Hydration system project continued by student trustee


Library Ambassador Tammi Mohr filling up her water bottle with the hydration system in the Library. Cerritos College looks to but them in the Fine Art and Math buildings. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

Hydration systems will be put into the Fine Arts and Math building, due to Student Trustee Raul Avalos bringing it up to the Board of Trustees.

Although these are recently-built buildings and have been occupied for two semesters, they lack hydration systems.

There are hydration systems by the library entrance and the first floor of the Physical Science and Technology Building.

Avalos said, “Before I became Student Trustee, I was walking around the buildings, I brought up hydration systems, and [asked] how come they’re not in the new buildings or everywhere around campus?”

“I’ve noticed that there are a lot of water bottles that are being dumped or thrown [away], creating a lot of waste” he said.

He brought the issue up to Cerritos College President Jose Fierro and told Avalos that it is something that he can look into.

This conversation took place before the student government elections that happened earlier this year and now that he is student trustee, the conversation is back on the table, and things are being done to implement those hydration systems.

Fierro said that they are certain projects that are sometimes left undone since positions are changed yearly in student government — this was one of them.

“There was some projects left unfinished, so with Raul [Avalos’ help] we decided to finish the hydration systems,” Fierro said.

It was mostly Avalos’ idea to finish the project according to Fierro.

Avalos feels that they’re about 80 percent done with negotiations and research. He says he needs to contact a few more people in order to complete this process.

Depending on the speed of the process, the systems should be installed within a semester.

He hopes to get this done by the end of this year, or the first two weeks of January.