Free Speech Zone: Should YouTube be allowed to censor content creators or should YouTubers be allowed to express themselves?

Bianca Martinez

Photo credit: Alison Hernandez

Issac Samarah – Mechanical engineering major

“I believe that the content creators should be allowed to express themselves because as it has been shown in recent years, YouTube’s demonetization and censorship policies have gone to the extreme in which people who are expressing their topics or beliefs in a controlled and appropriate manner have been censored because the subject topic is just a little bit “ehhh” [not considered advertiser friendly] and because of it, people who need YouTube to run a career have lost money and lost the opportunity to pay for everyday expenses. At the same time, YouTube’s copyright and general violation policies can be easily handled with theYouTube community itself reporting videos if they are offensive or inappropriate and generally making sure that whatever they do, they don’t cripple the people that need the platform.”

Photo credit: Alison Hernandez

Ryan Ortiz – Natural sciences major

“You get into this fine balance of what dictates as inappropriate online versus family friendly, YouTube has this whole age restriction system for a reason, community guidelines for a reason, YouTube should not censor them [content creators] unless it is directly insulting someone, copyright, basically as long as you are not directly hurting anyone or expressing any views that directly insults a race or other group, as long as it doesn’t violate community guidelines you should be able to post whatever you want. The idea of free speech is you should have the right to say whatever you want unless you are acting on it or directly causing harm to someone else then something should be done about it. It shouldn’t be censored but obviously done with some careful thought put into it, they shouldn’t just say, ‘oh, you’re doing something we don’t like, get out of here, you’re not advertiser friendly we are going to demonetize you.'”

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Susana Olivas – Art major

“A mix of both because if there is no control over what people are posting then they can post whatever they want like violent content, but if the content creator is allowed to post whatever they want, they can express their opinion.”

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Joshua Iniguez – Psychology major

“They [content creators] have to learn to express themselves through their videos and if you censor most of their stuff, you can’t really get the point across to the audience.”

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Xavier Magia – Business major

“I feel they [content creators] should be allowed to express themselves because it’s whatever you want to tell the world about. Express yourself.”

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Alejandro Cortez – Culinary arts major

“You shouldn’t censor content creators because they are just doing what they want to do and plus if you censor their work then everything is just going to be the same.”