Ojos Locos sports bar opening in Downey


“Ojos Locos Bikini Contest” by MarkScottAustinTX is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0. Photo credit: MarkScottAustinTX

Lily Marmolejo and Alexia Naranjo

The opening of Ojos Locos sports bar has brought up a handful of dispute between parents and supporters of this bar. The sports bar opening near Downey High has parents are concerned their children will be negatively influenced by having a sports bar so close to their school.

Ojos Locos is trying to expand their business into California and the location in Downey would be the first of many spots for this chain.

A message the chain released regarding all the criticism was, “Ojos Locos is proud to support each individual community we serve, and we work collaboratively with members of each community to adhere to local requirements and preferences.

Now you may be asking what’s the problem with this bar? Why are parents so against it’s opening?

Besides the multiple food options the bar provides, what is causing all this dispute are the under clothed waitresses.

The waitresses are dressed in clothing that is very reveling to catch customers attentions and bring in more business. The sports bar also hosts bikini contest and creates an environment for women to be able to positively and comfortably show their bodies.

The location of the sports bar was approved by City Hall and although it is understandable for parents to be concerned the sports bar may send an inappropriate messages to their children or attract suspicious characters. High school students are well aware of establishments like this and are not as sheltered as they may act or one would like to believe.

Parents should recognize that establishments like this produce large amounts of annual income. When this income is taxed the city receives a percentage that is reimbursed in city funding and can be used to implement more programs in school, modernize libraries, offer low cost recreational activities for adults and minors residents, and take care of city buildings and parks.

Establishments like sports bars offer security meant to protect employees and customers creating as low crime environment.

Downey resident Angelica Hernandez is fighting against the establishment being open, in an interview with ABC she says, “Not here, it cant be permitted… Ojos Locos does not belong here, we have to protect our children. The high school is just a block away. Our senior citizens condominiums, retirement homes are on the other side of those train tracks.”

Parents should not worry about potential messages a sports bar being located near their high school may create. Instead they should be worry about not sheltering their children and establish healthy forms of communication where their child feels comfortable enough to ask question about establishments like Ojos Locos.

Parents should also not worry about what is been opened near senior citizen communities and retirement homes. They are old and know what sports bars are, if anything they are being gifted a new experience at a chain most of them have never been to.

In an interview in ABC one parent expressed, “It’s not something I want my daughter to be exposed to.”

The children that live in sheltered households statistically are more likely to make appearances in establishments their parents consider indecent or are completely against in acts of rebellion or curiosity. There is nothing is this world that can sensor a child from exposure. The internet offers children in elementary and younger access to millions of websites providing them with information parents would most likely not want their children to know.

Sheltering a child doesn’t help them or create a safe environment, it creates a sneaky child that doesn’t feel comfortable talking to their parents or a naive, timid child that can easily be taken advantage of.