Love shouldn’t just be shown on Valentine’s Day


Liz West, Creative Commons

Valentine’s Day is the holiday where people rush to show appreciation towards their partner or a loved ones. It’s time to normalize showing that love as much as possible – not just on a holiday.

Fatima Durrani and Samuel Chacko

Valentine’s Day is on Feb. 14, and people are more inclined to show love to their partner, friends, family and loved ones. However, one should not just show love on Valentines’ Day – because love shouldn’t be limited to just one day. You should show love everyday!

The people closest to you such as family or a significant other, are with you through thick and thin. Showing love and genuine care is key to any meaningful relationship that you may have.

A U.S News article pointed out, “Gen Zers, ages 18-22, scored a loneliness rate of 48.3 out of 80, making them the loneliest generation. Millennials, ages 23-37, come in second with a loneliness score of 45.3.” People are lonely for plenty of reasons due to COVID-19 and by not receiving enough love.

By showing the people closest to you love daily, you can make their day and make them feel less lonely. As humans, we love to be loved.

Showing someone you love them can give a person purpose in life and build relationships, simply by demonstrating how much you care about a person. While showing it on Valentines’ Day or their birthday might be good, everyone wants to feel loved everyday.

Everyone has different levels of love, a Phys article pointed out, “More people agreed that a child snuggling with them was more loving than someone simply saying, ‘I love you,’.” For some people, just saying “I love you” might not cut it for them.

Going out to dinner, giving them gifts and watching movies might show them that you love them a lot more than saying “I love you.”

As humans, we crave to love and to be loved. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs expresses how feeling loved and a sense of belonging is a deficiency need. Everyone has a different love language and that doesn’t change the fact that admiration shouldn’t only be shown on Feb. 14.

It doesn’t even have to be flowers specifically. It can be a handwritten card expressing your love for them, flowers picked from a garden or even a personalized gift basket from the Dollar Tree.

The truth is, many people mark their calendars specifically for Valentine’s Day to make sure they order the most beautiful set of roses on time for the holiday. Why do people only wait to get their partner flowers on that date? When it should be constantly done year-round.