What studying techniques do you use?

Brenda Melendez (Psychology major)

-“I like being out in the open. It relaxes me. I don’t like to be in closed places. I don’t really stay in the same place, I like to take a walk and come back.”

Isaura Quintero (Biology major)

-“Stay here under the trees and rewrite notes and color code them.”

Louie Bernardo (Undecided major)

-“I just hit the library and get into study groups. You’ve got to have study groups, you can’t do it alone.”

Mark Ramirez (Undecided major)

-“I use a lot of flashcards. I have a bad memory.”

Diana Alvarez (Computer Animation major)

-“Usually I’ll just read the books that are in my class or I’ll use the internet as a resource. Another study technique is that I’ll study to classical music.”

Amanda Cary (Linguistics major)

-“I look after my notes I have taken from lecture. I try to find things that relate to that in the book and connect them together.”