Love is in the air at the Cupids Ball

Students dancing at the Cupids Ball in the Student Center
Students dancing at the Cupids Ball in the Student Center
Ifeoma Utom

Love is in the air, and Cupid has arrived at Cerritos College. The first ever Cupid ball took place on Feb. 9 at the student center on campus at 6 pm.

Over 50 Students and faculty showed up in their most flashy, stunning outfits for a night out of dancing!

This is the first year that the ASCC held a Cupids ball and hope to make it an annual event at Cerritos College.

“I would love to make this an annual event, I think we can with the new members unfortunately I’m graduating so I can’t really say but I hope it’s a great turnout and we could make this annually,” said ASCC President Saige Frausto.

The Cupids Ball was an event for students across campus to have a good time with their peers and dance to the music of different generations.

Students who arrived were dressed formally with a masquerade on their faces to add a bit of a mystique to the dance.

The ball provided food, drinks, and a photo booth available for everyone who attended the event and all that was needed to attend was your student ID or a log-in to MyCerritos to show proof you are a student at Cerritos.

The event came about due to the great team collaboration from the ASCC members who made the Cupids Ball happen.

“Student collaboration, like everyone doing their own part, from the vendors to the DJs, the set up of the room it was all student collaboration”, said Jose A. Hernandez.

Hernandez also added that the outstanding attendance for the ball left some members of the ASCC shook as some of them did not expect this outcome.

“I’m very happy because of the fact that after the pandemic this was something that wasn’t even expected, originally we thought it was going to be a lot smaller group, but I think the group that is here and are still coming, I think it’s a start of something new, and something fresh,” said Hernandez.

The ball started off a bit slow with not many people showing up on the dance floor, but by the end of the night, the dance floor was filled with students having the times of their lives.

The energy in the building was unmatched when the party really started to get going, it was a dance for everyone to enjoy.

It is still unsure if this event will be held as an annual one but it for sure gets the vote from Talon Marks to keep it going for years to come.



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