground as nations stood tall together for one day for the Global Village Day celebration in Falcon Square.

Nations united under one campus Monday, April 20 as the International Students Association Club hosted the Global Village Day event in an effort to offer students a worldwide perspective close to home.

Students and faculty strolled down Falcon Square learning about nations and its historical landmarks and getting free samples of the foods from each country.

The event spanned from the Americas and Asia to Europe and Africa.

ISA Records Coordinator Pablo Castilla said that the event was hosted to raise awareness of the other cultures.

He said, “ISA is trying to educate people about the diversity of the school.”

ICC Representative Lucero Herrera said that the event helps students know more about culture.

She said, “You get to meet new people and experience a new culture even though you can’t go there [countries].”

Aside from the international networking students were exposed to, students also had the chance to win money.

Charles Caguioa was handing out applications for a scholarship opportunity that ISA offered during the event.

He said, “ISA has a scholarship opportunity, you just write down what you learned based on the different booths of the countries that were here and I present them with a scholarship entry to turn it in.

“It’s going to be an opportunity to enter a drawing in order to win the prize.”

Caguioa said the scholarship worth was in the range of $100 to $250.

Applications will be viewed by ISA officials to determine who wins the scholarship.

The winner will then be emailed by the ISA to arrange the scholarship information.