Domestic violence needs to be stopped


A Domestic Violence Awareness Month image. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Jaelyn Delos Reyes, Staff Writer

Domestic violence is a horrifying topic that no one should shrug off. Many victims are beaten, forced into participating in unwanted activities and have their humanity stripped by an aggressor.

Unfortunately, domestic violence can occur to and amongst our friends and families. These victims are afraid to ask for help because they are scared that their abuser will hurt them.

Domestic violence happens when a family member or a significant other cannot handle their own anger, they use an innocent human as a physical punching bag.

Many friends and families do not know that their loved ones could be abused by someone who is controlling and violent.

According to ABC7 Chicago, Emory University School of Medicine, intimate partner violence results in nearly 1,300 deaths and two million injuries every year in the U.S.

As intimate partner violence cases increase both deaths and injuries, more people continue to be endangered, giving the abusers the advantage to think it’s acceptable to hurt someone else.

Many victims are constantly getting hurt, causing them to go to hospitals due to serious injuries or even death. It is saddening that one person can die from someone else’s inability to handle their emotions and can not act upon logic.

Abusers are willing to risk everything they possess by hurting someone else. Abusers should not flourish or walk-in society knowing that they are capable of doing something dangerous because they want to control and gain power over another innocent being.

Fox 35 News released a news video on Youtube, which was released on Nov. 19, 2021, about ex-NFL player, Zac Stacey, who was arrested for domestic violence, attacking his ex-girlfriend in front of their five-month-old son.

Abusers, like Zac, do not think abouvt the victim’s emotions and thoughts when hurting them physically. They are dangerous and act upon their feelings, specifically their anger.

Domestic violence victims deserve justice. They do not deserve to live in a hostile environment where they are constantly getting destroyed by their abusers. These victims are humans and they should not be afraid to tell their stories.

We can help these victims, who could possibly be our loved ones, by checking up on them and noticing any hints of violence. Don’t be afraid to call for help because a call could save a person’s life.

Abusers should be punished and serve jail time. They need to be far away from the people they abused which can include wives, husbands, children, family members, and friends.

Abusers should not get a second chance to remain intimately close to the victims. They can cause PTSD and give lively flashbacks of the terrible things they did to their victims.

It is terrifying that there are many abusers still out there in the U.S. who have not punished for their actions. These abusers are capable of doing something horrific in private settings endangering everyone and anyone particularly the vulnerable.

If there is someone who could possibly be experiencing intimate partner abuse, please contact the Domestic Violence Hotline or the following links below:

1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

1-800-787-3224 (TTY)