Free speech zone: conversion therapy

David Jenkins and Jackie Mena

Should adults have the choice to under go gay conversion therapy or should the government ban it? Explain why.

Photo credit: Jackie Mena

Casey Piotrowski, theatre arts instructor

“Well I believe you can have a choice, but I don’t think it’ll do any good. It’s like trying to change the color of your eyes. But it’s a free country and people should have a choice.”

Photo credit: Jackie Mena

Danielle Pastor, kinesiology major

“I feel like it should be banned because I don’t believe you should be convinced about who you are as a person. And if you want to go to therapy for gay conversion or have second thoughts about it I don’t think gay conversion therapy would be the right place to go.”

Photo credit: Jackie Mena

Corina Rosas, kinesiology major

“I believe the individual should have the right to under go therapy treatment if they believe they want it or they don’t. I don’t think the government should necessarily have control … if the person wants to they should have that option. I don’t think the government should take that away from them.”

Phil Herrar.jpg
Photo credit: Jackie Mena

Phil Herrera, culinary arts major

“I think it’s one of those grey areas, is this more of a medical procedure? Is this more of an actual psychotherapy? Or is it more of a religious angle or conservative agenda? I’m against it [conversion therapy], however this is America and people are free to have their religious practices.”