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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Don’t call the cops, get educated


Multiple social media trends have been made popular in 2018 but there is one specific trend that seems to be growing almost everyday.

Women, predominantly white, calling the authorities on innocent black people to try and get them into trouble with the law.

There have been many videos of white women calling the cops on African-Americans over the most mundane things ever.

People barbecuing at the park, a child accidentally brushing up against a woman in a store and a man trying to get into his apartment complex have apparently become reason enough for these women to call the cops over.

Let’s make it clear, racism is wrong and anyone who condones it seriously has some issues.

If you see someone being harassed because of their skin color, do something and stop the hate.

This country already has enough problems as it is, let’s do a favor to make humanity get along.

Of course, not all white women have the same mentality, thankfully, but sometimes people can act like complete hypocrites and act like nothing is happening when a person of color is being harassed for the smallest thing.

Even amongst minority communities racism can run rampant, such group outside of the black community trying to use the n word or groups outside of the asian community making racist jokes about their language.

Colorism is still a rampant issue in minority groups, it doesn’t matter if you are black, latino, asian or any other ethnic group.

There are still members within these communities who will discriminate against people who have a darker skin tone.

It’s as if we’re going back into the past and experiencing racism as a everyday social norm instead of living in an era where racism and ignorance is supposed to be ending.

As civilized human beings, it’s the right thing to stand up against anyone who tries to purposely harm anyone regardless of skin color or ethnic backgrounds.

Practice what you preach and help protect others from racism and ignorance.

Even if you are a person of color, stand up and call out racism and discrimination within your own community.

Don’t let colorism slide, take the time to re educate your community and your peers.

Along with this trend, has been a craze of giving these women “cutesy” nicknames to mock the situation.

“BBQ Becky,” “Permit Patty” and “Corner-store Caroline,” All women who have called the cops on black people for simply minding their business.

These memes were funny for a moment, but now it is giving these racists a platform and making them out to be just another joke of the month.

Giving these women silly little nicknames for a quick laugh is hiding them from their true identity.

We should be calling them by their government name. Not some rhyme-y name to be the next headline in a tabloid.

We need to not be distracted from what is really happening.

Newsone article states these nicknames “are only shielding white women from real consequences they should get for putting Black lives in danger.”

White women know exactly the risk they are putting these black people in when they call the cops for no apparent reason.

It is normal to assume that white people would be more sensitive to cops harassing black people after years of the BLM movement.

But it seems situations like “BBQ Becky” have been on the rise since social media has made them into a joke.

Normalizing the seriousness between the tension of cops and people of color will not stop the racial injustice brought upon minorities, just desensitize our reactions.

The white community needs to educate each other and realize it is one-hundred percent unacceptable to discriminate against someone for their race or ethnicity.





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Don’t call the cops, get educated