Unofficial start for the ASCC Senate

Perla Lara

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, ASCC Senators gathered in their usual meeting room BK 111/112, but because of an error the bylaw conditions to have an official meeting were not met and the gathering could not be called an official meeting.

ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa saw this meeting as a way “to get to know roles, responsibilities and next week we should hit the ground running.”

De La Rosa has a few committees that will bring “accurate real time information to ASCC Senate.”

ASCC Vice President Ivan Oyarzabal led the unofficial meeting following the proper agenda order and protocol turning the unofficial meeting into a type of mock meeting or practice meeting.

Oyarzabal used the unofficial meeting to impose his authority, and expressed his expectations for his term as vice president. He said, “We [ASCC Senate] talk about ideas not character…there will be no factions.”

He also made it clear that he expected regular attendance from the senators to the meetings, “You ran for senate knowing that meetings were on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. … If you have 3 unexcused absences I will move to have you impeached ….If you are not here you are doing a disservice to the students you serve and the college.”

The ASCC Senate has a mixture of new and returning senators.

For Cristian Garcia this would be his first year participating in ASCC government, he said, “[ASCC Senate] is a learning experience, if students need help I will help.”

One problem that students have brought to his attention is the fountain in Falcon Square, “Sometimes it has water coming out when we are in a drought…. We should be saving water.”

For many other senators like ASCC Senator Dennis O. Garcia this would be his third year as part of ASCC. He spent his first year as a senator, and his second serving as the Cabinets Commissioner of Records and Information.

This is his third year he said, “I came back to senate because I can do a lot more, there’s more power.”

In the future ASCC Senate will be discussing a Taco Bell contract renewal and game room renovations and a few other issues that they will have to review and vote on.