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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Is getting a Bachelors Degree overrated?


With tuition being raised in schools, textbook costs increasing and recession problems in recent years, some students around the country are finding it difficult to make the decision of whether to stay in school to achieve a higher education or dropping out and focus on having an income.

Sometimes the stress of life can be so unbearable that some students may consider not bothering to attempt obtaining a Bachelors Degree.

In other instances, students are struggling with obtaining classes due to cuts of courses.

Cutting courses prolongs students in finishing their requirements for graduation and therefore, discourages them in pursing a degree.

There are students who decide on their own merit to not get an education and try to make it on their own without a degree.

Whether the decision to not get a degree is influenced by financial struggles or not, it is still not a good idea to try and “wing it” in the real world.

Yes, we have cases of those who have made it big in the world like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, those who did not graduate college.

Every college student is different, but for the mass majority of college students around the world, the possibility of building a company that reaches international acclaim are pretty slim unless you happen to know the right people.

The benefits of having just a Bachelors Degree are rewarding. According to HowtoEdu.org, students who have obtained their Bachelors Degree earn a minimum of $30,000 than those with no degree.

Don’t those numbers just speak out?

Most employers would rather hire a candidate who has an education background with a degree to back them up.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree not only shows that an individual is academically qualified in their area of expertise, but it shows that the student is committed in being successful.

A student that shows commitment and dedication is more likely to get hired than a person who completed the bare minimum in High School.

Having a higher level of education speaks a lot about a person because the knowledge an individual obtains is what molds them into the person they are.

Another issue for students is lack of time. As mentioned before, many college courses are being cut and students are getting held back longer.

Some courses are also only offered every other year and require seniority status which also causes students to play the waiting game.

Students want the end result of receiving a degree and getting the career they want, but they do not want to wait more than four years to get there.

Although, time may be an obstacle, there are ways around it.

With the advancement of technology, there are many new ways for students to finish their education in a timely manner.

Typically a student would be need about four years in order to gain his/her Bachelor’s Degree.

Now with the addition of online courses, students are able to take on a bigger load of classes and finish faster than others.

According to www.abcnews.go.com, there are many Universities that offer three-year accelerated plans.

There are other avenues than simply going through the traditional four year plan.

Many reasons why a students prefer to focus on an income rather than focus on earning the degree has to do with the fact that they do not understand how important education is in our society.

Individuals who are highly educated are successful but are also experts in their field of work.

Trade schools and integrated certificate programs give students compressed courses that allow them to finish and get certified in a couple of months.

Having a certificate is something to be proud about, but think about the information taught in these expeditious courses and the information taught over a period of four years.

There is definitely an enormous amount of information cut out from speeding up the process.

The ultimate goal is to become expert in the career of choice, retaining the information takes time and effort.

Students who make the decision to continue their education and pursue their Bachelor’s Degree have more advantages than a person who decides to do the bare minimum.

The road to a Bachelors Degree may seem tedious and impenetrable but having that degree will lead to success and open many more opportunities which outweigh any negative reason of why a person should not pursue their degree.

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Is getting a Bachelors Degree overrated?