How do you feel about AB-705, students bypassing remedial classes to enter transfer courses?

Marvelina Graf, Counselor and Transfer Center Co-Director

“I have seen both of the sides of AB705. I have seen students bypass Algebra and successfully complete a transfer math. But, I have also seen students placed in a transfer math who are not as comfortable staying in the class and have expressed interest in taking Intermediate Algebra as a refresher course.”

Anthony Saldana, Sophomore, Accounting major

“It’s great that students can now take transfer classes rather than taking classes that aren’t necessary.”

Selene Caro, Sophomore, Culinary Arts major

“Depends on the major. Some majors require knowledge in remedial classes. However, these classes can be taken after transfer classes.”

Jaelyn Browning, Freshman, Nursing major

“It’s a good thing because students have taken these classes in high school. It’s motivating to be able to move forward with our education rather than being required to repeat remedial courses.”