Trustee Avalos and her family
Trustee Avalos, in the middle of the photo, and the rest of her family took a photo to celebrate Trustee Avalos’ accomplishments as a board member on Sept. 14.
Samuel Chacko

Trustee Avalos’ Farewell Reception

Cerritos held a reception for Trustee Carmen Avalos on Sept. 14 in the Performing Arts Center to honor her accomplishments as one of the members of the board of trustees.

After the board of trustee meeting was put into recess, everyone went over to the Performing Arts Center to celebrate Trustee Avalos’ accomplishments as she moves on to bigger and better things.

This reception began at around 7:30 p.m. when everyone sat down in the Performing Arts Center to hear the amazing things that Trustee Avalos did in her 14 years of being a board of trustee member.

Dr. Fierro, the Cerritos College president, said, “Carmen is someone who I consider a friend after so many years.”

“The representation on campus has changed and mirrors our community and students,” Dr. Fierro said, “Carmen was the precursor of that.”

It was also announced that the seat that Trustee Avalos was sitting on, was named after her and is the first chair named in the Performing Arts Center.

Trustee Birkey, one of Trustee Avalos’ colleagues, talked about the experience the board had and how he first learned about the closed sessions when he was first starting out on the board.

“You’ve always brought with you the kind of real-life experience into every single meeting,” Trustee Birkey said, “that has been the perspective she put in every decision.”

Trustee Birkey said, “You have been that bridge that brought us from the past (with missed opportunities) to making use of those opportunities. Thanks for teaching me so much.”

People from Linda Sánchez and Bob Archuleta’s office came to give Trustee Avalos awards for her hard work.

“Thank you to everyone for being here,” Trustee Avalos said, “First of all not only saying goodbye but thank you.”

“I like to thank my colleagues. May we never forget why we serve and do the right thing,” Trustee Avalos said, “You are the best group of people to work with.”

Trustee Avalos gave thanks to Dr. Fierro and the board members but also gave a huge thanks to her family.

“When I think about the legacy I will leave behind, I don’t know what that will be,” Avalos said, “I hope it inspires them [students] and I hope so.”

Avalos ended her speech when she said, “It has truly been my privilege to serve you and all the students as your trustee. Thank you so much, go Falcons!”

Carmen Avalos, the board of trustee member who was celebrated, said that she doesn’t know what’s next but she’s relocating to Northern California and would like to give thanks for the opportunity she had.

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