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Aaron Judge is having himself the best power-hitting season ever

Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA
Here’s Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton handshaking during the Yankees game against the Orioles in 2018.

Aaron Judge, the Yankees star and outfielder, is having the greatest power-hitting season ever pulled off in MLB history.

Yankees Outfielder Aaron Judge is on the verge of becoming the all-time, single-season home run leader in the American League as he’s chasing Roger Marris’ Yankees’ home run record of 61.

When you compare Judge’s season with some of the greatest power hitters of all time, he does compare well in his era.

The three names that instantly pop up would be Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa but those three were known to use steroids and enhanced their hitting among other things.

No one has alleged that Judge has cheated or used steroids during this season and if he hits a ton of home runs, he could get close to Bonds, McGwire and Sosa.

Even with Judge having this season without any steroids, you can compare his season to Sammy Sosa’s 2001 season.

Sosa had a better ISO of .409 (which measures a raw power of a hitter) and four more home runs than Judge, Judge was in the ballpark with a .387 ISO yet he still has 12 games left in the season.

Judge beat Babe Ruth in home runs in a season, with Judge having 60 and Ruth having 59, and is looking to go get a triple crown with home runs, RBI and batting average.

The Yankees’ slugger has an MLB-leading 128 RBI (Runs Batted In) and a .317 Batting Average which is third best in MLB and first in the American League.

If Judge can win the Triple Crown Award in the American League, he would be the first winner of that award since Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera won the award in 2012.

Only 10 players have won triple crowns in MLB history and Judge is on pace to do it while having 60 home runs.

What makes this even sweeter is that Judge decided to bet on himself in the 2022 season and that decision is paying off for him.

Aaron Judge is having a season for the record books and a season to remember.

Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch, interviewed Yankees Ace Pitcher Gerrit Cole after the Yankees’ 12-8 win over the Pirates and Cole said “It’s historical, it’s the greatest offensive season I’ve personally witnessed.”

Judge should be the MVP with no doubt because of his home runs and if he gets the triple crown, there’s no way anyone would take the MVP away from Judge.

With 12 games remaining on the Yankees’ schedule, Aaron Judge has a legitimate chance to become the new home run leader in a regular season and make history.

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Ryan Gaylord, Staff Writer
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Aaron Judge is having himself the best power-hitting season ever